TCL Roku TV Remote Not Working | 8 Easy Fixes Step-by-step

Uh- Huh! The most frustrating moment while enjoying Streaming is when TCL Roku TV remote not working. Believe me, I can completely understand this pain. But don’t worry, I am here to tell you all the causes why your TCL Tv is not working. Furthermore, you will get the solutions too.

The TCL Tv remote is not working; perhaps you are not pointing the remote directly toward the TV. Another reason can be that you don’t install TCL TV Roku remote batteries accurately or are dead. Ensure to point the remote directly or replace the batteries. 

Any obstruction that blocks the remote signal from reaching the Tv can also be a reason for the malfunctioning of your remote. 

Here I will mention a list of some quick solutions. You can try all those solutions, and surely one will work for you. The list is given below:

  1. Remove any obstruction 
  2. Pair the remote again 
  3. Check the HDMI Interference
  4. Troubleshoot the TCL TV Roku App
  5. Check your Wifi-connection
  6. Reset your remote 
  7. Check your TCL TV Roku remote batteries 
  8. TCL Roku tv remote replacement

Quick Possible Reasons and Solutions 

Here’s a quick table summarizing the causes and solutions for TCL Roku TV remote not working:

Possible CausesSolutions
The Remote is not pointed directly at the TVEnsure proper pointing or replacement batteries
Obstruction blocking remote signalRemove obstructions
The Remote is not paired with the TVPair the remote again
HDMI interferenceUse high-quality HDMI cables or extender
Issues with the Roku AppTroubleshoot the Roku App
Weak Wi-Fi connectionCheck and reset the Wi-Fi connection
Remote not respondingReset the remote
Dead or weak remote batteriesCheck and replace batteries
The remote not working despite solutions triedTCL Roku tv remote replacement can solve the problem

Please note that for detailed instructions on how to implement each solution, you should read the full article.

My TCL Roku TV Remote is NOT Working – 8 Easy Fixes

TCL Roku TV Remote Not Working - how to fix

Thought TCL is a good brand and they make valuable TVs. There are certain reasons for malfunctioning your Roku remote, including batteries not being installed correctly, the Remote not pointing exactly toward the TV, some issues with the Roku App, or the batteries being dead. 

Before fixing the problem, find out why the remote is malfunctioning. Once you find the reason, fixing it will be easier for you. Let’s start with the solutions.

1. Remove Any Obstruction 

TCL Tv remote pairs with the TCL Roku TV through signals. For this purpose, the path between the TCL Roku remote and TCL Tv should be clear. 

The clear way will allow the remote signals to reach the TV’s Infra sensor. If any physical obstacle like any piece of furniture or any other hard object, blocks the communication between the TCL Tv and its remote, then the remote cannot pair with the Tv. 

The TCL Roku remote pairs through the signal, so the remote does not work properly when any obstruction blocks the signal. 

When the signals are obstructed, the remote cannot command the TV, and the TV won’t respond without a command. 

Remove all the objects from the front of the Tv or remote that can block the signals. Sometimes the remote does not pair due to the long distance. In this case, place the TCL Tv near your sitting and try pairing it. 

2. Pair The Remote Again

When you buy a new TCL  TV, you must pair the remote to your TCL Tv for streaming. Most TCL Roku remotes are already paired from the suppliers when they come to your Home. 

But it may be unpaired when you receive it. Therefore when you get your TV, first check if it’s paired or not. 

If the TCL Tv remote is paired with the remote, there is no pairing issue. Try any other solution. But if there is a pairing issue, follow the given guide to pair it. 

2.1. How to pair TCL Remote to TV?

  • Turn Off the TCL Tv and unplug the TV from the power source
  • Leave the TV OFF for at least 5-10 seconds
  • Now Plug-in and Turn the TV ON
  • Find the pairing button on it may locate on the front of the battery compartment of your TCL TV remote.
  • Press the TCL Roku tv remote pairing button for 5-10 seconds and wait for the remote to blink.
  • Once you see the Blinking light of the remote; means it’s paired.

3. Check The Hdmi Interference

TCL Roku TV Remote Not Working- Check the HDMI Cable
Check the HDMI Cable

If there is no pairing button on Roku remote, I’ve got another solution for you. TCL TVs use HDMI cables to transmit signals between different devices. 

If these devices get damaged, they emit Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), leading to interference with other devices’ signals. Similarly, these HDMI cables also cause interference for the remote signals.

These cables affect the remote in various ways. The remote doesn’t command completely or the command is interrupted. 

To prevent all interference while using HDMI cables, use High-quality HDMI cables shielded properly. Many TCL TV models require an HDMI streaming stick directly connected to the HDMI port on the TCL Tv. 

