TCL TV Picture Problems | How To Fix? Best Method Explained

TCL TV is one of the affordable and reliable smart TVs that offer quality features. Your TCL Tv might have issues like other technical devices. The TCL Tv picture problems are one of them. 

If you experience a TCL TV picture problem, it’s frustrating and disruptive. Don’t worry; I will help you to deal with this situation. 

Here is a list of some common TCL TV picture problems. 

  1. Dark or dimmed picture
  2. Image freezing or stuttering
  3. Pixelated or blocky images on the screen
  4. Smeared or blurred images on the screen
  5. Uneven backlighting or screen uniformity issues
  6. Reflections or glare on the screen affecting image quality
  7. Image distortion or warping
  8. Overexposed or underexposed images on the screen

You might face any of the above problems with your TV screen picture. But keep patience!

Because I will share solutions for each issue listed above; just understand the issue, and read out that particular problem’s solution. 

TCL TV Picture Problems: How To Fix?

The TCL Tv Picture problem might be a simple issue you can solve at home, or the issue may be a more complex technical problem. 

Mostly the TCL Tv has picture problems due to poor wire connection, malfunctioning software or hardware, outdated firmware, or wrong picture settings. 

Before trying the solutions to fix the issue, analyze the problem first. Now it’s time to discuss the solution so you can fix the issue and start enjoying Streaming again. 

Problem 1: Dark Or Dimmed Picture

Sometimes your TCL Tv screen gets dark, and the picture looks black. Many users report the Dim or Dark picture issue. Following is the guide you can try to fix the Dark or dim picture issue on your Roku TCL TV. 

1. Increase the TV Brightness

The most probable reason for the Dark screen is low brightness. If you mistakenly adjust the brightness to low, your screen will look dark. Then go to the settings, Find the brightness option, and increase the brightness. Your TCL TV screen will look low brighter again.

2.  Adjust the Ambient Lights

Check the room lights adjustment. If ambient lights are in your room, it will affect the screen picture of your TV. 

Most smart TVs can adjust the screen lights to compensate for the ambient room lights, which may not be compatible with your content. So reset the Tv lights to overcome the Dark screen issue.

3. Clean The Screen

If you don’t pay much attention to cleaning your TCL Tv, dirt might be a reason for a Dark or Dim screen. Dust or fingerprints makes the screen dirty; clean this dirt properly. 

Take a microfiber cloth to clean the TCL Tv screen for proper cleaning. Don’t use any harsh chemicals for cleaning. It can scratch the screen.

4. Check the Cable Connection 

A weak cable connection can lower the screen’s brightness and lead to a Dark or Dim screen. Check the cable connection, specifically the cable used to connect TCL Tv to the power socket. 

Problem 2: Image Freezing Or Stuttering

Freezing or Stuttering is also a common screen picture problem. You can get rid of this issue by using the following guide.

1. Use a quality  Internet Connection 

Your TCL Tv is freezing or stuttering, which means there is some connection issue. It might be some cable connection issue or internet connection issue. Check your TCL TV wifi connection and fix it.  

2. Wrong Picture Adjustment 

Smart TVs come with Picture adjustments. If you have adjusted the settings wrong, your TCL TV screen might look Dark. Go to the settings and change the picture settings. It adjusts the freezing or stuttering screen.

3. Update Firmware

Firmware is the software used to function the TVs accurately. The software needs regular updates. Sometimes due to TCL TV’s outdated firmware, the screen picture gets stuck and looks freezing or stuttering. Update the TCL TV firmware to fix the problem.

Problem 3: Pixelated Or Blocky Images On The Screen

TCL TV picture problems - Pixelated Or Blocky Images On The Screen
Pixelated Or Blocky Images On The Screen

It’s frustrating when your TCL Tv screen has pixelated or blocky image issues. Don’t worry. You can easily fix this issue by trying the solutions below.

1. Adjust The Resolution Settings

Wrong or incorrect resolution settings cause pixelated or blocky images on the screen. It happens when the resolution of the screen is set too low. 

  • Go to the settings.
  • Go to the TV’s main Menu.
  • Click on “Picture Settings” or “Display Settings.” 
  • Reset the TV’s Resolution. 
  • If you have an idea about the Resolution adjustment, you can set it as required. 

2. Check The Video Quality 

When the source you use for the content is low quality, it leads to a pixelated or blocky image on the screen. This issue also occurs when the content source is incompatible with your TV. Try a different content source and see if the problem resolves. 

3. Check The HDMI Cable

Check the HDMI cable to connect any gaming console or cable box to the TV. The HDMI cable may be incompatible with your Tv or may be faulty. Take a different HDMI cable and try to use that. 

