TCL TV Not Connecting To Wifi | 5 Reasons – Problem Fixed

If you have a TCL Tv without a wifi connection you are not taking full advantage of its quality features. So, if your TCL TV is not connecting to wifi, you may not be able to enjoy Stream, Tv programs, internet browsing, watching Netflix or youtube, and many more. 

So, why is my TCL Tv not connecting to wifi? The problem can be due to some setting issues, software default, wifi router malfunctioning, poor wifi signals or your wifi is not on. 

Some other reasons may cause wifi disconnecting issues. I will discuss all these reasons below in the article. 

Here you will find the reasons that might cause wifi disconnection to your TCL Tv. You will know the reason behind your TCL Tv disconnection and find the solution to fix the problem. Keep reading till the end to locate the solution. 

Why is My TCL TV Not Connecting to Wifi? 5 Reasons 

Problems with TCL TV are common to happen, like other smart devices. There are certain reasons why your TCL Tv is not connecting to wifi. Following is a list of the reasons:

  1. Poor signal issue
  2. Internet Issue
  3. Wrong password
  4. Wifi Router Malfunctioning
  5. Setting issue

1. Poor Signal Issue

You may face poor signal issues if your wifi router is too far from your TCL Tv or if there is some object obstructing the signals. 

To solve the poor signal issues place the wifi device near your TCL Tv. If there is any object that obstructs the signal, removing it will improve the signal.

2. Internet Issue 

Internet issues occur from the internet provider site; it may be due to wire damage issues or any signal issues. You can solve the internet issue simply by contacting the internet provider support.

3. Wrong Password

While entering the password ( if the Tv was not connected to the internet before), sometimes we enter the wrong password mistakenly and it prohibits the connection. 

Enter the password again carefully or if you forget the password then reset it.

4. Wifi Router Malfunctioning

Your TCL Tv will disconnect from your wifi if there is some issue with the device or router you use for the internet. 

In this case, you need to replace or repair the router. Restart the modem to fix the issue at home. 

If the issue is still there contact the internet support service, and they will check if the router can be repaired. They will repair it or if the router needs to be replaced they will replace it.

5. Setting Issue

Sometimes some issue in the setting occurs. These settings issues may be a reboot, ISB (Internet service provider issue), IP address, or username issues. 

Reboot issue caused due to any hardware, mainboard, or electronic circuit issue. Reboot your Router to fix the issue and enter the correct username before going to the settings. 

How to Fix TCL TV Not Connecting to Wifi?

How to Fix TCL TV Not Connecting to Wifi?
How to Fix TCL TV Not Connecting to Wifi?

I have discussed some reasons with quick fixes above. Now I will get you with the fixes that will surely help you to solve your issue. Read and try all the fixes carefully one of them might work for you.

  1. Double-check whether your Tv is connecting to the right network or not
  2. Power Reset your wifi router
  3. Reset network connection
  4. Update your TV
  5. Try Factory Reset

1. Verify TV is Connected to the Right Network 

Double-check the name of the network that you are trying to connect to and enter the correct password. One more solution is you can scan the network to avoid the wrong device connection.

To connect the right device you can follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Home button of the TV remote. 
  2. Find the Network options on the TV screen 
  3. Now go to the wireless Settings option. 
  4. Then search home wifi network
  5. Finally, select the home network and enter the password.

2. Power Reset Your Wifi Router

Resetting the router is the most convenient method when your wifi keeps turning off again and again. The router resetting can fix your issue most probably. You can also reset your TCL TV to fix the issue, but resetting the router is a better option. 

You need to reset your wifi router when it does not get enough network access to the internet service providers. Follow the steps below to power reset your wifi router.

Method 1:

  1. Unplug the router from the main power source and wait for 60 seconds.
  2. Connect the power again when your router is ON.
  3. Now wait for some time until the network is connected to your TV again.
  4. Turn your Tv ON and check the connection.

Method 2:

Reset WiFi Router wih a needle to connect it to the smart TCL tv
Reset WiFi Router
  • Take a small needle.
  • On the backside of the wifi router, find the reset button.
  • push the reset button with the help of the need for 15 seconds.
  • Hence, the wifi router will be reset, and try again to connect it to the TV.

