How to Fix TCL TV Sound Issues: Solution for Every Problem!

TCL is a good brand offering quality TVs under a low budget. Sometimes their products have some issues, just like any other electronic device. There are multiple issues that TCL TV users come across, including TCL TV sound issues. Watching TV without sound or irritating sounds is a bad viewing experience. 

How to fix TCL TV sound issues? TCL TV can encounter different sound issues, but soft resetting is a quick fix. To soft reset TCL TV, turn off your TV, and unplug it from the power board. Wait for 30 seconds and then plug it in back. Turn on the TV, and it may fix the issue. 

Sometimes issues may not fix, which means TV needs a proper solution. I am here to mention some common Sound issues reported by TCL TV users. Moreover, Not only the possible issues, you will find the reasons and the best solutions to fix these issues. 

So, without any delay, let me take you to the article. Read the article till the end to fix the issue with your Device.

List Of 7 TCL TV Sound Issues: Reasons And Fixes

A list of 7  TCL TV sound issues or audio lip sync problems is mentioned below. I will explain the reasons for these sound issues and then guide you about the solutions to fix the sound problems.

  1. TCL tv sound distortion
  2. TCL tv sound quality is not good
  3. TCL tv sound cuts out
  4. TCL tv low-volume problems
  5. TCL  tv has no sound
  6. TCL Roku tv has no sound in the apps
  7. TCL Roku tv sound settings

These are the most common sound issues you may encounter on your TV. However, each problem has some reasons and specific solutions. Below I discussed some reasons that can cause your TV audio problem. After that, I’ll discuss their solutions. 

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Reasons For TCL TV Sound Issues

1. Incorrect audio settings

If you’re facing low-volume TCL TV problems, it may be due to incorrect audio settings. Sometimes, TCL TV users mistakenly set the incorrect audio settings and face various sound issues.  You can set the sound too by following the given steps:

How to Fix TCL TV Sound Issues_ Incorrect Audio Setting
Incorrect Audio Setting
  • Press the “Home button” located on your TCL Roku remote and go to the main menu.
  • Click on “Settings” and find the “Audio settings.”
  • Change and set the volume level. It’s recommended to adjust the surround and bass boost features as required. 
  • If you find sound mode settings in your TCL TV, try to set it as “Movie,” “Sports,” and “Music Mode” according to the content you watch.
  • In case of an Audio sync problem, Go to “Audio Sync” and then wait unless the audio is in sync.
  • If you use external speakers, Choose “Audio output” and select a suitable option like HDMI or Optical. 
  • Lastly, if nothing of these settings is working, Reset the Audio. Go to the Audio Menu and select “Reset Audio.”

2. Loose or Faulty Connection

Are you facing a TCL tv with no sound problem? It may be due to loose or wrong cable connections. This common issue can be easily fixed. 

When you use external speakers for more fun, you can face a loose connection between Your TCL TV and external speakers. This loose connection causes bad sound quality. 

3. Outdated Firmware

Sometimes TCL Roku tv has no sound in apps; an outdated TV or App firmware can be a reason behind this. Firmware is the software installed on TCL TV for proper functioning. This software requires regular updation, just like other softwares. 

If your Firmware requires updation and you forget to update it timely, you will see your TV malfunctioning, including audio issues. Try updating the Firmware to fix the issue. A simple guide to updating Firmware is given below:

  • First, ensure your TCL Tv has a wire or wireless Wifi connection.
  • Open the Main Menu by using the “Home Button”  on your Roku remote. 
  • Go to the System settings and Navigate to locate the Software update. 
  • Once you find the Software Update option, press Ok.
  • If you see some available update options Download and install the updates and follow the screen instructions for further process.
  • When the updation completes, your TV will restart automatically. 

4. Speaker Problem

If you are not using external speakers, there might be some issues with the built-in TCL TVs built-in speakers. Check the built-in speakers if malfunctioning, and repair or replace them. You might get rid of the irritating sound this way. 

5. Faulty or poor Audio Cables

While using Soundbars or External speakers, the cables you use to connect speakers to the TCL Tv mostly get damaged. These faulty or damaged audio cables cause poor connection and sound issues.

6. External Interference

You will face signal issues if you’re watching TCL Tv using Wi-Fi. For instance, If you watch any content online, you require wifi. 

Any external object can abstract the Wifi signal and might be a reason for poor audio functionality and sound problems. Remove these obstructions to overcome sound problems.

7. Audio Mute

Other than the specific audio settings, incorrect TV settings can also be a reason for sound problems. Check the TV settings like “Mute” or “Volume Limit” and adjust if required.

