Best Picture Settings For TCL 4K TV 55

Best picture settings for TCL 4K TV play an important role in providing a valuable viewing experience. Adjusting the picture settings can impact the brightness, contrast, color precision, and overall sharpness of the visuals displayed on the screen. 

All these adjustments make you comfortable enjoying your Favorite content for an extended period. Furthermore, if your content is not available in high definition, you will experience blurry or pixelated images, which leads to irritating viewing. 

Due to all these picture issues, you need to adjust the best picture settings for TCL 4K TV  to enjoy streaming without any disturbance. 

TCL TVs are famous for their quality picture under a reasonable budget. Still, you should adjust the TCL 4K picture settings for better quality. 

In this blog post, I will discuss all the best possible picture settings for your TCL 4K 55-inch TV. Let me take you toward the Best picture settings without further delay.

Which Are The Best Picture Settings For TCL 4K TV 55 Inches?

There are three main categories for TCL 4K 55-inch Tv settings. The following are the categories:

  1. Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) 
  2. High Dynamic Range (HDR) 
  3. General Settings 

1. Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) Settings

SDR (Standard  Dynamic Range) is the Tv set that offers display settings for a TV that does not support HDR (High Dynamic Range) content. This type of setting includes many parameters such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, colors, etc. Following are the SDR Settings:

  • Picture Mode
  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Sharpness 
  • Color (Color temperature)
  • Backlight
  • Local Contrast
  • Dynamic Contrast 
  • HDR
  • Motion Smoothing
  • Tint

Picture Mode (TCL advanced picture settings)

A preset image mode that adjusts various picture settings. The recommended picture mode is “Movie mode” for better picture settings. Follow the simple steps to change the picture Mode.

  • Tap on the Smbol “*” located on your TCL Roku Remote.
  • It will take you to the “Main Menu” on the TCL TV screen.
  • Scroll and find “Picture Mode.” 
  • Then change the Mode using the right and left arrow and choose  “Movie Mode.”


Adjusts the difference between an image’s brightest and darkest parts.

  • Go to the “Home” Symbol on your TCL Tv remote. 
  • You will see the “Home screen.”
  • Now click on “Settings” and navigate to “Picture settings.”
  • Tap on “Advance Settings”
  • Find the “Contrast” and set it to “90.”


Best Picture Settings For TCL 4K TV 55 - Brightness settings
Brightness settings

Controls the overall brightness level of the display. Brightness is one of the important factors in getting the best picture settings. Follow the same step to set the contrast and Brightness to “50.”


Controls the clarity and definition of the edges of objects in the picture. Again use the same steps to set the Brightness and Choose “0” Sharpness.


Adjusts the color balance of the TV. Set the color to “45’5”. You will get a variety of colors to choose your desired color to display on the TV screen.


Controls the brightness of the TV’s backlight. The range of 50 for the backlight is the best to select. But a backlight higher than 50 is preferable for the brighter rooms. 

Local Contrast

Adjusts the contrast of different parts of the picture independently. Follow the given steps to set the local Contrast:

  • Click on the “Main Menu” button on your TCL TV remote
  • Navigate the “Picture” or “Settings” menu by using the arrow keys on your remote
  • After that, Tap  “Ok” or “Enter”
  • Locate the “Local Contrast” or “Dynamic Contrast” option and select it
  • Set the Local Contrast as per the Best picture requirement and Press the “Ok” or “Enter” button to save changes

Dynamic Contrast

Adjusts the TV’s contrast on the fly to improve image quality.


Gamma is a TCL TV option that regulates the brightness of various shades of grey on the screen. It controls the relationship between the input signal and the display’s output luminance. Adjust the gamma at  2.2 for best picture settings.

HDR (best picture settings for TCL QLED TV)

Enhances images’ contrast and color range for a more realistic viewing experience. While using built-in apps on your TCL TV HDR feature will be enabled automatically. 

A small symbol will appear beside the picture mode option in the quick settings menu if you watch content in HDR. By using HDR content, a few other settings, such as backlight, will be adjusted automatically.

