Who Makes The TCL TV and Where Are They Made? 

TCL is a fast-growing brand attracting more customers daily. Many new users of TCL TVs ask about the manufacturers of these TVs. If you are here, you are also curious to know the manufacturers of this brand.

So, who makes TCL TVs? TCL TVs are manufactured by a Chinese company famous as TCL (Telephone Communication Limited). This company manages TCL TV production and operation all over the world.

In this article, I will elaborate on the TCL TVs manufacturing company, its headquarters, when it was founded, and all related information. Stay connected to get all the exciting information about TCL TVs manufacturing brand. 

So, without any further discussion, let’s get straight into the article.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of The TCL TVs? 

Who Makes The TCL TV - Manufacturer
Image: TCL TVs Manufacturers

A Group of TCL Electronics Holding Ltd. makes TCL TVs. Five TCL companies make TCL Technology. These five companies are: 

  1. TCL Electronic Holding Ltd.
  2. TCL Technology 
  3. TCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd.
  4. Shenzhen Stock Exchange
  5. China Display Optoelectronic Technology Holding Ltd.

TCL Electronic Holding Ltd is the one who manufactures the TCL TVs and manages the product all over the world.  TCL was founded in 1981 with the name TTK. Later on, the name was changed to TCL due to some legal reasons. The headquarters of TCL is located in Huizhou, Guangdong province. 

There are many TCL manufacturing centers, but most are located in China. TCL products have many similarities to Samsung products. 

That’s why many TCL TV users consider that Samsung manufactures TCL TVs. The fact is Samsung doesn’t manufacture TCL TVs. TCL also offers home appliances and smartphones. 

The average sales of the TCL are 30 million TV units every year. Including India and Vietnam, 30 million units of TVs is the least quantity TCL manufactures and provides worldwide per year. TCL brand also makes high-quality TV parts. TCL sells these parts to all other companies and earns a profit. 

Where Is The Headquarters Of The TCL?

Where Is The Headquarters Of The TCL?
Image From TCL Electronics

The headquarters of TCL is located in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, a Chinese city. The complete address of the building is floor 9, TCL Multimedia Building, TCL In, No 1001 Zhongshan Park Road, TCL International E City, Nanshan Dist, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518067

Contact No: 8 685 243 77300

Who is the Founder of TCL TVs?

Li Dongsheng is the founder of TCL TVs. The company was founded in 1981, and its start-up name was TTK, but in 1985, the name was changed to TCL. 

Does Samsung make TCL?

No, TCL is not made by Samsung. TCL is improving the design and the operating system of their TVs day by day. Now, TCL has come with high-quality TVs, competing with Samsung  TVs.  

Due to the high similarities between TCL TVs and Samsung TVs, people think that Samsung makes TCL. That is just a rumor, but TCL Electronic Holdings Ltd makes the TCL TVs. 

Is TCL Better Than Samsung?

No, Samsung is better than TCL. If you do not care about high cost, Samsung is a suggestion for you. TCL and Samsung have very similar features, but Samsung comes with some extra features. That’s why overall, Samsung is a better choice. 

Samsung TVs have high-quality pixels, a low refresh rate, and inconsistent color accuracy. In contrast, TCL is a choice if you want a low price TV. Samsung also becomes a good option if we compare the software and technology of both companies. 

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Who Makes The TCL TV Panel? 

Shenzhen China Optoelectronic Technology Ltd (CSOT) makes TCL panels, the largest supplier worldwide. CSOT is producing high-generation panel modules by using TCL’s integration strategies. 

On June 12, 2018, the TCL Corporation and Huizhou government officials celebrated the celebration ceremony for producing high-generation panel models. TCL invested in CSOT to achieve high generation panels production and increase TCL’s business globally. TCL is trying to introduce high-quality TV products to benefit its users.

Suppose they successfully introduce features like high-quality pixels and low refreshment rates under a reasonable budget. They can easily beat the competition and become a winner over Samsung TVs.

Which Countries Make TCL TV? List of All Locations

Who Makes The TCL TV - Manufacturer Countries list
Image: Which Countries Make TCL TVs?

Following is the list of the countries where TCL TVs are manufactured. 

  1. Vietnam
  2. Brazil 
  3. Poland
  4. Pakistan
  5. Australia
  6. India 
  7. Mexico 

1. TCL TVs Manufacturing in Vietnam 

Vietnam has two TCL centers located in Dong Nai and Binh Doung. Every year, 3 million TVs are manufactured by Binh Dough Center and 500,000 televisions by Dong Nai. 

These two centers provide TVs in Asian countries like the Philippines and Thailand. The whole country, including Europe and America, fulfills the demand for TVs through these two centers annually. 

2. TCL TVs Manufacturing in Brazil

When TCL started a center in Brazil, they collaborated with a brand called SEMP TCL Brazil. This brand partners with TCL TVs with 60-40% shares.

Later on, they increase the holding up to 80%. In 2016, a $60 million facility went under construction of SEMP and produced one million TVs. 

3. TCL TVs Manufacturing in Poland 

Poland TCL plant located in Zyrardow can provide 3 million televisions per year. The manufacturing plant in Poland mainly distributes TVs in Europe. 

4. TCL TVs Manufacturing in Pakistan

TCL is the second-largest TV brand in Pakistan. This brand started working in 2013 in Pakistan with Dolby vision technologies. However, in case of any technical issues, the TCL TV manufacturer provides help to their users all over the country.

5. TCL TVs Manufacturing in Australia

In 2004, China started a manufacturing plant in Australia. Australian TCL plant manufactures different TV models, including smart TVs, 4k TVs, and HD TVs, which range from 20- 85 inches. 

5. TCL TVs Manufacturing in India 

TCL introduced another plant in 2016 in India. The first plant began in Tirupati, a city in India. The TCL factory in Tirupati distributes 8 million TVs every year.

6. TCL TVs Manufacturing in Mexico 

The TCL plant in Mexico, first time started in 2014. This single plant provides 1.5 million TVs, including 4k, QLED, and HD TVs. 

People Also Ask

Does TCL make its own panels? 

Yes, TCL makes its own Panels. The TCL panels are made by CSOT (Shenzhen China Optoelectric Technology) Ltd. Their panel manufacturing factory contains 260 acres, which means 11,129 882 ft of Land. 

Which one is better, TCL or Samsung?

No, Samsung is a winner yet. Because Samsung has high-quality pixels, accurate color, and a low refresh rate, both TVs have many similarities, but Samsung is a winner quality-wise.

Can A TCL Screen Be Repaired?

Unfortunately, you cannot repair the TCL TV screen once it breaks or even cracks. But the alternative is to replace the screen.


TCL TVs were manufactured by a Chinese Company named TCL (Telephone Communication Limited). This was founded in 1981. TCL’s headquarters is in Huizhou Guangdong (a province of China).TCL manufactures around 30 million units of TVs annually.

However, TCL TVs have many similarities to Samsung TVs. People think Samsung made TCL, which is not valid. TCL TVs is made by TCL ( Telephone Communication Limited).

I hope you get the answer to your question with some extra exciting information and that you enjoyed reading the article. 

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