Problem 4: Smeared Or Blurred Images On The Screen

Smead or blurred images ruin your fun streaming experience on your TCL Tv screen. Therefore, watching a blurred picture on your TCL Tv screen is irritating. The three best solutions to fix this issue are given below.

1. Adjust Picture Settings

  • First, check the settings and the picture adjustment on your TCL Tv. 
  • Go to Settings and open the Main Menu.
  • Find the “Picture Settings” or “Display Settings” and click on them. 
  • Adjust the Settings as per requirements.   

2. Check For Loose Connections

A loose cable connection can usually cause blurred or smeared images on the screen. Give a check to all the cable connections and find the faulty area. 

Replace the cables if needed. This would help to have a quality picture on the screen.

3. Update Tv Firmware

An outdated TV software causes the smeared or blurred image on the TCL Tv screen. The software requires regular upgradation. However, update the Firmware to fix the Smeared image issue.

Problem 5: Uneven Backlighting Or Screen Uniformity Issues

Uneven backlighting is when some specific screen areas look dimmer or brighter than others. This issue may have certain reasons. The following are the reasons with solutions.

1. Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects include Dead pixels, Backlight Bleeding, color banding, uneven brightness, or Flicking. All these manufacturing defects cause uneven backlight or screen uniformity issues. This issue can be solved by resetting the TCL TV and adjusting the TV’s settings.

2. Physical Damage On The Screen

If the TCL TV picture went out, Physical damage on the screen is another reason for this uniformity issue. 

These physical issues appear if the screen hits some hard material. Unluckily the only permanent solution to this issue is screen replacement. 

Problem 6: Reflections Or Glare On The Screen Affecting Image Quality

Reflection or glare on the screen affects the TCL TV picture quality. The reasons for the reflections or glare on the screen could be:

  1. The location of the Tv in your room needs to be corrected.
  2. The low-quality screen on the TCL Tv.
  3. The bad room lights adjustment. 

You can try the given solutions to fix this issue.

1. Change The Viewing Angle Of The Screen

Change or adjust the TV screen angle best suited to your sitting position. Set the Tv position where there is a minimum reflection on the screen.

2. Adjust The Lighting

Reduce the ambient light in the room and adjust the screen angle. Try to set the angle where no sunlight or bright light directly approaches the TV screen. 

3. Select A Matte Screen 

If buying a new TCL TV, avoid choosing a glossy screen. Instead prefer a TCL TV with a matte screen. Because the matte screens help to reduce the reflections and glare. 

Watch Video To Fix TCL TV Picture Problems

Video From YouTube: Credit – FIX NETFLIX

Problem 7: Image Distortion Or Warping

A distorted or warped image on the TCL Tv screen is nothing more than a disturbance for users. In such a case, the image looks bent, stretched, or squeezed more than its normal shape. This issue can be solved by using the following solutions.

1. Check The Cable 

Image distortion is most likely due to the weak cable connection. Check all the cable connections and locate the faulty areas. Replace the cables if needed.

2. Resolution Setting 

Incorrect resolution settings can also be a reason for image distortion or wrapping. Therefore you might need to change the resolution settings. Go to the settings and then go to the resolution and adjust it.

3. Outdated Firmware

Outdated firmware is another factor for TCL Tv screen Picture problems, Including image distortion. To fix this issue, you just need to update the Firmware.

Problem 8: Overexposed Or Underexposed Images On The Screen

An overexposed image refers to the over brightness, whereas an underexposed image refers to low brightness. 

Go to the settings to fix these issues. If the screen image is overexposed, set the low brightness and adjust the contrast. Moreover, if the screen image is underexposed, adjust the contrast and increase the brightness. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Did The TCL Tv Picture Stop Working? 

Your TCL Tv is not working due to certain reasons. The TCL Tv stops working due to a loose cable connection, socket issue, Hardware malfunctioning, or outdated firmware. 

Why Is My TCL Roku Tv Pixelated?

Pixelation issues can be caused by two reasons first, low-resolution settings, and second, Low internet speed. TCL Roku TVs have 720p minimum pixel settings. Therefore, the issue is low internet speed. Go to Settings > Picture>Accessibility >Color Inversion and switch it off. It will resolve the problem.

How To Fix TCL Tv Negative Pictures?

You just need to follow some simple steps. Go to the setting> Open picture> then click on Accessibility> Tap “Color Inversion” and turn off this option. The negative pictures issue will be fixed.


TCL TV picture problems are becoming frequent issues reported by TCL TV users. Suppose you are also one of them. No worries, you can fix these picture problems at home. Just follow the guide I discussed above in the article. 

I mentioned all the possible problems encountered by various TCL TV models. Before starting to fix your picture problem, figure out the issue with your TCL TV. Fixing the problem becomes easier once you understand the issue with your TV. 

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