How Long Do OLED TVs Last? Lifespan Explained

The OLED TVs last around 100,000 hours if the average usage is 8-10 hours daily. The lifespan of OLED TVs varies on different factors, such as usage and screen size. 

If you are considering buying an OLED TV, you are going for a good choice. But just like every new OLED TV user, you must know how long OLED TVs last, which is 10-12 years on average. 

If you are a new OLED TV user or have even been using OLED TVs for a few years, there are some essential things to know, such as how OLED TV works and how you can increase its lifespan.

I will answer all these questions that many OLED TV users ask. Stay tuned to get the helpful information.

How Long Do OLED TVs Last?

How Long Do OLED TVs Last Lifespan Explained

Generally, OLED TVs last for 100,000 hours of use, which means around ten years if used 8 hours daily. Remember, this is the estimated lifespan, but it can vary for every user.

It also depends on factors, including usage patterns, screen size, screen brightness, other screen settings, and maintenance. 

The brightness is the factor that affects the lifetime of your TV the most. Keep the brightness of your TV to the appropriate level to increase the lifespan. 

What Are OLED TVs, And How Do They Work?

OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. These TVs display content using organic compounds to emit light when the electric current is supplied. OLED TVs control the brightness of each pixel itself without any backlight. 

The most reliable advantage of OLED TV is the true black it provides. OLED TVs do not require any power to turn off each pixel, creating a perfect black level. This creates an effective, improved contrast and overall picture quality.

OLED TVs respond fast and reduce motion blur, which enhances the watching experience. Overall, OLED TVs are suitable for providing quality pictures, impressive viewing experience, deep blacks, and a wide color gamut.

Are OLED TVs Durable?

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode ) TVs are famous for their impressive picture quality. At the start, these TVs were less durable than other TV technologies. 

As the name indicates, they are manufactured using organic material sensitive to moisture and oxygen. This characteristic renders OLED TVs more susceptible to deterioration as time passes. 

That’s why some OLED users still consider it unreliable and fragile. At the same time, the  OLED TV manufacturers worked to improve the durability of Modern and latest TV models. They have successfully improved the durability of Modern OLED TVs.  

The TV providers incorporated protective layers to lower the burn-in risk. These TV panels are highly flexible to some LED panels, saving them from damage and allowing them to break only with hard damage. 

Their panels also resist backlight issues, unlike LCD panels. Even with constant use, OLED TVs are durable enough to last years. While these TVs are durable, they still need careful handling. Avoid direct sunlight exposure, high temperature, and pressure to maintain a good lifespan.

How Durable Are OLED TVs?

How Long Do OLED TVs Last - Are they Durable
Are they Durable?

Before buying an OLED TV, knowing how long it lasts is essential. Usually, they are durable enough to be used for years with regular use. OLED TVs are more susceptible to burn-in than other TVs.

Using the TV for a long time without any break and a static picture display on the screen causes pixel damage due to the burn-in issue. Minimize the risk of burn-in by enabling screen sharing and pixel-shifting features. 

Like any other electronic device, the lifespan of OLED TVs depends on various factors, such as operating conditions. The durability depends on how you use and maintain it. It’s mandatory to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper usage and the long lifespan of the TV.

Another effective way to increase your OLED TV’s lifespan is to prevent exposure to high temperature, pressure, and direct sunlight. Overall, these TVs are durable if the user carefully maintains and uses them.

How Do I Increase The Lifespan Of My OLED TV? Tips To Extend The Lifetime

How to increase the lifespan of OLED TVs
How to increase the lifespan of OLED TVs

To increase the Lifespan of OLED TV, follow the steps Tips below:

1. Adjust the Screen settings

Enable feature like “Screen Shift” and “Pixel Refresher” that helps to reduce the picture burn-in. This feature automatically shifts the pixels and refreshes the screen when needed. 

2. Set the brightness low

High brightness reduces the TV’s lifespan. Set the brightness to a comfortable level to reduce the display stress. The 40% brightness level is recommended. You can adjust it according to your comfort level.

3. Avoid Static image

Continuous static image display for a long time, including Logos, games, or HUDs, can result in burn-in in the OLED panel. Use the screen savers, change the channels, or do different activities to minimize the static image display.

4. Avoid high temperatures

OLEDs are sensitive to heat; don’t expose them to direct sunlight. Place your TV in a well-ventilated far from direct sunlight or other heat sources. TV’s performance and longevity are affected badly by high temperatures. 

5. Clean the screen carefully

While cleaning, use a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive material to avoid damage. Wipe the dust and fingerprint carefully from the screen; don’t use pressure or rough cloth because it can damage the screen.

6. Enable power-saving mode

This power-saving feature extends the durability and lifespan of OLED TVs. It Increases the lifespan by dimming the screen when no activity is performed on TV for a long time. This way, the power-saving mode minimizes the usage time and prolongs the panel’s life.

7. Update Firmware Regularly

Firmware is installed in modern smart TVs to ensure better performance. Manufacturers often release Regular Updates to overcome the potential issue and enhance the TV’s overall performance. 

Check the firmware updates and update them regularly. It also helps to prolong the TV’s lifespan.

By adhering to these guidelines, you may extend the life of your OLED TV and preserve its performance over time.

How Fragile Are OLED TVs?

You must hear that OLED TV screens are more fragile than other TVs, such as LED TVs. But mostly, that is the case with old OLED TV screens. The manufacturers worked hard to overcome this problem. 

Now, the minimal Lifetime of an OLED TV is ten years it can be increased by proper care and following the tips I discussed above. Modern TVs with OLED screens break or are damaged only with brutal hits or high pressure. 

Can An OLED TV Display Break Easily Compared To Other TVs?

It’s your right to ask this question before investing to buy an OLED TV. Before buying expensive TVs like OLED, users must be aware of all the features they provide. Although it’s hard to answer this question, I will answer it directly.

Indeed, OLED TV displays are usually more sensitive than other TVs. The modern OLED TV screen is not breakable easily. But if you compare it with other TVs like LED TVs, chances are they can break faster.

Common Signs of an OLED TV Nearing Its End of Life

The most common signs of an OLED TV nearing its end are listed below. Remember that any one or two signs may indicate that your OLED TV is near the end. 

Moreover, it’s essential to know these signs can’t always be considered TV’s life-end signs. Consider them signs only if you frequently encounter these issues, even after fixing them.

  • Dimming or fading
  • Poor Color Quality
  • Burn-in
  • Uneven aging 
  • Increased image retention
  • Reduced lifespan of pixels

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Do Sony Oled Tvs Last?

Sony TVs can last between four to six years, estimated. The lifespan can be increased to 7-10 years if you focus on proper maintenance and care. Moreover, it also depends on how you use it and the screen settings.

How Long Do Samsung Oled Tvs Last?

Samsung OLED TVs last for around four to eight years. The lifespan can be prolonged with correct screen settings and proper care. Keep the brightness low, around 40%-50%, and give some short breaks to your TV if using it for an extended period.

How Long Should A TV Be On A Day?

A Television has a 4 to tens years Lifespan estimated depending on how you care for and maintain it. It depends on your personal preference. According to experts, adult screen time should be less than 2 hours for entertainment.


How long does OLED TV last? This is the most common question asked by new OLED TV users. The average lifespan is 100,000 hours when used eight to ten hours daily. The lifespan can be enhanced by care and maintenance. 

I have answered various questions that might be helpful for you as a new user. Including how OLED TVs work, how durable they are, Whether they break more quickly than other TVs, and How fragile they are. Moreover, you will find some practical Tips to increase your TV’s Lifespan. 

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