3. Reset the Network Connection

Sometimes there is some problem in your network connection that disconnects the wifi connection to your TCL Tv. When this is the issue it can be solved by resetting the network connection. The resetting method is discussed below.

  1. Press the Home button on the TCL Tv remote.
  2. Find the Setting and click on it.
  3. Go to the Advanced settings
  4. Select Network connection reset.
  5. Click on the reset connection.

4. Update Your TCL TV Software

As we are familiar with the updates that all other TVs need regularly likewise your TCL Tv also requires updates. In some cases, TCL Tv refuses connection to the TCL Tv because your TCL Tv software needs to be upgraded. Follow the steps mentions below to update your TV.

  1. Press the Home button on the TV remote.
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Find and select the System
  4. Now go to the System Update.
  5. Choose Check Now.
  6. Then your Tv will scan if it needs any updates you will be on the screen.
  7. Select the Update Now option, if the update is required. 
  8. After that download and install the update, once installation ends try connecting to the wifi again

Why is TCL TV Not Connecting to Wifi Automatically?

When your TV is not connecting to your TCL Tv check whether it is working on other devices or not. If it working on other devices and refusing to connect to your TCL Tv there must be some issue with the internet DNS or IP address. 

Your IP address should be set as automatically which generates an automatic DNS address as well.

But sometimes the IP address is selected as manual, you need to fix this. 

  • You can fix this problem: Press the Home button on the remote < Go to the settings < Select the Network and Internet < and Click on Connected Network.

If your IP address is set up manually change it to DHCP after that restart your Tv. Also, change the DHCP server to, a Google DNS server. Then again restart your TV and open the apps.

How to Connect TCL TV to Wifi?

When we try to connect our TCL Tv to wifi sometimes we use the incorrect method to connect the wifi. Here I will let you know the right method to connect the TCL TV to wifi.

  • Press the Home button located on your TCL Tv remote.
  • Go to Settings, and then the Network option.
  • Here you’ll see the “wireless” option, click on it. 
  • Now, you’ll see an available network. 
  • Find your Network and select it. 
  • Lastly, Enter the password. 

Watch Video: Fix Now, If TCL TV Not Connecting To Wifi

Video From YouTube: Channel – WorldofTech

TCL TV Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi and Not Turning ON.

While connecting your TCL Tv to the network when your wifi does not turn ON it prevents the connection of the TV to wifi. This is the most irritating point during the whole connection process. 

Here you need to learn the right step to turn ON the wifi and connect it to your TCL Tv.

  • Press the Home Button.
  • Choose the Network. 
  • Now Select the Wireless.
  • All the available wireless networks will appear.
  • When you see your Network select it.
  • Now enter the password and end the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is My TCL Google TV Not Connecting To Wifi?

There can be many reasons. In order to connect your TCL Google Tv to wifi you can try the  following fixes:

1. Unplug your router and then plug it in again.
2. Place the router near your TCL Tv.
3. Reboot Your wifi router.
4. Connect the TCL Tv to the router via any wire.

Why Is My TCL Android TV Not Connecting To Wifi?

Your TCL Android is not connecting to wifi because Your wifi router needs to be reset or rebooted. Unplug your router from the main source for around 60 seconds. Then Plug in the router again and connect to the TCL Android.


Sometimes when we try to connect the wifi to our TCL TV it refuses to connect. 

There are certain reasons behind it. I have already discussed all these possible reasons and fixes above in the article. 

You will also find all the fixes that you might need to fix your TCL Tv wifi issue. I hope you will find your solution. 

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  1. WiFI just quit working. The set works if connected to the modem via the ethernet connection. There is no longer any WiFi signals on the TV. Other things are working fine on WiFI. Can I buy some sort of adapter to restore WiFi? Thanks.

    • Yes, you can buy a WiFi adapter to restore WiFi connectivity to your TV. Simply connect the adapter to the TV’s USB or HDMI port and follow the setup instructions.


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