How To Reset TCL TV With Black Screen? 8 Simple Ways

I know how irritating it feels when your Brand new or even old TCL Tv stop working and show a black screen. And you don’t know to reset TCL TV with black screen.  

Here I am talking about the black screen with no sound. This might happen due to a damaged screen or some issue with your TCL TV.

A simple solution to this issue is resetting your TCL Tv. But the question is, How to reset TCL Tv with black screen? To reset your Tv, unplug your TCL Tv, press the power button, hold it for at least 60 seconds, and wait for 5-6 mins. After that, plug in your Tv again and turn it on. 

Now, I will explain the reasons for the black screen with the easy 100% working fixes to your issue. Stay tuned till the end hope one of them will work for you.

Why My TCL TV Screen Is Black? 9 Reasons

The manufacturers of the TCL TVs worked well on their technology and manufacturing. However, there can still be problems after using it for a long time. Before we move toward the solutions or fixes for your issue, it’s important to know the reason behind it. 

Different TVs can have different reasons and issues. I will let you know all the possible issues your tv can have. Following are the reasons for a TCL Tv black screen issue.

Reasons For A Tcl Tv Screen 

  1. Defective screen
  2. Weak Connections
  3. Corrupted motherboard
  4. Problem With the TV Panel
  5. Software issues
  6. Hardware issues
  7. Sleep Timer is on
  8. Backlight issue
  9. Power Saver Mode

1. Defective Screen

Defective Screen issue - How To Reset TCL TV With Black Screen 8 Simple Ways
Defective Screen Issue

I know TCL TV has some good features, but it can create screen issues after a time. Often your TCL Tv screen gets black due to some damage. The screen can crack or short-circuit if water drains on the screen. 

Your tv will stop displaying images, and the screen will be black. The only solution you can do is to take your Tv to a professional technician.

2. Poor Connection

When your Tv screen gets black, it may be because of the poor connection between your TCL Tv and the cable box, the power socket, and the DVD player. 

The damaged wires and power source can cause poor connection, so you must repair and exchange the power source or the damaged wire.

3. Corrupted Motherboard

If your TCL Tv screen is black or your tv is not working, it can happen when the motherboard gets faulty. 

The motherboard of the Tv can be easily repaired if you know a few technical things. You just need a multimeter, a schematic diagram, and a screwdriver to repair the motherboard.

4. Problem With The TV Panel

TV Panel Issue - How To Reset TCL TV With Black Screen 8 Simple Ways
TV Panel Issue

A common issue with the TCL Tv is that its panel gets damaged. When the panel of a tv cracks or destroys, you need to repair or replace the panel. 

The fact is that when the panel gets damaged, it costs a high amount to replace, and it can rarely be repaired. The panel costs higher than a new tv so if it’s the case you should buy a new Tv.

5. Software Issue

Sometimes we need to remember to set our Tv updation on an auto-mode. Your Tv isn’t update-to-date with the new version, and the old version and outdated software cause a black tv screen. 

Some software glitches cause this issue so you should do a firmware update for your Tv to prevent the black screen issue.

6. Hardware Issue 

Besides software issues, some hardware issues may occur. The main hardware issue that can occur is a damaged HDMI cable. This important cable delivers display signals from any set-top box, cable box, or Blu-ray player to your Tv.

7. The Sleep Timer Is On

Often we turn on the sleep time on our Tv and forget it. In such cases, while watching the Tv it suddenly turns off, and we consider that Tv has malfunctioned. To avoid this issue, turn off the sleep timer from the TV’s settings. 

8. Blacklight Issue

This issue mostly occurs with LED TVs because these Tvs work with Blacklights. When these Blacklight stops working, Your Tv doesn’t display anything on the screen, and the screen gets black. You can simply change these lights on your own. 

The suggestion is to take the Tv to a professional to replace these Blacklights. Before you take your Tv to a professional, look at the Tv warranty if your Tv is new. If your Tv’s warranty is not ended, you should contact TCL Tv customer support and save your money.

Watch the Video to Fix TCL Backlight Issues

Video From YouTube: Credit Nick Nicoloudis

9. Power Saver Mode

If your Tv is turned off or ends up showing the picture on the screen, you can still hear the sound. 

The most probable reason behind this is Energy Saving Mode, or Power Saving Mode, is enabled. The solution to this problem is to disable your TV’s Power Saving mode.

8 Best Solutions: How to Reset a TCL TV With a Black Screen?

We have gone through all the possible reasons that can cause the black screen of your TCL Tv. Now it’s time to focus on our main concern, which is the fixes for the black screen of your TV. 

Following are the fixes to can try to resolve your problem.

Fixes For The Black Screen

  1. Update firmware
  2. Check all cables and connections
  3. Restart the TV
  4. Factory reset TV
  5. Replace TCL LED Backlight Strips
  6. Fast Start Option Setting 
  7. Replacing the T-CON Board
  8. TCL Customer Service

1. Update Firmware

As everything advances, each wants to make their product best suit their customers. This is the reason why all technology needs to be upgraded regularly. Similarly, the TCL TVs require to be firmware updation.

