List of 12 TCL TV Problems With Troubleshooting Guide

Technical problems on any device are normal, but you should know the solution to avoid inconvenience. Therefore, as a new TCL TV user, you need to be aware of the TCL TV problems you can face.

It is essential to discover the problem because it may arise over time if it’s not fixed. Finding the problem is also essential so you can get the right solution to your problem. 

So, what are the most common TCL TV problems? Here is a list of the 12 most common TCL TV problems. 

  1. TCL TV Software update problem 
  2. TCL TV internet connection problem  
  3. TCL TV Antenna problem
  4. TCL TV  Audio is not synced  
  5. No video or picture on the Screen
  6. My TCL TV has no sound.
  7. Remote not working 
  8. TCL Roku TV Error Codes 012 and 013
  9. Image Quality is pixelated 
  10. Apps keep Crashing
  11. Won’t Mirror the Laptop 
  12. Audio is Echoing 

Though the TCL brand makes good TVs, there are some things that you may need help with during usage.

In the given article, I will explain all the common problems and their solution that a TCL Roku TV can come across. You can find which one of them your TCL TV has and then start fixing the problem. So, without further delay, let me take you to the article. 

Please Remember: Do not judge the quality of the TCL TVs because of these issues. Because all the TV brands often need help with such problems. That means they are just common and can happen at any time. 
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TCL TV Problems: 12 Common Issues With Reasons and Solutions

1. TCL TV Software Update Issue

A software update issue appears when your TCL TV requires a software updation. You will see a message on the TV screen that “ Your TV needs to update” if there is any software update issue. 

Reasons (Why your TCL TV has a software update issue)

  • Your TV might have a software update issue when your TV software requires an update. 
  • This issue can also occur when the installation process of any software stops and is not complete. 


  • Check your Wi-Fi connection, which might stop the installation process.
  • Update the software of your TCL TV. 
  • Reset your TV, and then your TV will start updating software again.
  • Sometimes, your software stops updating due to insufficient space, so clean cache data or any other extra data.
Video From YouTube: Credit – Electronic Secret

2. TCL TV Internet Connection Problem

The internet connection problem is a very common issue in all TVs. This stops every process of your TV and stops your streams as well. 

Reason (Why your TCL TV has an internet correction problem)

  • Your Wi-Fi router device is placed far from the TCL. 
  • Downloading any heavy file, like Games, software, or video can reduce the connection speed. 
  • Excessive devices are connected to the wifi device.
  • Some issues with your router.


  • Suppose the Wi-Fi device is far from your TV; place the device near the TV. If your Wi-Fi device is far away, the TV signals will be poor and not reach the TV, causing connection issues.
  • When you try installing any heavy software or file, your network will disconnect from your TV. In such a case, turn off your Wi-Fi device for a few minutes and turn it on.
  • If excess devices are connected to your wifi, then due to overload, the signals would be poor and cause connection problems. Disconnect all extra devices and note if your stream starts again, then keep the extra devices disconnected. If it doesn’t work well, go for another solution.
  • If all the above solutions don’t work, it means there is some problem with the router. Turn off the router for some time and restart the router again.

Check my guide for “How to fix TCL TV keeps restarting repeatedly?”

3. TCL TV Audio Does Not Sync With The Video 

TCL TV Problems - Audio delay issue
TCL TV Problems – Audio Delay Issue

Sometimes, the video on your TV does not Sync with the audio. Often, this happens with Dual Audio (dubbed version) movies. If you have ever watched them, you must experience Unsynchronized audio. 

Reasons (Why your TCL TV Audio is Not Syncing With The Video)

  • The first reason might be a bad-quality video for which you experience unsynchronized audio. 
  • There might be a problem with the platform you watch, but the other channels or platforms might be working well.
  • Using an unsuitable soundbar can also be a reason for unsynchronized audio. 


  • Test whether the synchronized audio is due to low-quality video or not. For this purpose, pause the video for a few seconds and then resume. If the audio is still unsynchronized, set your TV to PCM-stereo in audio settings.
  • Even after setting the audio to PCM-stereo, the problem still needs to be solved; reboot your TV and start the video again.
  • Check if there is any issue with the platform you are watching. You can check it by cycling through different streaming platforms. When you realize the problem is still there, connect to any other streaming service and check if the issue is gone. 
  • Prefer using built-in speakers instead of other connecting speakers. Unsynchronized audio also occurs while using ARC or eARC connecting soundbar. Then, the simple solution is to Firmware update your TV.

