TCL TV Screen Goes Black But Sound Still Works | Problem Fixed

The black screen with sound is a widespread issue that any TCL Tv owner may face. Here is how to fix if the TCL tv screen goes black but the sound still works.

  • Reboot your TV 
  • Factory reset your Tv.
  • Repair or Replace the damaged cables
  • Update the software
  • Contact TCL Tv support 
  • Change the blacklight of your TCL Tv
  • Power cycle your TV
  • Adjust the Fast Start Option

Before we scroll through the issues, you have to remember one thing. The given fixes are applicable when you properly know the reason for the issue. 

That’s why first you should examine the problem and then start the fix.

I will tell you why your TCL Tv screen gets black, but you can still hear the sound. Once you know the reasons, I will describe all the fixes individually. 

Get ready to hold the tools and fix your TCL Tv. 

Why My TCL Tv Screen Is Black With Sound? 

[Fixed] TCL TV Screen Goes Black But Sound Still Works

There are many reasons why your TCL Tv screen goes black with sound, but most probably, it is due to the damaged cable connection and any hardware issue of your TCL. 

The following are three main reasons for the problems with your TCl Tv.

  • Poor input Cable
  • Temporary Tv Malfunctioning
  • Software OS issue

1. Poor Input Cable

Check the TV cables first whenever you feel any issues with your TCL TV. These cables often get damaged or slightly disconnected from the main source or Tv. 

These input cables are responsible for displaying any content on your TV. Look at these input cables and repair or replace them if damaged.

2. Temporary TV Malfunctioning

If your Tv is getting old and faces different issues frequently, it may need to be fixed. This may be why this is the issue with your TV, not the screen. You can overcome this issue by restarting the Tv.

3. Software Os Issue

When our TV requires an update, it alerts us for updation repeatedly. Mostly we set the reminder to “remind me later” and forget to update again. 

Then often, the TV doesn’t work accurately due to outdated updates, and the screen gets black.

How To Navigate Through The Menu With The Black Screen?

If there are some issues with your TCL Tv, most of them are solved by using the setting menu. You would be worried about how you can see the menu on a black screen. 

Let’s learn how to use the menu on a black TCL Tv screen. You can open the setting menu by using the Mechanical Wheel button. This button will take you to the option on top. Follow the given steps to open the menu.

  1. Locate TCL settings.
  2. Click on the user manual. 
  3. Now you will find the picture of all prompts on the menu.
  4. Then blindly navigate to the TV ( Get help from an online tutorial to make the process easier).
  5. Finally, Tap on the Ok button and end the process.

8 Fixes: TCL TV Screen Goes Black But Sound Still Works

Hopefully, you know the reasons that can cause the issue, Tcl tv screen goes black but the sound still works. 

Moreover, you also know how to navigate to the setting menu with a black Screen. Now it’s time to find the solution to your TCL Tv black screen issue. A list of the fixes is given below.

  1. Reboot your TV 
  2. Your Tv needs a Factory reset
  3. Look Over the Cable connection
  4. Update your Firmware 
  5. Your TCL Tv blacklight is not working
  6. Power cycle your TV
  7. Adjust the Fast Start Option
  8. Contact TCL TV support

1. Reboot Your Tv 

This solution is the best fix if your TCL Tv has minor issues. Rebooting your Tv helps to fix many TCL Tv problems. It will restart your TCL Tv software and Hardware to fix every issue. 

  • Unplug your TCL Tv from the main source ( Don’t power off before unplugging).
  • Wait for some time, around 4-5 minutes. 
  • Then Plug-in Your Tv again. 
  • Power on the TCL Tv.

2. Your Tv Needs A Factory Reset

Factory reset if [Fixed] TCL TV Screen Goes Black But Sound Still Works

As I told you earlier, you need to open the setting menu to perform a fix. Similarly, you need to open the setting menu for Factory reset. 

Therefore I told you the method to navigate the menu blindly. If you read that, it’s good, but if you skipped it, read it first. 

  • Use the remote power button and open the setting menu
  • Go to the settings and then System.
  • Then open  Advance System Settings.
  • Tap on Factory reset.
  • Now click on Factory Reset Everything.

3. Look Over The Cable Connection

A broken or damaged Cable connection is one of the common reasons for the black TCL Tv screen. Mostly this happens when the HDMI cables get damaged, and your screen gets black. 

