Is TCL TV Good? Know Features, Series, Why So Cheap Brand?

If you’re thinking of switching your old TV and buying a new one, you would be confused about which TV would be a good choice. I know you are considering the TCL TV as your next choice this time. But now you are wondering if TCL TV is good? It’s normal because every new user asks this question before buying any new product. 

So, Is TCL TV good? Yes, TCL TVs are so good. At reasonable prices, TCL offers good quality 4K/8K QLED TVs and UHD Smart Android TVs with amazing features like a built-in Roku player and TCL mobile app access.

TCL is a mid-quality TV that can be used for 8-10 hours a day and lasts for 7-12 years on average. The plus point that makes it suitable to choose is the low price.

That’s why TCL TVs are a perfect choice for regular users. In this article, I will explain TCL’s features and clarify if TCL is a good choice for you or not. 

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways from the Article
👍 TCL TV is a good choice for regular users due to its mid-quality and affordable price. It can last for 5-7 years with 8-10 hours of daily use.
👍 TCL is a fast-growing brand that offers high-quality panels and TVs, distributing them in over 160 countries.
👍 TCL Roku TV is a reliable and budget-friendly choice, eliminating the need for additional streaming devices.
👍 TCL TVs offer good picture quality options like QLED, Dolby Vision, HD, UHD, and Full HD.
👍 TCL provides a variety of sizes, including 32-inch and even 98-inch TVs.
👍 TCL TVs are cost-effective, starting from $199.99 and ranging up to approximately $2000.00.
👍 These are good choices for regular users due to their mid-quality and affordable price. It lasts 5-7 years with 8-10 hours of daily use.

Is TCL a Good Brand?

Is TCL TV Good a Good Brand?
Is TCL TV a Good Brand?

Before you make TCL TV your next choice, let me bring up the facts about TCL. If TCL is a good brand or not! 

TCL is a fast-growing brand of this era. This brand is winning thousands of customers daily. In 2019, TCL ranked second best technology brand worldwide. TCL was started in 1981, and now they distribute their TVs in more than 160 countries.

All the products that TCL offers are worthy. TCL offers different-sized TVs with high-quality panels and good-quality TVs. They make their panels and other parts of the TVs. Many other companies buy TV parts from TCL. 

Moreover, TCL TVs are good for casual use. TCL is a good brand, but they don’t provide high-quality pixels and gaming facilities on TCL Television.

Is TCL Roku a Good TV?

When we decide to buy a TCL Roku TV, the question that ponders in our mind is: 

Is TCL Roku good to buy? A TCL Roku TV is the right choice for a reliable TV on a low budget. A Roku TCL TV saves you from connecting any extra device to your TV for streaming.

You can stream through wifi on Roku TCL TV. These TVs come with different smart features and sizes. Roku TCL TV is not only budget-friendly but also user-friendly. It was launched in 2008 through collaboration with Netflix

The main purpose of introducing a Roku TV was to prevent the connection of any extra device to your TV for streaming, watching serials, TV shows, or movies. 

This built-in Roku device easily connects through Wi-Fi signals instead of any wire. Roku TCL TV prices range from $199.99 to $2000.00. The price of Roku TCL TV depends on the size you select to buy.

The minus point of these TVs is that they come with only a one-year warranty. But, usually, any technical issue in a technical product comes after two years.

What Makes TCL TV a Good Choice? 

Two main reasons make TCL TVs a good choice. One of them is low-budget, and the other is Roku technology. 

As regular users, many of us want a low-cost TV. But, the TV should be good quality with a budget-friendly feature. TCL provides reliable, good quality, and low-budget TVs, which is the first reason to choose TCL TVs. 

The second reason to choose a TCL TV is the built-in Roku technology. Roku technology allows users to connect their devices to wifi and enjoy any stream. Many users like this technology so that a TCL TV can be a good choice. 

A few more features are the Roku remote control and app control function. You can control your TV through your mobile app, too.

