Locating the Power Button on Vizio TV Easily

Vizio TVs look great and are easy to use. Still, turning one on might seem tricky at first. Many people wonder: “Where is the power button on Vizio TV?” It’s a common question. Design and ease of use have changed where buttons are found. Knowing where the power button is can be very helpful. This is true especially if you’re troubleshooting or can’t use other controls.

If you’ve moved from an old, bigger TV to a new Vizio Smart TV, you’ll see changes. The power button isn’t where it used to be. Vizio places these buttons in hard-to-see spots to keep the TV looking good. So, the power button might be on the back or the sides. It’s usually above other buttons like those for volume and channels.

Even though we often use remote controls or apps like BoostVision’s Universal TV Remote, knowing your TV’s manual controls is good. You might need them in unexpected situations. A bit of knowledge can keep your TV time enjoyable without interruptions.

Locating the Power Button on Vizio TV Easily

Key Takeaways

  • The location of the power button can vary based on the model and year of your Vizio TV.
  • Older models typically feature the power button on the front, while newer models may place it on the sides or back.
  • Knowing your Vizio TV’s manual power button location is useful for troubleshooting and when remote options are unavailable.
  • The sleek design of modern Vizio TVs integrates the power button with other controls in a vertical lineup.
  • Exploring physical controls can provide a quick solution when facing Vizio TV troubleshooting power button situations.

The Evolution of Vizio TV Designs and Button Accessibility

Vizio TVs have gone from bulky designs to sleek, modern looks. This change affects where you find controls like the power button. Nowadays, spotting the power button on a Vizio TV might be challenging. This shift happens because people want TVs that are not just high-performing. They also want TVs that look good in their homes.

From Bulky Bezels to Sleek Surfaces: A Design Shift

Old Vizio TVs had thick bezels around the screen. But the new models boast thin edges. This change means the power button has moved. While the TVs look better, finding buttons can be tough if you don’t know where to look.

Navigating the Slimmer Edges for Your Vizio TV’s Controls

Vizio’s newer TVs have a different power button spot due to their thinner design. Usually, the power button is behind the TV, below the HDMI ports, on the right lower corner. This might be awkward, especially if the TV is on a wall. But this design keeps the TV looking neat. Knowing how to turn on your Vizio TV is useful, especially if the remote is not an option.

Recognizing the Different Models and Their Unique Features

It’s important to know the differences among Vizio TV series like D-Series, V-Series, and the 4K OLED Series. They vary in looks, specs, and where the power button is. Getting to know your TV model well is crucial. This means looking at the manual is a good idea. This way, you’re ready for things like manual resets.

Adapting to new models or wanting quick changes without a remote means learning about your TV’s design. Keep the manual handy or spend time checking your TV’s back and sides for controls. This makes your viewing better and prepares you for when you need fast access to your TV’s functions.

Where is the Power Button on Vizio TV

Trying to enjoy your Vizio TV without the remote means finding the vizio tv power button location is key. The placement of the manual power button can vary by model. This guide will help you find the power button on different Vizio TV models, keeping your viewing smooth.

For models made after 2015, the where is the power button on vizio tv question has a common answer: check the lower back right side below the HDMI ports. For older models, the power button might be on the bezel. It could be at the front, left, or right sides.

Model YearPower Button Location
2015 onwardsLower back right side, under HDMI ports
Before 2015On the bezel (front, left, or right side)

Check your user manual for the exact vizio tv manual power button location, as it may slightly differ even in similar models. Knowing where the button is helps you control your TV manually when the remote is not working or lost. It’s best to learn the button’s location early to avoid hassles later.

Unboxing Your Vizio TV: Initial Setup and Troubleshooting

When you unbox your Vizio TV, you’ll want to turn it on and set it up right away. The manual that comes with your TV makes this easy. It has clear steps on how to get started, so you can enjoy your shows quickly.

If your Vizio TV didn’t come with a manual, don’t stress. You can still find the power button. It’s usually on the back lower side or the edges. A quick look around should help you find it. Remember, the power button’s spot can change with different models. This makes setting up a little bit like a treasure hunt.

For manual troubleshooting, keep these tips in mind:

  • Look all around the TV. The power button might be hidden to keep the TV looking sleek.
  • If you can’t find the button, contact customer support or check Vizio’s website for a guide.
  • Try using smart TV control apps on your smartphone to turn on the TV.

After turning on your Vizio TV, make sure to set up internet and adjust the screen. Doing this will let you enjoy your TV’s features right from the start.

Remote Control Alternatives for Vizio TV: Smart Solutions

Finding other ways to control your Vizio TV is key when the manual vizio tv manual power button location is out of reach or broken. Today’s smart tech offers many ways to improve your Vizio TV use, making sure you have smooth control and connection.

Using the Vizio Mobile App to Manage Your Viewing Experience

The Vizio Mobile App is a great choice if the TV’s power button is too far. This app lets you control the TV from your phone, as long as both are on the same Wi-Fi. You can turn your TV on or off, change volume, switch channels, and more easily.

Universal Remotes and HDMI-CEC: Expanding Your Control Options

For issues with the vizio tv troubleshooting power button, a universal remote or HDMI-CEC can help. Universal remotes work with Vizio TVs and can control many devices, making your life easier. HDMI-CEC lets devices like game consoles or streaming boxes control your TV’s power, creating a simple experience.

Connect with Smart Home Devices for Voice-Activated Commands

Using smart home devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa with your Vizio TV adds convenience. This lets you use voice commands to how to turn on Vizio TV without using the locate power button on Vizio TV. It’s perfect when you can’t reach the TV or want an easier way to control it.


Finding the power button on a Vizio TV can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt. “Where is the power button on Vizio TV?” you might wonder. This guide helps shine a light on the usual spots, from the sides to unseen areas near the HDMI ports. Each Vizio model is different, so knowing where to look is key.

If manual searching isn’t your thing, or you love using tech, you have other options. The Vizio Mobile App, universal remotes, and smart home tech let you turn on your TV without touching it. These options keep your TV watching smooth, even if the remote is lost or you like a cleaner look.

Learning to find the “how to locate power button on Vizio TV” mixes exploration with getting used to new ways. No matter if your Vizio is new or old, using different remote options helps you stay in control with ease. These tips not only make using your Vizio TV easier but also improve your whole entertainment setup at home.

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