How to Fix TCL TV Sound Issues? 5 Best Solutions

How to Fix TCL TV Sound Issues?

1. Adjust The Settings

Correct settings are essential to eliminate Many TCL TV problems, including sound issues. I will mention three main settings to adjust. 

  1. Auto Volume 
  2. Menu Sounds
  3. Audio Balance

The Way to Reach These Settings.

  • Use your Remote’s “Home Button” to get the “Main Menu.”
  • Go to “Settings” and then “Sounds.”
  • Finally, select “Advance settings.”

Auto Volume

Sometimes you hear too loud volume on your traditional TV, which is frustrating. Similarly, some Apps like Hulu on TCL TVs offer too loud volume. Therefore there are different software to overcome this Loud volume problem. 

The software minimizes the volume automatically. If the software (used to lower the volume) malfunctions, it lowers the volume too much. 

The volume level can be reduced to an extent where it becomes muted. Keep this Auto Volume option Off to avoid the Sound issue.

Menu Sounds

Many TCL TV users reported they couldn’t hear any sound while scrolling through the menu. It looks like a big issue, but it’s not a big deal. It simply means the menu sound option is off. Go to the settings and turn the Menu Sound ON.

Audio (Balance)

Once in a while, you hear some sound from only one side of your TV and no sound from the other side. Sometimes you hear the lower sound from one side, Higher from the other, and vice versa. Hear your TCL TV needs balance settings. Follow some simple steps given below:

  • Go to “Settings” and locate the Audio option from the “Main Menu.”
  • Select “Balance option.”
  • Adjust the “Audio Balance” by using the left and right arrows on your Remote
  • Exit Menu once you adjusted the Audio Balance 

2. Ensure That Audio Inputs Are Plugged In Accurately

Check the speaker and ensure they are connected correctly to your TCL TV. Carefully look at the cables you use to connect speakers to the TV. 

Cables should not be damaged and should be properly plugged into the port. Furthermore, carefully insert these cables into the right port.

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3. Troubleshoot Your TCL Tv

Troubleshoot is the most beneficial solution for fixing different TCL Tv issues. Many of the TCL TV problems can be fixed by troubleshooting. Follow the given steps to troubleshoot your TCL TV.

  • Ensure that the power source is not malfunctioning. If you feel some issue with the power source, try using a different outlet. 
  • Check the remote; it’s possible that you are trying to increase the volume but can’t because of faulty remote control. If the remote is not working, replace the batteries. 
  • Make sure by using your TCL TV Roku remote that your TV is not on mute.
  • Look at the input source you are using to enjoy Streaming. Connect your TV to the wrong input device. Check the input device carefully by using the remote.

4. Power Cycle Your Device

How to Fix TCL TV Sound Issues_ Power Cycle TCL TV
Let’s Power Cycle TCL TV

Power cycling is another amazing way to fix TCL TV sound issues. All you need to follow the given steps.

  • First of all, Turn OFF your TV.
  • Unplug the power cord of your TCL TV from the outlet located at the back of the device.
  • Press and Hold the Power Button for around 15-20 seconds.
  • Leave the Power Button, then plug the power cord back into the TV outlet.
  • Lastly, turn on the TV by using the power button.

5. Contact The TCL TV Customer

If nothing of the above solutions work, contact TCL TV customer support. I suggest you check the warranty of the TCL TV. If it’s not ended yet, you can get free service from any professional from TCL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Tcl Tv Have No Sound?

If your TCL TV has no sound, there are many possible reasons. It might be due to outdated Firmware, loose or faulty cable connection, or Bad speakers. Moreover, it may be because of out-volume, malfunctioning of the streaming device, or incorrect Audio balance.

Why Is Tcl Volume So Low?

First, check the volume should not be muted or set to zero. Locate the volume button on the right side of your remote and press it to higher the volume level. This way, the volume will not be so low anymore.

Does Tcl Have Good Sound?

Yes, TCL TVs comes with good soundbars or speaker. These soundbars are designed amazingly to boost up the TCL TV streaming fun. You can enjoy the deep and rich bass when you pair the subwoofer with the TCL TV soundbar.


TCL TV Sound issue is rare among TCL TV users, but many reported these issues. Now you are also one of them, but no need to worry. There are many simple solutions to fix the issue. 

I have mentioned and explained the possible reasons first and then the solutions. First, know the reason for the sound issue with your TV and then try to fix it. Read the article carefully. Please fix any sound issues by yourself.

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