LG TV Keeps Switching Input By Itself – 9 Easy Ways to Fix

Does your LG TV keep switching Input by itself? It is because of any glitch app, remote control interference, outdated firmware, or Enabled start mode.

I know you are worrying about how to fix the LG TV switching input problem. No worries, you are not alone. Many LG TV users encounter the same issue. You are at the right place to find the solution. 

In this article, I will cover all the possible solutions that will help you to overcome this issue. But before you start trying the solutions, you should understand the reason behind the problem.

Every TV model encounters problems due to different reasons. Therefore, I will also mention the possible reasons for the automatic input switching problem.

Why Does LG TV Keep Switching Input By Itself?

Why Do LG TV Keeps Switching Input By Itself
Automatically Switching Input

LG TVs can switch input on their own, which can be annoying. There are several reasons why this might happen. Here are some possible Reasons:

1. The Glitch in One of Your Apps

If your LG TV keeps encountering LG TV input issues, it could be a glitch in your installed apps. There can be glitches in the app’s settings, which can cause pop-ups.

These pop-ups suggest changing the input and cause the TV to switch inputs instantly. This can annoy users who want to use the same content source.

2. Interference From Remote Control

Remote control disturbance is another thing that could cause an input switch. When multiple remote controls are used close together, or other electronic devices send out signals similar to those of the remote controls, the TV can get mixed messages. 

Because of this interference, the TV may switch inputs without the user’s knowledge if it thinks signals from other remotes are ordered to do so.

3. Glitches In The Software Or Firmware

Software or firmware flaws in the TV’s operating system can also lead to input-switching issues. Errors in the basic programming or settings, like auto input detection or Quick Start mode, can cause the TV to reset to a default input when turned on. 

These glitches can stop the user from choosing the input they want and cause the input to change automatically, even if the user hasn’t made any input switch orders.

4. Bad Connections Between The Hardware

Hardware links that are not functioning properly can also cause input-switching issues. Loose or broken HDMI cables or ports that don’t work can destabilize the link between the TV and other devices.

When this happens, the TV may switch inputs automatically to make a stable link or when the connection goes out. Ensuring all hardware connections are safe and in good shape can help avoid automatic switching.

5. Quick Start Mode Enabled

Some LG TVs have a feature called “Quick Start mode,” which can also be a reason for switching inputs. When Quick Start mode is turned on, every time the TV is turned off and back on, it returns to a default input. 

This means the TV will automatically switch inputs when turned on if the usual input differs from the one the user used before. The automatic swapping of inputs can be stopped by turning off the Quick Start mode.

6. HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) Issues

When HDMI CEC devices are linked to the TV, they can connect using just one remote control. However, problems can happen if more than one HDMI CEC device is running and inducing conflict by sending commands. 

This can cause the TV to switch inputs as it tries to figure out what the orders from the connected devices mean and how to act on them. This problem can be fixed by changing the HDMI CEC settings or taking some devices off the CEC network.

How to Fix LG TV Switching input by itself? (9 Easy Fixes)

Fixing LG TV Keeps Switching Input By Itself

Having an LG TV that switches inputs by itself can be annoying.  But there are a few easy ways to fix this problem and ensure the input is more stable and consistent.

By taking these steps to fix the problem, you can get your LG TV to stop switching itself.

1. Move Any Wireless Infrared Devices Away From The TV

Wireless infrared devices, like wireless headphones or game controllers, can sometimes interfere with the TV’s remote control signals, which can cause unintended input changes.

To fix this, move any of these gadgets away from the TV or ensure they are shielded well so they don’t mess up the signal.

2. Turn off “Auto Device Detection” on your LG TV

“Auto Device Detection” is a feature that lets your LG TV know when a new device is plugged in and switched to the right connection. But this function can sometimes make it hard to switch the input. 

To fix this, go to your LG TV’s settings menu, find “Device Detection” or “Auto Device Detection,” and turn it off.

3. Turn off Quick Start Mode on LG TV

Quick Start mode is a handy tool that lets your LG TV start quickly. But it could also lead to trouble with switching inputs. 

To fix this, go to your TV’s settings menu, find the “Quick Start” or “Quick Start+” option, and turn it off. If you turn off Quick Start mode, the TV won’t return to its wrong input when you turn it on.

Change your default input settings on LG TV

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4. Reset the TV

Resetting your LG TV can help fix software issues that cause the problem with switching inputs. 

To reset your TV, unplug it from the wall, press and hold the power button for 10 to 15 seconds, and then plug it back in and turn the TV ON. This will reset the TV’s settings and fix any problems that were there before.

5. Clear the app cache

If you have trouble moving inputs in some apps, clearing the app cache can help. Go to the settings menu of your LG TV, find the “Applications” or “Apps” area, find the app that is giving you trouble, and choose the option to clear its cache. 

This can help eliminate any temporary data or bugs causing the switching input behavior.

6. Modifications to HDMI CEC

HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) lets paired devices communicate using a single remote control. However, switching inputs can be challenging if there are conflicts in HDMI CEC orders. 

Adjusting the HDMI CEC settings on your TV, like turning off “One-Touch Play” or “System Audio Control,” can help stop input changes you didn’t intend to happen.

7. Software and Firmware Updates

It’s essential to keep the software and firmware on your LG TV up-to-date so that it works well and any bugs are fixed. 

Check for any software or firmware updates available for your TV model and install them if necessary. These updates usually include changes and bug fixes that can help to resolve input-switching problems.

8. Hardware Checks and Connections

Check the hardware and make sure it’s linked correctly. This includes HDMI cables and other input and output cables. Links that are loose or broken can disrupt signals, which can cause issues with input switching. 

Check the wires for any damage you can see and reattach them if needed.

9. Troubleshooting the Remote Control

If the problem with switching inputs doesn’t go away, try troubleshooting the remote control itself. 

Replace the batteries with new ones, and make sure there is nothing in the way of the TV remote. Try using a different remote to determine if the problem is only with the first one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does LG TV Keep Switching To HDMI 1?

Your LG TV Keeps switching to HDMI 1 due to incorrect input settings, remote control interference, HDMI CEC, or faulty HDMI connection. 

Changing the input setting, removing obstruction between the TV and remote, Disabling HDMI CEC, and repairing faulty HDMI connection help to overcome the switching issue.

How Do I Change Inputs On My LG TV?

Use the remote to change inputs on your LG TV. Hold the remote and locate the “Input” or “Source” button on the remote. Press the button> access the menu > navigate, choose the desired input source, and press OK. Your LG TV will switch to the selected input. 

Why Does LG TV Keep Asking To Change Input?

Unstable or intermittent signals, auto-detect features, remote control malfunctioning, or software glitches cause the input problem. If your LG TV keeps asking to change inputs, follow the solutions below:

  • Stable the unstable input signal 
  • Try turning off the auto-detect feature if the TV frequently asks to change the input.
  • Repair or replace the remote control
  • Update the Firmware or Software 


When your LG TV keeps switching itself, it’s a frustrating problem. It can be due to many reasons. There might be multiple reasons causing input switching problems depending on the TV model.

However, understanding the reason behind the problem helps quickly fix the issue. That’s why I first discussed the reasons in the article. After that, I mentioned and described various possible and easy solutions.

By trying those solutions, you can restore the stability of your LG TV’s input selection. Most importantly, you can enjoy the content again without any interruption.

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