Should I Plug My TV Directly Into The Wall?

One common question pondered by every Tv user is Should I plug my tv directly into the wall? Yes, you should plug your Tv directly into the wall. It is a better option to choose when powering your Tv.

There are many other ways to connect your Tv to the power source. You can use a Power Strip, Power cord extension, and Surge protector, but the best option to supply power to your TV is to use a wall outlet.

Using the wall directly to plug your TV is safe, but you must follow safety measures.

In this post, I will explain the benefits and guide of plugging the TV directly into the wall. Stay tuned till the end to clear to question.

Why Should I Plug My TV Directly Into The Wall? Benefits

Should I Plug My TV Directly Into The Wall

Following are the benefits of plugging your TV directly into the wall.

1. Simplicity and Convenience

Simplicity and convenience is the most useful benefit of using a direct wall because it simplifies your setup. 

You don’t need extra equipment, such as a Surge protector or Power cord. Moreover, it’s convenient to plug your TV into a power source with just one cable.

2. Stable Power Supply

Connecting your TV to the wall outlet may avoid any potential issues from using intermediary equipment. The additional components, such as power strips or surge protectors, cause electrical interference or voltage fluctuations.

Due to this interference, you can lose your TV’s good performance and lifespan. Avoid extra equipment and use a wall outlet for a stable power supply.

3. Reduced Energy Consumption

Intermediate devices like power cords increase energy consumption if you use them to power supply your Television. 

Some power strips and surge protectors still use power when your TV is off or in standby mode. Avoid using Additional components; it reduces extra power consumption and saves energy.

4. Improved Audio and Video Quality

Surge protectors or Power strips introduce electrical interference that sometimes affects the sound and picture quality of the content. Plugging your TV directing into the wall leads to improved sound and picture quality.

5. Cost-Effectiveness 

Avoiding additional components saves you money. You don’t need to invest in Power Strips or Surge protectors to power supply your Television. 

These components feel expensive because they need to be replaced after damage. Use a direct wall outlet to plug your TV to save money.

How to Plug TV Directly Into the Wall Outlet? Easy Guide

Should I Plug My TV Directly Into The Wall - How to Plug TV Directly Into the Wall Outlet? Easy Guide
Plug the TV Directly Into The Wall Outlet

Step 1: Choose the power outlet

Find a power outlet where you connect your TV’s power cord. Attract your TV to the wall or put it on the table. Choose the TV’s destination near the power outlet. Check that any furniture or other objects do not block the outlet and is easily accessible.

Step 2: Plug in the power cord

Insert the power cord plug directly into the wall’s power outlet. Check the plug carefully and make sure it is secure.

Step 3: Connect your TV

The other end of the power cable should now be attached to the appropriate power input on the TV’s back. The power input is typically marked with “Power,” “AC In,” or any similar designation.

Step 5: Power on the TV

You can turn on your TV after the power cord has been firmly attached. Find the power button or use the remote control to turn on your TV. Check your Tv should start getting power and is turned on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Attach Any TV to the Wall?

You can only attach those TVs to the wall that comes with a wall-mounting frame. If you bought a TV without a wall-mount frame, but it has a wall-mounting design at the backside, purchase a wall-mount and attach your Tv with the all. 

How to Plug in Wall-Mounted TV?

Mount your TV near a power outlet so that you can connect your TV power cable to the outlet. In contrast, if there is no place near the power outlet or the TV power cable is short, you must use a power strip for the TV. 

Should I Put My TV on the Wall?

Wall mounting is a great option for watching TV with comfort. You can put your TV on the wall, but ensure you can watch comfortably. Otherwise, you can put your TV on the TV table. 

Does a Surge Protector Need to Be Plugged into the Wall?

You don’t need to plug a surge protector directly into the wall. You can also plug a surge protector directly into the circuit breaker panel. Plug it into another surge protector. The goal is to get the power, so you can plug it anywhere to get the power, but ensure safety. 


You should plug your TV directly into the wall but must follow the safety measures. Make sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

I have discussed the benefits of plugging the Tv directly into the wall. Moreover, there are easy steps to plug the TV into the wall outlet. Read the article, plug in the TV, and enjoy your favorite content. 

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