4. TCL TV Antenna Not Working 

Whenever you find your TV not connecting to the local channel or if it is connecting and then disconnecting repeatedly. This is a sign that your TCL Antenna is not working well.

Reason ( Why TCL TV antenna not working)

  • Your local channels require a re-scan.
  • There is some signal issue because your Antenna has to be reset.
  •  The cables you used to connect the Antenna to your TV are damaged.


  • Re-Scan your channels, set tuner mode, find the source option, and then go to the channel. Now select scan and set your TV to automatic or manual scan of all the channels.
  • System reset can be a solution to run your Antenna again. You need to perform a system factory reset, and your TV will connect to the Antenna. 
  • When the cables or wires we used for the Antenna and TV connection get damaged, your Antenna stops working. Cut out the damaged part if possible. But the best option is to replace the wires or cables.

5. No Video Is Showing On The Screen

I know how frustrating it is to play any PlayStation or stream, and your TV screen is flickering or not showing any video. There are certain reasons behind this.

Reasons (Why video is not showing on the screen)

  • Suppose you connect your TV to any external device like a Blu-ray player. Check the cables; there could be an issue with the cable connection.
  • There are various HDMI inputs; you might plug the TV into the wrong video input. 
  • Some Hardware issues may occur that can cause no video TCL TV problems. 

Solutions to this TCL TV problem

  • While using an external device, check the cable connection and replace it if it is damaged. Make sure that you are using HDMI inputs correctly.
  • Still, if videos are not showing up, check the TV or hardware. If there is some issue with the hardware, reboot it and check. 
  • The last solution ( if any other solution does not work) is to consult a professional. 

Watch The Video To Fix This Issue on TCL TV

Video From YouTube: Credit – Juan Camacho

6. My TCL TV Has No Sound

If you are watching your favorite show and you get to know that the video has no sound. No doubt it’s unpleasant. The following can be the reason behind this issue.

Reasons ( Why does your TCL TV has no sound)

  • First, the most common reason is your TV is set to mute or very low volume. While streaming a video from an App, your TV might need to reboot. 
  • If you are watching a movie through a USB source, it might have an encoding issue.
  • HDMI cables are not working.


  • Increase or unmute the volume of the TV. 
  • If there is some sound problem while using the streaming App, then scroll and check other videos here and note whether those videos have sound. Check local TCL TV channels as well; your TV needs to reboot if the audio is not back yet. You can also reinstall and install the streaming App you are using. 
  • If you use a USB device, try another source to watch the video. 
  • If HDMI cables are damaged, replace them.

7. Remote Not Working | Most Common TCL TV Problem 

Before we move towards the reasons and the solutions, remember there are two types of Roku remotes. One is enhanced, and the other one is standard. 

First, check the remote you have. There is a small pairing button under the battery cover. If the button is present, your remote is enhanced. If there is no remote button, then your remote is standard.

Reasons: Why is the remote not working?

  • A standard remote works only when pointed directly to the TV. So, in standard remote, objects might be blocking the signals. 
  • Batteries need to be fixed because they get old or worn out. The battery issue can appear in both types of remote. 
  • Connection problem between the remote and your TV.


  • Remove the objects blocking the signals from the standard remote to the TV. 
  • Replace the batteries and try to exchange them regularly.
  • Try to renovate the signals between the TV by restarting the TV and the remote. 

8. Error Codes 012 And 013 in TCL TVs

If your TV shows 012 and 013 Error codes, they might have issues with the ethernet cable.

Reason: Error codes 012 and 013 in TCL TVs

  • You are most likely experiencing Error codes 012 and 013 due to the Ethernet cable. 
  • Your Ethernet cables may not be working well or are damaged.


  • Look at the cable and make sure it is connected properly. If the cables are not connected properly, connect them accurately.
  • Ensure that your wifi router is working well. Make the signal connection strong if it is poor. Turn the Wi-Fi router off for a few seconds and turn it on again to strengthen the signal.
  • Disconnect the cable and connect it again precisely.
  • If nothing of the above works well, reboot the complete system.