Features of a TCL TV – Special Perks 

Is TCL TV Good a Good Brand - Features
Quick Features of TCL TV

TCL TVs are being popular among people day by day. Annually, more than 3 million units of TCL TVs are manufactured and supplied. This is due to some amazing features that a TCL TV has. Now, I’m going to elaborate on three main features one by one:

  1. Good Quality
  2. Variety of Size 
  3. Low Cost

1. TCL TV Quality

Although TCL does not provide extraordinary pixel quality, it offers good-quality pixels that are enough for a regular user. Following are the picture qualities that TCL offers in their TVs. 

2. TCL TV Size

Most of the companies that manufacture TVs make 32-inch standard-size TVs. More often, they offer just a few varieties of TV sizes. But, if you need a 98-inch QLED TV for your big hall or room, get a TCL TV.

They also manufacture 98-inch LED TVs along with 32-inch TVs. You can also get different sizes like 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, etc. 

3. TCL TV Cost

TCL provides various sizes and picture quality options and a low-price option. The price of the TCL TV depends on the TV size you need. Their prices start from $199.99 and end at approximately $ 2000.00.

Even though you buy the most expensive TCL TV, it will not give a big jerk to your pocket as other TV costs do. With all these features, like good quality features and Roku player, TCL TVs are cheaper than other TVs.

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TCL 3,4, and 5 Series – Are they good?

TCL 3 Series

Almost all the TCL 3-series comes in small sizes. This is best suited for people who want a TV for a small space and low budget range. There are 3 screen sizes offered in 3-series. One comes with 1080p, and the other two come with 720p resolution.

  • TCL 32-inch 720p model (TCL 32S335), $119.99
  • TCL 32-inch 1080p model (TCL 32S327), $168.99
  • TCL 40-inch 1080p model (TCL 40S325), $198.99
  • TCL 43-inch 1080p model (TCL43S325), $388.99

TCL 4 Seriese TV

The 4-series TVs are relatively larger and slightly more expensive than the 3-series ones. These TVs come in 6 screen sizes. All 4-series screens have a high resolution like 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range). Following are the 4-series screen sizes:

  • TCL 43-inch (43S435), $349.99
  • TCL 50-inch (50S435), $424.99
  • TCL 55-inch (55S435), $485.99
  • TCL 65-inch (65S435), $667.99
  • TCL 75-inch (75S435), $977.99
  • TCL 85-inch (85S55), $1,099.99

TCL 5 Series TVs

5-series TCL TV S535 is a QLED TV with amazing display quality and vibrant color for HDR content. Unluckily, the 5-series screen is not bright like genuine HDR content. TCL uses VA panels in 5-series TV screens that improve the visual quality even in the dark. 

The 5-series TV screen also performs well due to the local dimming feature. However, due to the narrow view angle, the side view is lost quickly.

  • TCL 55″ Class 5-Series – 55S546: $399.99
  • TCL 65″ Class 5-Series – 65S555: $549.099

People Also Ask

How long do TCL TVs last?

On average, TCL TVs last 7 to 12 years if we use them for 8 to 10 hours daily. This time might be extended if we decrease the daily watch time or use the TV carefully.

What is the difference between TCL and LG TVs?

The main difference is the panel of both TVs. The TCL is manufactured with a VA panel, good native contract, and black sequence. Whereas LG is made with an IPS panel, it offers a good viewing angle with local dimming. 

Is TCL a popular brand?

Yes, TCL is a popular and fast-growing brand. In 2008 it ranked second as a good technology brand. It is becoming more competitive daily. 


Whenever we are done with our old TV, we exchange it and buy a new one. This time, you are the person who wants to get a new TV. But you are wondering if TCL TV is good? So Yes, TCL TV is a good choice. 

TCL offers a low price for even a 92-inch TV under your budget. It has a built-in Roku player, allowing you to connect wifi and watch streaming. Hope you find the answer to your question and you enjoyed reading the article.

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