6 Ways- How To Connect TCL Roku TV To Wifi Without Remote?

So, How to Connect TCL Roku Tv To Wifi Without a Remote? There are many alternative methods to connect your TCL Roku to wifi. Following are the methods to connect the wifi to your TCL Tv.

  1. Using Roku App
  2. Via Hotspot
  3. Try a router internet. 
  4. Use Ethernet 
  5. Use a Chrome Extension 
  6. Through Keyboard and Mouse

Wifi connection is a vital part of enjoying streaming on TCL TV. Because most of the latest updated features of TCL Tv work with a quality Wifi connection. 

Today I will explain all the methods to make the process easier. Stay tuned till the end to learn all the guides and enjoy wifi features again. 

6 Methods: How To Connect TCL Roku TV To Wifi Without Remote?

Suppose you cannot use your TCL Roku Tv remote and want to connect it to your Wifi. No need to worry; now it’s possible to connect your TCL Tv to wifi without the remote. 

I am going to discuss different methods to fix TCL TV problems. You can try them and find your solution at home. Hopefully, one of these methods will work for you.

1. Connect TCL TV Via Roku App

How To Connect TCL Roku TV To Wifi Without Remote - Connect TCL TV Via Roku App
Connect TCL TV Via Roku App

Roku App is the most effective method to choose. Follow the steps below to use Roku App to connect the Wifi to your Tv:

  • First of all, download the Roku App to your mobile. 
  • Once the App is downloaded, then install it on your Device.
  • After installation, when you open the app, different options include “ How to use it to replace your Roku remote.” 
  • Now the app will take you to the sign-in option. 
  • Here you need to sign in to the account. It is not compulsory to sign in. You can continue “as a guest” and sign in later if required.
  • Then Click on the Device option located in the lower-right. 
  • Select your Roku device and tap on Connect Now
  • Click on the “Remote icon” that you will find under Discovered Roku device.
  • After that, you will see the Home or OK button to connect the TCL Roku Tv to your wifi.
  • It’s time to follow the arrow pad. Go to settings > Network > Set up connection > Wireless on the Roku.
  • Find the Network and tap on Wireless.
  • Enter your Wifi password and then click on Connect wifi

2. Use Mobile Hotspot For Wifi Connection 

Use Mobile Hotspot For Wifi Connection - How To Connect TCL Roku TV To Wifi Without Remote
Use Mobile Hotspot For Wifi Connection

Mobile hotspots for wifi connection to your TCL Roku Tv are the best method. You can easily connect your wifi to your Tv using your mobile Hotspot. 

This method also works if someone doesn’t have a wifi connection. In that case, we can use our mobile data and turn on our Mobile Hotspot to connect to TCL Roku Tv. 

Follow the given steps to connect Mobile internet to your TCL Tv.

  • Unlock and open your Mobile Phone
  • Go to the settings and find the Mobile Hotspot option
  • Now enter your Wifi name and click on the security mode WPA PSK.
  • Then save changes and activate the wireless network.
  • Finally, you can connect your TCL Roku Tv to Mobile Hotspot. 

Many mobiles provide a Hotspot option by simply dragging down your mobile home screen. You find many icons, including Hotspot; click the Mobile Hotspot to enable it. 

3. Try A Router Internet

The Internet router method is suitable if you use an Internet connection provided by any router. Ensure you use a good quality internet provider; it would work better for connection. 

Let me bring you to the process for connection.

  1. Go to the Setting using the Home Button. 
  2. Your Tv will scan for available networks.
  3. Find your wireless network and enter the password. 
  4. Now your Internet will connect to your TCL Roku Tv.

4. Use Ethernet 

Ethernet is a wired connection which sometimes proves better than a wireless connection. TCL Tv requires a good network connection, so Ethernet is reliable. 

  • Find the Ethernet port (LAN) on your TCL tv’s back.
  • Take an Ethernet cable, connect one end to TCL Roku Tv, and connect the other to the internet modem.
  • The ethernet cable should be long enough to reach and connect the TCL tv and the router.
  • Some routers lack LAN ports. Then a hub device is the second choice to connect your Router to the TCL tv.
  • Test your internet to see whether it is connected properly or not.
  • If you still notice no connection, open the settings and tap on Network-Wired. 
  • Your Tv will access and verify the connection.

5. Use A Chrome Extension

Sometimes you can’t use your Mobile to connect the wifi to your TCL Tv. The best alternative is your personal computer(PC). You can use your desktop to control your Roku device instead of the remote.

Remoku is the best Extension you can use to control your TCL Tv. Simply install the Romoku extension to your Google Chrome or Microsoft browser. When the installation is complete, click on the Remoku icon from the extension area at the top right of your Chrome. 

6. Through Keyboard And Mouse

The permanent solution is to buy a new remote if your TCL TV remote is lost or damaged. If there is no chance of finding your remote or getting your remote repaired, I suggest you buy a new one. 

On the other hand, a wireless Keyboard and Mouse are the best to control your TCL TV. Following the simple given guide for connection.

  • Connect your Keyboard or mouse to your TCL Tv.
  • When the connection is stable, go to the setting by using your Keyboard or mouse and find Network Setting. You will find it easier to use even than the remote.
  • Go to the wireless Network when to find the Network setting.
  • You will get the available Networks for connection. 
  • Look for your network and connect to your TCL Tv.

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How To Use Roku Tv Without A Remote?

Using a TCL TV is difficult when you lose damage to your remote. All the methods discussed above in the article help use the TV.  

Roku Supports Airplay, and the Chromecast project is also a good alternative to try. By using these methods, you can use Roku TV without a remote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Connect Roku To Wifi Without A Remote?

Yes, you can connect your Roku to wifi without a remote control. For this purpose, take two mobiles or one mobile and another computer. Create wifi hotspots on one device and use the other to control the Roku device.

How To Connect Roku Tv To Wifi Without A Remote iPhone?

You can connect the Roku Tv to wifi without a remote by using the Roku app on your iPhone. You must install the app on your mobile and then connect it to the TV as a remote. 


While enjoying the stream on Your TCL Tv or before starting it, it’s unpleasant if your wifi is not connected to your TCL Roku Tv. But when you lose your remote, it’s a more irritating thing because you can’t enjoy the features of your TCL Tv.

You need to try different methods and apply them to know which suit your TCL and network connection. 

I have already elaborated on all the possible methods to fix the problem. Hopefully, now you can find the best method for your TV. 

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