Some Distance will reduce the interference for the remote signals. Use an extender to increase the distance. 

If you have an extender at home, you can use it, but if you don’t have an extender, no worries. The good news is that TCL offers an HDMI cable extender Free of cost. All you have to do is fill out a form to apply

4. Troubleshoot The TCL TV Roku App

TCL Roku TV Remote is Not Working - Fix the Roku App
Fix the Roku App

Before I move further towards this solution, keep in mind this solution is helpful for those who want to use the Roku App to control the TV instead of a TCL Roku remote. 

Using a Roku App instead of the Roku remote is a good option. Remember, it can be difficult if you want to use a Roku App as a remote for your TCL Tv.

Because you have to reconnect the App to the TV when you reopen your mobile screen. 

Moreover, you also need to know that your Roku remote and the TCL Tv should be connected to the same wifi router. TCL Roku App needs to update regularly, which can help to fix your issue. Try updating the TCL TV Roku App by following the steps. It might fix the remote problem.

  • Open your Mobile “Google” or “Apple” store and download the Roku App
  • Once downloading completes, install the App and click on Your “Roku box” name
  • Tap on the “Home button” on your Roku App
  • Go to “Settings” and Find the “System option
  • Click on “System” and then Tap on “System Update
  • Select “Check Now” and check the latest update 
  • Update the App if needed. 

5. Check Your Wifi-Connection

A strong internet connection is required to connect the remote to control or connect different Roku players. 

TCL Roku remote itself doesn’t needs any internet connection to function properly. But the remote requires a good local network because a weak local network will interrupt the remote functioning.

If you have some basic idea about setting the router, go to the settings and check the issue. The issue may be fixed by resetting the router. In case of any complicated issue contact Internet Service Provider for help.  

6. Reset Your TCL TV Remote 

Your TCL TV Roku remote may respond slowly. Sometimes it just stops responding. Remote resetting is a solution for many remote issues, including delayed responses. 

Follow the given steps to reset the remote:

  1. Remove the back covers of the remote and remove the batteries.
  2. Press the Power button on the remote for approximately 15 seconds.
  3. Place the batteries back.
  4. Now test the remote to see if it works.

7. Check Your TCL TV Roku Remote Batteries 

TCL Roku TV Remote Not Working - Reset Remote Batteries
Reset Remote Batteries

Dead or weak TCL Roku remote batteries are the most common reason for the remote malfunctioning. First, test these batteries. You can test the batteries in two ways: changing the batteries and changing the remote. 

Remove the batteries from the remote and place them on any other remote or device to check. 

Now take new batteries and put them into your Roku remote. This way, you will know if the problem is the dead batteries or any issue with the remote. If the batteries are dead, take new batteries and place these batteries in your Roku remote. 

8. TCL Roku TV Remote Replacement

If any of the above solutions do not work, most likely, your remote would not work anymore. The last best option to solve your Issue is a new remote. Buy a new remote, follow the simple repair steps, pair it to your TCL TV, and enjoy streaming again. 

Following are the steps to pair the remote.

  • Turn your TCL Roku Tv ON.
  • Take the Roku remote near the Tv.
  • Press the power button until the pairing light starts flashing. 
  • Once the Flashing light stops, it indicates that your remote is paired. 

Watch the Video: How to fix faulty remote with TCL Roku TV?

Video From YouTube: Creator WorldofTech

How Do I Reset My Tcl Roku TV Without The Remote?

If you want to reset the TCL Roku TV without a remote, you can still reset your TCL Tv. Follow the steps below:

  • Power Off the TCL Tv. 
  • Use a paper clip or pen and hold the reset button located on the TV.
  • Press the power button for 15-20 seconds. 
  • Release the button and plug in the Tv back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My TCL Remote Not Working Even With New Batteries?

If the remote is not working even with new batteries, the remote battery terminals are usually dirty. It might be due to some issue with the remote. Clean the remote using a cotton bud with alcohol. If the problem still needs to be fixed, buy a new remote.

How Do I Pair My TCL Roku Remote?

Follow the given steps to pair the Roku remote to your TCL Tv. First, turn your TCL Roku Tv ON and take the Roku remote near the Tv. After that, press the power button until the pairing light starts flashing. Once the flashing light stops, it indicates that your remote is paired. 


TCL Roku remote malfunctioning is a common issue that almost every TCL Tv user face. 

The company is trying hard to overcome this issue but until then, there should be some solutions to fix the problem. 

Therefore I have mentioned and described many solutions above. Try those solutions to fix this issue. 

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