LG ThinQ App Disconnected From TV – Let’s Fix it

The LG ThinQ App is the best alternative to controlling your LG smart TV without a remote. Sometimes, LG ThinQ App TV disconnects from the wifi. 

The most common reason for LG ThinQ App TV disconnection is that your Wi-Fi option is disabled. It might be disconnecting due to outdated firmware. Go to the Wi-Fi settings and check if the Wi-Fi option is enabled. 

If it’s not enabled, turn it on to fix the LG ThinQ App TV disconnected problem. The Thing TV app is easy to set up and control your TV. But if it’s not working, it’s normal. Many users encounter the same issue. 

I will give five effective methods to fix the problem. After trying these effective methods, you can use the LG ThinQ App again.

How To Fix The LG Thinq App Disconnection Problem? 5 Quick Methods 

How to Fix LG ThinQ App TV Disconnected

1. Clear Cache 

Today, we just use gadgets unlimitedly but forget to clear them. Continuously checking up on your devices, including mobiles, laptops, and smart TVs, can prolong their lives.

Similarly, if you don’t clear the cache on your LG TV, it can cause various problems. All the software and apps require a specific amount of memory on the device to function properly. 

If there is not enough space for them to function, they start malfunctioning differently. Disconnecting the LG ThinQ app may be due to excessive cache. 

Clearing the cache or extra data can fix this disconnecting LG ThinQ App issue. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the mobile settings and search for installed apps.
  • Find the LG ThinQ app.
  • Remove all the stored data or cache.

Now try to connect the TV to Wi-Fi again. Hopefully, the issue will be solved. 

2. Check Your Internet Connection

LG Thing App disconnects from the Wi-Fi due to the weak network connection. Any issue with the internet connection, such as poor signals, a malfunctioning router, or a damaged cable, causes the LG ThinQ app disconnection problem. Restart your router by following the steps below. 

  • Turn off your router and unplug it from the power source. 
  • Leave it for 4-5 minutes and let all the electricity drain. 
  • Now, plug the router back into the power source. Then, turn the router on. 

Check the network speed. The LG ThinQ app is not working, which might be due to the low network speed. Moreover, if your TV is placed far from the Wi-Fi router, it can cause the LG ThinQ app disconnection problem. 

3. Reinstall The LG ThinQ App

Some minor glitches and bugs in the software cause the connection problem. These glitches and bugs can be removed by reinstalling the LG ThinQ app. 

It helped many smart TV users fix multiple problems. The reinstallation process is simple. Follow the steps below to reinstall the LG ThinQ app. 

  • Open the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile. 
  • Search for the LG ThinQ App.
  • If you have already installed the app, select the “Install” or “Download” option.
  • Click on this option. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the app. 

4. Use Other Mobile 

Some old mobile devices are not compatible with the LG ThinQ app. Then, the LG Thing App does not work on such devices properly. 

Updating the operating system on your mobile device can solve the problem easily. But sometimes it doesn’t work, and you must try another mobile. Use another mobile phone with an updated LG ThinQ app and OS to fix the problem

5. Check For Possible Updates

Outdated LG ThinQ apps or firmware cause bugs and glitches in the devices. If your LG ThinQ app is outdated, it results in bugs and glitches on your mobile and causes a disconnection problem.

Similarly, the outdated firmware is a reason for the disconnected LG ThinQ TV. Install the latest versions of both apps to avoid glitches and bugs. It’s a simple way to fix the LG ThinQ app disconnection problem with the Wi-Fi.

Follow the steps below to update the LG ThinQ app:

  • Open the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your phone.
  • Click on the hamburger menu( three horizontal lines in the top corner) to open it. 
  • Look for “My apps & games” and select it. 
  • Locate the “Update” tab, and a list of options will appear. 
  • Find the “LG ThinQ app” in the list.
  • You will see the “Update” option if the latest update is available. Click on this option.
  • Google Play Store will download and install the latest version of the LG ThinQ app on your mobile.  
Note: The given steps depend on your device’s operating system and may vary slightly according to your device’s OS. LG often releases updates, so ensure to update your TV on time to avoid any inconvenience. 

Follow the steps below to update the firmware:

  • Open the TV’s settings menu.
  • Navigate and find the “Software Update,” “Firmware Update,” or “System Update” options. 
  • Click on it to proceed further. 
  • The device will check for available updates. If there are any available updates, follow the screen instructions. 
  • Some updates require a restart. If your TV’s software updates require a restart, follow the prompts. These instructions or prompts vary on TV models, so you should follow the screen prompts to proceed.
  • After the update, the device will confirm a successful installation.

Watch the Video to Troubleshoot the Connection Problem

Video From YouTube: LG USA Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My LG TV Not Connecting To Wi-Fi?

Your LG TV is not connecting to Wi-Fi due to the outdated software. Update your firmware to fix the problems. Additionally, it might be due to the disabled Wi-Fi option. Enable the Wi-Fi option to fix the problem. 

What Does The LG ThinQ App Do?

The LG ThinQ app is a reliable app that allows you to control and manage all the LG smart appliances. Moreover, you get access to proactive customer care to avoid future problems. 

Does LG Thinq Use Wi-Fi?

Yes, LG ThinQ uses WiFi to function. The LG ThinQ app is downloaded or installed on your mobile. Your mobile and TV should be connected to the same Wi-Fi, and the LG ThinQ app will function. 


The LG ThinQ app controls all the LG smart appliances. Similarly, if your TV remote is not working or is lost, the LG ThinQ app is the best option.

You can use this app to control your LG TV. But it requires a high-quality Wi-Fi connection to function. If your ThinQ app TV is disconnected from the Wi-Fi, simply reinstall the app to fix the problem. If it doesn’t work, update the TV software (firmware) to fix the problem.  

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