TCL Roku TV Keeps Restarting By Itself [Fixed]

TCL TVs are famous for their cheap price and quality manufacturing among TV users. We know every electronic device can malfunction at a point. Similarly, sometimes TCL Roku TV keeps restarting itself. 

I also faced the same problem recently but I figured out how to fix the TCL TV restarting issue. Here are my conclusions about the problem. 

Why TCL Roku TV keeps restarting? TCL TV keeps restarting may be due to outdated firmware, a Loose or faulty connection, the sleep timer is on, or the tv is overheating. There are some simple solutions to fix your issue. A list of these solutions is mentioned below. 

  1. Factory Reset Your TV
  2. Restart Your TCL Roku TV
  3. Update the Firmware of Your TCL Roku TV
  4. Wrong or faulty Power Supply
  5. Overheating 
  6. Uninstall Non-Trusted Applications
  7. Contact Customer support

I will elaborate on each solution for your better understanding. But before I start elaborating on solutions, it’s important to address the reason first. 

Why TCL Roku TV Keeps Restarting or Keeps Turning On & Off?

There are many reasons why TCL Roku TV turns on by itself. Here I will mention the most common causes leading to repeatedly restarting TCL Tv. The following are the reasons:

  1. Loose/Faulty Cable Connections
  2. Hardware issue
  3. Overheating
  4. Firmware Issues
  5. Incompatible Update

1. Loose/Faulty HDMI Cable Connections

LooseFaulty HDMI Cable Connections - TCL Roku TV Keeps Restarting
Loose or Faulty HDMI Cable Connections

Loose cable connections cause various TCL TV issues, and auto-restarting is one of them. 

Check all the HDMI cables, power cables, and output cables; if the connection is weak, you can face the auto-restarting problem. 

2. Hardware issue

Sometimes any Hardware issue or corrupted internal components. Suppose there is some memory or other hardware issue; your TCL Tv can auto-restart. You need to repair the hardware to fix the problem. 

3. Overheating 

When you’re using TCL TV for a long time, it starts heating and overheating after some time. It happens because of inadequate ventilation, which causes malfunctioning of the internet cooling system of the device. 

Hence due to overheating, your TCL Tv keeps restarting. The simple fix is to turn OFF the Tv for a few minutes and then Turn it ON again.  

4. Firmware issue

TCL TVs come with software named “Firmware,” which requires regular updates. If you forget to update the TV’s firmware, it will probably take the TV to restart. In such a case, the TV may not open or slow down. 

5. Incompatible Update

If you have an older TV model, the reason for repetitive auto-restarting is incompatible updates. It happens when the new updates are incompatible with your old TV model.

How To Fix The TCL TV Auto-Restarting Issue? 7 Easy Fixes

Before Trying any fix, find the reason for the issue with your TCL Roku Tv. Once you find the cause, try the fixes I will discuss below. 

1. Factory Reset Your Tv

TCL Roku TV Keeps Restarting - Reset the TV
Reset the TV

Factory reset is an easy fix for various TCL Tv problems, including auto-restarting. Remember, if you Factory reset your TV, you must sign in to all your accounts again. You just need some simple steps to factory reset your Tv. 

The following are the steps;

  • Go to your TV’s “Home screen” by pressing the “Home button” on your remote.
  • Select “Settings” and then click on “System”
  • After that, you will see many options “Select Advance System Settings” 
  • Now click on “Factory Reset” and then select Reset everything 
  • A code bar will appear on the TV screen. Enter the code.

2. Hard Reset Your TCL TV 

This solution is similar to the Factory reset, but this requires less effort. You can reset your Tv by using the following steps.

  • Use the remote buttons and go to “Settings” 
  • Now Locate the System Settings and click on it
  • Select “Power” and see a menu 
  • Click on the “System Restart”

3. Uninstall Unknown App 

Sometimes we mistakenly install some unknown App that affects the device badly. Your TCL TV might be causing problems due to an unknown App. First, locate the App to solve the issue. 

Open all the Apps you recently installed one by one because one of these is most likely causing the problem. 

For further satisfaction, you can open previously installed Apps too. Then notice which App is causing auto-restarting. Uninstall the App and install it again. 

Note: In some cases, the App just needs to be updated. Update the App if required. It may fix the issue. 

4. Update The Firmware 

Firmware is software that helps a TCL Tv to function properly. It works accurately just when you update it regularly. An outdated Firmware will cause auto-restarting of your Tv. Follow the steps below to update the Firmware. 

  • Press the “Home button” located on your Roku remote (You can use the home button present on the TV if your remote is not working)
  • Scroll the menu and find the “System” option and Click on “System Update”
  • Tap on “Check Now” 
  • Wait for a few seconds while your TV searches for available updates.
  • Now Click on “Update Now” 
  • Let the process end, and your Firmware will update

5. Wrong Or Faulty Power Supply

TCL Roku TV Keeps Restarting - Change Power Supply
Change the Power Supply

Check the power socket. If it’s worn out and malfunctioning, it will intermittent the power supply to your TV. The intermittent power supply caused restarting repeatedly. 

If the connection between the TCL Tv and the power socket weakens, your Tv can auto-restart. 

A faulty power supply also leads to power surges, overheating, or fluctuations. Also, check the Cable connection because a loose cable connection may cause the restarting issue. Replace the Faulty cables or Power socket to fix the problem. 

6. Overheating 

If your TCL Roku TV keeps freezing and restarting, the overheated TV processor can be the reason behind it. When your TCL Tv starts processing slowly and auto-restarting repeatedly, most likely due to overheating. 

If you use your TCL Roku Tv for a long time your TV gets overheated and malfunctions. Touch the TCL Tv and check the temperature. If your Tv is extremely hot and it’s hard to touch, your TCL Tv is overheated. 

Overheating might occur if the place where you keep your TCL Tv is not ventilated properly. The simple solution to overcome overheating is to place your TCL Tv in a ventilated location. Turn OFF your TCL Tv and leave it to cool for at least 1-2 hours. 

7. Contact Customer Support

If non of the above solutions worked for your TCL Tv, you should contact TCL TV customer support. Check the warranty if the warranty is not ended yet you can save your money. TCL offers free service under the warranty period. 

Watch the Video: TCL TV keeps turning on and off repeatedly

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I manually reset my TCL?

Go to your TCL Tv settings by using the TCL Roku Tv remote. Click on More settings>Device Preference and finally press reset. Tap on Factory reset and then reset everything.

Why is my TV constantly restarting?

Your TCL Tv is constantly restarting due to certain reasons. It may be due to the poor cable connection, Wrong or faulty power supply, overheating or outdated Firmware. 

Why does TCL Roku tv keep restarting Netflix?

When your Netflix keeps restarting on your TCL Tv it is due to some data that needs to be refreshed. You can fix this issue by simpling deactivating and reactivating Netflix to your TCL Tv. 


TCL Roku Tv has many issues you can face as a TCL Tv user. Like any other electronic device, TCL Tv also has some technical faults. 

TCL company is working hard to overcome these issues. Until then, we need some solutions to fix these problems. 

I have already described the possible solutions for the auto-restarting issue. Try these solutions one would work for you.

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