Motion Smoothing (Also the best picture setting for TCL 4K TV 43)

Interpolates frames to make motion appear smoother. Motion smoothing or motion interpolation is an amazing feature in your TCL Tv device that minimizes motion blur in first-place scenes on the screen.

The feature creates new frames and causes an unnatural look to the content you watch. Adjusting this feature too low or turning it off will enhance the viewing experience. 


Best Picture Settings For TCL 4K TV 55 - Tint settings
Tint settings

Adjusts the balance between green and Red colors in the picture. You can adjust the tint to light red or green and dark red or green.

2. High Dynamic Range (HDR)

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a technology used in TVs, cameras, and other display devices that provides a wider range of brightness, color, and contrast than standard displays. 

HDR displays can show a greater range of dark and light tones in a single image, resulting in more detail and a more lifelike image. 

This is achieved through techniques such as local dimming, which allows different areas of the screen to be illuminated independently, and wider color gamuts, which allow for a greater range of colors to be displayed. 

HDR content is becoming more widely available, with streaming services and video game consoles offering HDR-enabled content. 

The result is a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience, with HDR images appearing more vivid and lifelike than ever before.

3. General Settings 

Image enhancements

Keep the image processing options disabled, such as “Dynamic Contrast,” to get an image closely related to the content creator’s original intention. However, you can adjust these settings according to your requirements.

The type of content

Remember that any calibration or adjusting picture settings you come across online may not suit all types of content you enjoy on your device. Different contents require specific picture settings that suit their unique characteristics.

Moreover, no universal picture settings work well for all types of content. 

Most importantly, you need to consider the content you use on your device. It might be any game, movie, or any other useful content. Therefore adjust the settings for your TCL 4K 55-inches TVs per your content needs.

TV Position

Sometimes, we just care about the proper functioning of our Tv and need to remember to focus on some external changes that can make our Tv even smarter. 

The position of your TV impacts the picture quality. It’s essential to place the Tv away from the window to minimize the excessive glare from sunlight. It is because the brightness of your device should be adjusted according to the lights around your TCL Tv.

Seating for the best view (viewing distance)

Right viewing distance is another General setting for better picture quality and viewing experience. 

If your TCL Tv is too close to your seating position, you will watch a big picture with a bad impact on your eyesight. 

On the other hand, if you are seated too far from your TV, the picture will be too small and interrupt your streaming. So, Setting your Viewing distance is one of the most important settings. 

Watch Video To Learn The Best Picture Settings For TCL 4K TV 55

Video From YouTube: Credit – TV Calibration with Dark

TCL Best Picture Settings For Gaming

Regarding the best picture settings for gaming on a TCL TV, it’s important to consider a few key factors to optimize the gaming experience. 

Here are some recommended settings to get the most out of your TCL 4k TV:

  • Picture Mode: “Movie” enhances the overall picture quality.
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 (Auto Detect: Off, Overscan: Off) ensures the aspect ratio is correct and without distortion.
  • Contrast: 99 provides high contrast and vivid images.
  • Black Level: 55, adjusts the black level to enhance the picture quality.
  • Gamma: 2.4 enhances the brightness of the TV screen.
  • Color Saturation: 60-70 (Adjust accordingly if it’s too strong), controls the level of color intensity.
  • Tint: 50, adjusts the color balance to neutral.
  • Sharpness: 0 reduces the sharpness to avoid any distortion.
  • Color Temperature: Warm provides a warm and natural color tone.
  • Brightness: 82, adjusts the overall brightness of the TV screen.
  • Color Space: Auto automatically adjusts the color space.
  • 4K: HDMI ports on 2.0 for the 4K/HDR goodies ensures the TV is compatible with 4K/HDR content.
  • Black Detail: Low (PS – RGB Limited, Xb – Standard, PC – high/full), adjusts the level of black detail to avoid any pixelation or noise.


Using a TCL means enjoying the streaming with a smart TV’s fabulous features. But you can only enjoy the TCL TV feature by adjusting your Device’s best picture settings. 

So I like to help you set the best picture on your TCL TV with a simple guide. Read the article > Grab the Remote for adjustment and enjoy streaming with quality Pictures on your TCL TV screen.

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