 A firmware updation will enhance the features and functionality of the device. Remember a few things before we move toward updating the firmware. Never turn your Tv off while updating once the updation is complete, your tv will turn on automatically.

  • Press the home to go to the Setting menu.
  • Now click on the Advanced settings, select the preference, and then go the About.
  • Here find the System updation option and tap on it.
  • After that, click Network Updation, and your Tv will scan the updation.
  • If there is any New update, your Tv will install it.
  • Once the installation is complete, you need to click on Ok.

2. Check All Cables And Connections

This is a very common issue with a simple solution. The cable gets damaged, and the signal becomes poor so that no picture can appear on the screen. 

Then you need to check all the cables you used to connect your tv to the main source or any other device. Repair them if they can or replace them if needed. 

3. Restart The TV

The restart method is only applicable to the TCL Roku Tv. This restart process is an effortless task. You need to follow the given steps.

  • Hold the “Home button” on the remote 
  • Press the button “5 times” differently
  • First, press it once; now press twice “rewind buttons.”
  • Lastly, Press the “Fast Forward button” two times

Watch the Video For a Quick Fix: Reset TCL TV Black Screen

Video From YouTube: Juan Camacho

4. Factory Reset the TV

The factory reset will solve the issue, but another problem might exist. You should be aware of that problem before you start the factory resetting. 

Remember that you will lose all your sign-in accounts after factory resetting your Tv. Once you finish the factory reset, you must again sign in to all your accounts, including the wifi-connection. Follow the  given guide below:

  • Press the remote power button and go to the setting menu
  • Find and select system> Advanced System Settings<Factory Reset
  • Ensure to click on Factory Reset Everything
  • The tv will require a code on the screen. Enter the code, and the resetting process will start.

Note: Resetting for the Andriod TCL Tv has different steps:

  • Go to the Setting menu using the TCL Tv remote
  • Click on More settings< Device Preferences and then reset
  • Tap on the Factory Data Reset 
  • Select Erase Everything
  •  Now enter the code on the screen and press OK

5. Replace TCL LED Backlight Strips

When your Blacklight strips get damaged, your TCL Tv screen will not work and appear black. All the LED lights in the Strip may fail and stop the Blacklight function. But it also happens when even a single light malfunctions.

Removing all the screws and then repairing the lights is a bit difficult. Repairing the backlights is also risky; it can cause more damage if not performed well. I suggest taking your tv to a professional technician. 

6. Fast Start Option Setting

In some cases, the issue is a small task to solve.  You need to set some simple changes, and your problem will be solved. The same is true when your tv requires enabling or disabling the fast start option according to the requirements. Follow the steps below:

  • Press the “Home button” on the remote 
  • Go to the “Settings Menu” and locate “Fast TV start.” 
  • Now according to your TCL Tv settings, Enable or Disable the “Fast Start Option.”

For Andriod TCL Tv, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the “Settings Menu”
  • Select the “Power” option
  • Choose the  “Instant Power Setting” as per the requirement 
  • Lastly, restart your Tv

7. Replacing The T-Con Board

Defective TCL T-Con Board - How To Reset TCL TV With Black Screen 8 Simple Ways
Replacing The T-Con Board

When you see that your TV is turned OFF, the light still shines slightly on your TCL Tv screen. This is a sign that your T-CON Board is malfunctioning. Then you need to repair the T-CON Board or replace it. Replacing a T-CON Board is relatively easy. 

You will find them on online shops like Amazon at low cost. The average cost remains under $100, which is a reasonable price. You can perform the process at home. 

First, remove the panel, Remove the ribbon cable from the T-CON board, Remove the screws, and replace the old T-CON board with a new one.

8. TCL TV Customer Support 

Like all other Tv brands, TCL Tv also offers Customer Support. Before you contact customer support, make sure if your TV warranty is ended or not. 

You will not pay for the service if the TCL Tv warranty remains. The helpline to contact is 1-877-300-8837. Available days are given below;

  • Monday – Friday 9 AM – 12AM, ET
  • Saturday – Sunday, 9 AM – 6 PM, ET

Frequently Asked Questions?

How Do I Factory Reset My Tv When The Screen Is Black?

You can factory reset your Tv with some simple steps:

  • Unplug the Tv from the main source
  • Now press the power and volume button at the same time
  • Plug in the Tv again
  • Lastly, Turn on your Tv and follow the steps on the screen.

How To Reset Tcl Smart Tv With A Black Screen?

Resetting your TCL Smart Tv with a black screen is easy. Unplug your tv from the power source. Press the power button for a few seconds. Wait for 30 seconds and Plug-in the Tv again.

Final Words

It is common to suddenly have a black screen which I know is extremely annoying. There is no need to worry much. 

I have discussed all the possible reasons first so you can understand the reason first. This would make it easier for you to find the solution to your problem. 

Hope you will find a solution to fix your issue.

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