TCL TV Not Turning On – Fix With These Solutions

Your TCL TV won’t turn on due to the damaged cables, damaged internal components of the TV, dead remote batteries, or any issue with the power outlet into which you plugged your TCL TV. 

Some quick fixes you can try are, 

  • Checking all the cords, they should be connected correctly. 
  • Unplug the TV from the power source and press the power button for 2-3 minutes, then plug in your TV again. Then, try to press the reset button to turn on your TV.
  • Change the remote batteries. 

Although TCL TVs are a great investment, they create problems. So, in this article, I will discuss all the possible reasons why your TCL TV is not turning. If you want to know all the reasons for their fixes, stay connected till the end. 

How to Turn On TCL TV in a Right Way

Turning on a TCL TV correctly involves a few simple steps. Depending on the model, the power button is typically located behind the TCL logo on the TV’s lower bezel or at the bottom. Press this button once to turn on your TCL TV from standby mode.

If you’re using an Android TV, a multi-function menu appears when you press the button while the TV is on. This can provide additional options for customization and control.

For TCL Roku TVs, after powering it on, you can set what your TV displays upon power on by pressing the Home button on your remote, scrolling down to Settings, selecting System, and following the prompts.

Remember to plug your TV into a power outlet before turning it on. With these steps, you can easily and correctly turn on your TCL TV.

My TCL TV Is Not Turning On – 5 Methods to Fix

There are many issues that your TV is not turning on, most of which you can fix at home just by following simple steps. Here, I will mention the most common fixes your TV needs and then elaborate on each one. Following are some fixes to try;

Methods to FixExplaination
Power CycleCheck if all the power cords are plugged in properly. Unplug them, wait a few minutes, then plug them back in and try turning on the TV.
Reset the TVMost TCL TVs come with a reset option in their system settings. Navigate through the menu to find this option and select it.
Factory ResetIf resetting doesn’t work, consider doing a factory reset. This will erase all data and return the TV to its original settings.
Select the Correct Input SourceMake sure you’ve selected the correct input source for your TV. Depending on your setup, this could be HDMI, AV, or any other source.
Change the Remote BatteriesIf nothing else works, your remote might be the problem. Try changing the batteries and see if that helps.

1. Examine All The Cords and Power Cycle

TCL TV Won't Turn On if there is issue in power cords fix all the power cables
Fix the Power Cords

Sometimes, we remain unaware of the cords of our TVs. They cannot connect properly if we connect them quickly or due to another movement. Even a slight disconnection of your cords from your TV or outlet can cause problems, and your TV will not turn on. 

If you use an extension or any other source to connect the TV, ensure that cords are connected properly. All you need to do is to connect all the cords carefully. 

The best way to fix this issue is to disconnect all the cords once and then connect them individually. You also need to look at the damaged cords. It often happens that the cords of the TVs get damaged and don’t work. 

Remove all the damaged cords or wires and replace them with new cords, then turn on your TCL TV. Don’t forget to check HDMI cords because most of the TCL TV problems are caused by these cords.

If your TCL TV doesn’t turn on, you can power cycle your TV. Power cycling is a simple method in which you have to power OFF your TV. You need to disconnect the TV’s power cable, remove all the electricity, and wait until the power drains completely from the capacitors. 

Here are the simple steps to power cycle TCL TV if it won’t turn on. 

  • Firstly, unplug the TV from the main source.
  • Now, press the power button on the back of your TV. Press the power button until all the power drains from the capacitors ( 30-60 seconds would be required).
  • After that, plug your TV back into the power source and turn it ON. 

2. Reset The TCL TV if it Won’t Turn On.

First, confirm that your TV is ON or OFF if connected properly. You can ensure this through the Standby lights at the bottom of your TV. Reset is one of the most useful fixes to turn on the TCL TV. You need to follow some simple steps to reset the TV. 

