TCL TV Factory Reset Without Remote | 6 Best Methods

When you lose your TCL Tv remote or the remote malfunctions, performing TCL Tv tasks becomes difficult. However, you require a remote to reset your TCL Tv. Now you are stuck on how you can perform a TCL Tv factory reset without remote. 

Stop worrying! You can still reset your TV without the remote. 

So, how to Factory reset a TCL Tv without a remote? There are 6 ways to factory reset your TCL Tv without a remote. A list of methods is mentioned below.

  1. Use the physical buttons on the TCL TV.
  2. Through the TCL app on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Try a universal remote that is compatible with TCL TVs.
  4. Use a gaming controller that is compatible with TCL TVs.
  5. Any voice assistant device, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.
  6. Using an HDMI-CEC-enabled device.

You will be excited to read these methods and try them. I will describe all the methods in detail. 

Stay tuned till the end to understand and find the best way applicable for your TCL Tv. Now without any further delay, let gets into the article. 

Quick Table | Reset TV Without a Remote

Here’s a quick table summarizing the 6 methods mentioned in the article for performing a TCL TV factory reset without a remote:

01.Use The Physical Buttons To Reset Your TCL TVPress and hold the Volume and Power buttons simultaneously until the TCL logo appears. Navigate to Factory Reset.
02.Reset Through the TCL App On Your Smartphone/TabletDownload the TCL app, connect the TV and mobile to the same Wi-Fi, open the app, and go to Settings > Factory Reset.
03.Try A Universal Remote That Is Compatible With TCL TVsProgram a compatible universal remote and access Factory Reset through the TV’s menu.
04.Use A Gaming Controller To Reset The TCL TVAccess the TV’s settings using a compatible gaming controller and navigate to Factory Reset.
05.Any Voice Assistant DeviceConnect the TCL TV and voice assistant device to the same Wi-Fi, give a command to the assistant to perform a Factory Reset.
06.Using An HDMI-CEC-Enabled DeviceConnect an HDMI-CEC-enabled device (e.g., Blu-ray player) to the TV and access Factory Reset through the menu.

Remember to follow the specific instructions provided in the article for each method to ensure a successful factory reset without a remote.

TCL TV Factory Reset Without Remote | 6 Best Methods

Before starting the process, remember factory reset will delete all your data, sign-in accounts, installed apps, and settings. 

Therefore, keep the backup and secure all your essential data for later use. 

Following are the Ways to Factory reset your data.

Method 1: Use The Physical Buttons To Reset Your TCL TV

TCL TV Factory Reset Without Remote - Use a TV Reset Button
Use a TV Reset Button

The factory reset process can be different for different TCL Tv models. The general method used for most of the models is given below. You can also reset TCL TV with the black screen by following this method. 

  1. Press the Power button and Turn off the TV. 
  2. Unplug your TV from the power source.
  3. Locate the TCL Tv Physical button on the Tv. The Physical button is on the back of the TCL Tv, or it may locate at the bottom, depending on the model.
  4. Now press the “Volume” and “Power buttons” simultaneously for at least 10-20 seconds. Hold the buttons until you see the TCL Logo on the screen.
  5. Once you see the TCL logo, it means the recovery mode has started
  6. Now release both the buttons and wait to appear the Recovery menu
  7. You can use the Volume button for navigation and the Power button for selection.  
  8. Navigate the menu and find Factory reset/Wipe data option. 
  9. Select “Factory Reset” by using  Power Button.
  10. Wait a few minutes and let the TCL Tv complete the reset process. Your Tv will restart automatically after completion.

Method 2: Reset Through the TCL App On Your Smartphone

If your TCL Roku remote is not working, you can use the TCL TV App to reset the Tv. Following the given guide for factory reset.

  • Download the TCL app from the Google or Apple Play Store on your mobile or tablet. Then install the App.
  • Connect the TCL Tv and mobile to the wifi router. When the installation is complete, open the TCL Tv App. 
  • Find the list of available devices and click on the TCL Tv.
  • When the connection is secure open the app’s main menu and tap the “ remote control” option.
  • Select the Settings option> System option from the remote menu. 
  • Now scroll and locate the “Factory reset” or “reset” option from the system. 
  • Here you will see the confirmation option. Tap on “Yes” to proceed with the process.
  • Wait for a few minutes. Once the process ends, your Tcl Tv will turn on automatically. 

Method 3: Try A Universal Remote That Is Compatible With TCL TVs

The universal remote must be programmed before using it for the TCL Roku Tv. You can program the remote through automatic features setup, which search the codes to enter. 