Sometimes the cables that are responsible for displaying pictures do not connect properly. This is why the TCL Tv screen gets black, but you still hear the sound. 

  • Replace your old cable with new cables if damaged.
  • But if these are not connected properly, connect them accurately. 
  • Plug off the cable from the power source and the TV.
  • Then plug in again carefully.

4. Update Your  TCL Tv Firmware

Every TCL Tv comes with firmware software which helps it to function well. It needs to be updated regularly. If you forget to update the Firmware, it will cause a black screen. Then you need to update the firmware by using the following steps:

  • Open the Setting menu by using the remote power button.
  • Go to the system updates.
  • Click on update and then download the latest Firmware version.
  • Once downloading completes, Install Firmware.

5. Your TCL Tv Backlight Is Not Working

[Fixed] TCL TV Screen Goes Black But Sound Still Works - Your TCL Tv Backlight Is Not Working
TCL Tv Backlight Is Not Working

TCL Tv blacklight consists of many LED strips. Even a single faulty strip can damage the complete blacklight. 

If your TCL Tv blacklight stops working, it can stop displaying images on the Tv. Now the screen may be black due to any hardware issue. Then first check the hardware.

Turn on your mobile flashlight or hold any other flashlight. Take the light near the screen. Check it on the remote if you see even a light image on the screen. Test the screen by decreasing or increasing the TV volume.

If your TCL Tv remote can control it, it proves that the Tv hardware, like T-CON and Motherboard, works well. This indicates some issues with the blacklight. 

In this case, you need to replace the backlights of your TCL Tv. This is a difficult task. I suggest you contact TCL customer support or any other technical professional.

6. Power Cycle Your Tcl Tv

There are two methods of power cycling; one is the same as a reboot or reset. To try that method, follow the same steps you tried for the reboot. Now let me teach you the other method. 

  • Turn your TV Off and unplug it from the main source.
  • Find the reset button on the bottom of the Tv. 
  • Use a toothpick or paperclip to press the reset button.
  • Hold the Reset button for around 30 seconds.
  • Wait for a few seconds and Turn on the Tv back.

Sometimes you may need to power cycle your Remote. Follow the steps below to power cycle the TCL Tv remote.

  • Remove the back of the Remote.
  • Take off the batteries.
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • Lastly, Place the batteries back carefully.

7. Adjust The Fast Start Option

Some TCL Tv users claimed that disabling or enabling the Fast Start Option helped them to fix the Black screen issue. If the Fast Start option is enabled, disable it, and vice versa. A guide to doing so is given below.

  • Press the Home button on your TCL TV remote.
  • Go to the system settings.
  • Find the Fast Start Option.
  • Now Disable or Enable the Fast Start Option.

In the case of TCL Andriod Tv

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Locate the Power. 
  • Click on the Power. 
  • Enable or disable the “Instant Power” option.

8. Contact Tcl Tv Support

Suppose none of the above worked for you. Then contact TCL Tv customer support. 

Remember, before contacting TCL Tv customer support, look at the warranty. You will not pay for the service if your TCL Tv warranty has not ended. 

You can contact them by using the Helpline number. 1-877-300-8837

They are available at the given time:

  • Monday-Friday 9 AM-12AM, ET
  • Saturday- Sunday, 9 AM-6 PM, ET

Watch the Video To Fix: TCL TV Screen Goes Black But Sound Still Works

Video From Youtube: Credit – FIX NETFLIX

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does My Tcl Tv Have Sound But No Picture?

Many possible reasons behind this issue can stop displaying pictures. But your TCL Tvs can have the following issues, hardware issues like Motherboard or T-CON, poor cable connection, and blacklight issues.

Why Is My Tv Screen Black But Still Playing?

Sometimes TCL Tv screen gets black but still shows a slight image on the screen. This is due to the Blacklight issue, Damaged cable connection, or outdated software.

What Causes Screen Damage On Tv?

Screen damage may occur if any hard object hits the screen. You put high finger pressure while moving the TV. The screen may get damaged when you mistakenly through excessive water on the screen while cleaning. The water enters the screen layers and causes screen damage. 


A black screen with sound is a common issue that every TCL Tv user face. This might be due to hardware, Poor Cable connection, or faulty screen issue. 

Most of the issues with your TCL Tv can be solved at home. Just follow the guide I describe above. 

But if the issue still needs to be solved, contact a professional. I hope you can fix most of your TCL Tv issues independently.

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