Please Remember!
Before you reset your TV, remember that reset will remove all your login accounts, and you need to log in to all streaming accounts again.

Following are the steps to follow to Reset TCL TV if it’s not turning on:

  • Plug in or connect your TV to the power supply.
  • Find the reset button on the back of your TV; you will find it around HDMI or USB ports.
  • Now press the button for 30 seconds and then leave. Using a paper clip or any other pressing tool would make pressing easier. 
  • Finally, it’s time to turn on your TV again. If you still have some issues, you can try it many times.

3. Factory Reset can Help you to Turn On Your TV

Reset Your TV -TCL TV Won't Turn On How to Fix
Reset Your TV if it’s not Turning On

If TCL TV doesn’t turn On, a factory reset might seem difficult, but now it will not remain difficult anymore because I will guide you step by step. Factory reset seems similar to Reset, but there is a clear difference between both. During factory reset, you will lose all your data, like apps, downloaded streams, or videos

Follow the given guide to factory reset if the TCL TV won’t turn On. 

  • Go to Settings and then the Settings Menu.
  • Then click on Advanced Settings.
  • Find the Factory Reset option.
  • Select factory reset and then Click on Reset Everything

4. Choose The Correct Input Source

Selection of the right input source is essential to turn your TCL TV on. The TCL TV won’t turn on if you supply the wrong input device. The right source is required for the proper functioning of the TCL TV. 

To select the correct input source, match the HDMI port number to the number of the TV input device. For instance, if the TV source is 2, the HDMI port should also be 2. There are two methods to select the right input source.

There are two methods for choosing the suitable input device;

  1. By using remote
  2. Without using remote

i) Choose The Correct Input Source By Using a Remote

  • Turn your TV ON.
  • Hold and press the remote control source button.
  • Click on the desired input source.

ii) Choose The Correct Input Source Without Using the Remote

  • First, Turn your TV ON.
  • Find and press the Menu button located at the bottom of the TV. 
  • Then, go to the source option by using the volume button.
  • Now, choose the required input source by pressing the TV menu button.

5. Remove And Change Remote Batteries 

Sometimes, the TCL Roku TV does not turn on due to the dead and burn-out remote batteries. You can get rid of this issue by following the steps below:

  • Take off the back cover of your TCL TV remote
  • Remove the batteries and press the power button for 15-18 seconds.
  • Put the batteries back in their place carefully.
  • Place the cover back and then turn the TV on. 

If your TV is still not Turning ON, the old batteries may get dead or burned out, so remove the old batteries and place the new batteries. 

What to Do if Nothing Works?  

Contact TCL Tech support if you have tried all the above methods and none worked out for your TCL TV. They will send any tech professional to solve your issue. You will get your TCL TV repaired and replaced; it depends on the warranty left for your TV. Ensure your 1 year (or given warranty year limit) is not ended.

  • Contact TCL Tech support at the given Toll-Free number: 1-877-300-8877
  • They are available Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. EST. From 9:00 am 6:00pm EST. 

Buy a New TV if Your Old TV Doesn’t Work

TCL TV Won't Turn on. Buy a New TCL TV

If you have tried all the methods and sent your TV to a tech professional, your TV needs to turn on. It means your TCL TV is not worth it anymore. If that’s the case, the tech professional will let you know. In that case, buying a new TV would be the last option. 

Watch the Video if Your TCL TV Won’t Turn On

Video From YouTube: Video Credit – Juan Camacho

People also ask

How To Solve The TCL TV Light Blinking Issue?

The TCL TV light blinking issue is solved by resetting your TV. Find the reset button on the TV, usually located at the back of the TV. Press the button for 10 to 15 seconds, and your TV will turn ON. For a better experience, use a paper clip to press the power button.

How Do I Manually Turn On My TCL TV?

Using the power button, you can manually Turn ON your TCL TV. Your Roku TCL TV has a power button to turn your TV ON. This power button is mostly located at the back of your TV. 

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