Then enter these codes for the TCL Tv you want to control through a universal remote. The universal remote depends on the model of the device. Make sure to choose the compatible universal remote for your TCL Tv.

  • Grab the Universal remote and turn on the TCL Roku Tv.
  • Go to the Menu by pressing the Volume Down and Menu buttons together.
  • Scroll through the “settings” and click the “OK” Button.
  • Now navigate to the System> Advance system settings and press OK. 
  • Find the Factory Reset button and select it.
  • A security code will be required for the connection. 
  • Enter the code you have already set up. Use the default code if this is the first time you are setting up the code. Mostly the default code is “0000” or “1234.”
  • Press the “ Yes” Button to confirm the reset. 
  • Wait for several minutes to complete the process. When the process completes, the TCL Tv will restart automatically.

Method 4: Use A Gaming Controller To Reset The TCL TV

TCL TV Factory Reset Without Remote - Use a Gaming Console to Reset
Use a Gaming Console to Reset

TCL TVs have some good features. Another best alternative to the TCL Tv is a Gaming controller. But make sure the Gaming controller is compatible with the TCL Roku TV. 

Different Gaming controllers are used for TCL TV. Follow the given steps to use the gaming controller as a remote.

  • Turn on your TCL Tv and Grab the gaming controller.
  • Hold and press the “Menu” Button on the controller.
  • Go to “Settings” and Scroll through the setting using the Arrow Keys on the controller. If the arrow keys do not work, use other controller buttons.
  • Tap on the “System” or the “System Reset.” 
  • Select “Factory Reset” and Press “Ok.”
  • Wait for a few minutes TCL Tv will reset and restart.

Method 5: Any Voice Assistant Device, Such As Amazon Alexa Or Google Home

You can also use Alexa Voice Assistant to Factory Reset your TCL Tv without the remote. The steps are given below:

  • First, ensure the voice assistant device and your TCL Tv are connected to the same Wifi router.
  • Then activate your voice assistant device. Activate the device by saying, “Hey, Google” or “ Hey, Alexa.”
  • Now Say a command to the assistant device: “Alexa, ask TCL Tv to Factory reset.”
  • The Assistant device will confirm the command and start “Factory Reset” the TV.
  • The process would take a few minutes, and the Factory reset will complete.

Method 6: Using An HDMI-CEC-Enabled Device To Reset TCL TV

TCL TV Factory Reset Without Remote - Use HDMI-CEC Cable for Resetting
Use HDMI-CEC Cable for Resetting

You can use an HDMI-CEC-enabled device like a Blu-ray player or sound bar by connecting any HDMI cable to factory reset your TCL Tv. Follow the steps below to reset the TCL Tv.

  • Make sure that the HDMI-CEC-enabled is connected to your TCL TV correctly. 
  • Then turn on both devices.
  • Press the “Home Button” to go to the main menu.
  • Click on “Settings” from the main menu and Tap the “Ok” button.
  • Select Systems from the setting menu and click the “OK” button.
  • Select “Advanced system settings” and press the “ Ok” button.
  • After that, click on “ Factory reset.”
  • Here the TV’s parental lock code is required, so enter the code. The default code is usually “0000.”
  • Press “Yes” to confirm the Factory reset.
  • Wait for the TV to factory reset and restart.

Watch Video: How to Reset TCL TV With No Remote?

Video From YouTube: Credit – WorldofTech

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Possible To Factory Reset TCL TV Without a Remote?

Yes, it’s possible to factory reset the TCL tv without a remote. A TCL Tv can be factory reset using the physical button, game controller, HDIM-CEC-enabled device, TCL tv app, universal remote, or assistant device.

Do I Need A Remote To Factory Reset Tcl Tv?

No, you do not necessarily need a remote to factory reset your TCL Tv. You can use the physical button to factory reset the Tv. Moreover, a universal remote or TCL Tv app can also be used.

How Do I Reset My TCL Tv Without Remote?

Unplug the TCL Tv from the main power source. Wait for around 30 seconds. Now plug the power cord back into the power source. Your Tv will restart; otherwise, restart the Tv by using the power button of your Tv.


After losing the remote, we get stuck on whether it’s possible to Factory reset the TCL Tv without the remote or not. The answer is “Yes” You can factory reset your TCL Tv without any remote.

TCL TV factory reset without remote is quick and easy with my methods. I have discussed six alternative methods to perform a factory reset without any remote. 

Read the methods carefully and try them. One of them would work for your Tv. I hope you can try resetting your TCL tv without the TCL TV Roku Remote.

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