9. TCL TV Image Quality Is Pixelated

TCL TV Problems - Image Pixelated
TCL TV Problems – Image Pixelated

Pixelated image is a prevalent issue that ruins your excitement to watch your favorite show, serial, or movie. Sometimes, you feel the picture is misstated, which affects the picture quality badly.


  • This may be due to any interference.
  • The TV size is big, and the resolution is low.
  • Pixelated images may also be because of poor signals.
  • Defective cables can also be a reason for pixelation.


  • Remove extra objects placed between the Wi-Fi router and the TV.
  • Poor signals can be caused when the TV is far from your Wi-Fi. Place your Wi-Fi device near the TV.
  • Replace all the damaged cables leading to the screen’s pixelated images.

10. Apps Keep Crashing is a Common TCL TV Problem

TCL tv Apps Keep Crashing How to fix
TCL Apps Crashing

The app crash issue is equally irritating as other problems. Your Apps will only remain open briefly, which disturbs you greatly.

Reason: Why the Apps keep crashing?

  • App crashes may be because of excessive Cache. A high amount of Cache causes the app to crash continuously. Want a detailed solution? Check my guide on Why Are TCL TV Apps Not Working?


The only solution to this problem is cleaning the Cache. Following is the guide to clearing Cache. 

  • Open the menu and then go to the highlighting home.
  • Now start pressing the Home button and press it 5 times.
  • Then press up,  press rewind, and fast forward twice.
  • Wait 30- 35 seconds, and your Cache will be cleared.

11. TCL TV Won’t Mirror The Laptop 

This problem occurs when you try to mirror your Laptop, Tablet, or mobile to your TV screen. In this way, you can enjoy the content on a wider screen. 

Reasons (Why your TCL TV not mirroring the laptop)

  • Your TV is not mirroring to the laptop or any other device by using compatible Apps. This is because you need to adjust the mirroring setting. The setting will show three adjustments.
    • Accept 
    • Always Accept 
    • Always Ignore the device

Go to the settings, open the system, and Find the screen Mirroring device. Now select “ Always Accept” other devices or Laptops.

12. Audio Echoing TCL TV Problems

Sometimes, you feel an echo in the audio. This is a common issue we experience with audio while using different devices.

Reasons (Why TCL TV encountering audio problems)

  • You can face this issue with both internal and external speakers. 
  • Most likely, it is because you are using internal and external speakers together.


  • If both speakers (internal or external) are connected, disconnect one.
  • Unplug the external speaker or disconnect from the settings.

People Also Ask

What Is The Cost To Fix TCL TV Problems?

There are different costs for each problem. If the TV is not turning on, not showing the picture, 
No signals, Black screen without sound, and Black screen with a sound; all these problems cost start from $80

The problems: the remote is not working, and the TV does not have Wi-Fi. The cost starts from $60. Whereas lines on the screen cost start from $90, and the TV has no sound, it costs start from $70.

Can I Fix The TCL TV Problem At Home? 

Yes, you can fix the problem at home. You need to follow the solution we discussed in the article. But, if there is some serious issue, you should take your TCL TV to a professional.


No matter which brand of TV you use, all the TVs or any other technology device can cause some issues. Similarly, TCL TVs have some problems you can face while using them. 

But there is no need to worry. I have described all the major problems that one can face. Not only the problem, but I also discuss the solutions to these problems. 

I hope you succeed in finding the problem with your TCL TV and getting the solution as well. Do not forget to give your feedback after trying these solutions!!

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  1. TLC power on to home screen then receiver sensor is dark and will not move to desired location. I manually depress bottom button on TV to select LIVE TV. How can I restore receiver sensor light and use the remote to select source. Please help. Robert Filete

    • Robert: Hi there! It seems like the receiver sensor on your TCL TV is not working properly. To restore the receiver sensor light and use the remote to select the source, you can try a few things. First, check if anything is blocking the sensor. If not, make sure your remote has fresh batteries. You can also try power cycling the TV by unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in. If these steps don’t work, you may need to contact TCL customer support for further assistance.


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