TCL TV Black Screen Of Death [Fixed] 8 Reasons it Happened

TCL TV’s black screen of death is a common issue with TCL Tvs. Users can face this issue with their old and new TCL TVs. Mostly the issue is reported in old models of TVs. 

TCL Tv users also reported this issue with the new TCL Tvs of the old model. This issue has some common reasons for the Black screen. Following are the reasons for TCL Tv the black screen of death:

  1. Manufacturing defect 
  2. An updated software
  3. Poor or Faulty cable connection
  4. Panel issue
  5. TV’s Motherboard malfunctioning
  6. The sleep Time is on 
  7. Blacklight issue 
  8. Power saving mode is on

Above are the possible reasons for a TCL Tv black screen of death. One of these can be a reason for your TCL Tv black screen. You can try the following solutions to fix the issue when you know the reason.

  • Power reset your TV
  • Replace the Cable connection
  • Update the Firmware
  • Disable Power saving mode 
  • Turn OFF the sleep mode
  • Contact the TCL Tv customer support

I discussed most possible reasons with quick solutions but have yet to stop here. I will describe all the reasons for better understanding with solutions to fix the TCL Tc screen death issue. 

What Is TCL TV Black Screen Of Death?

What is TCL TV Black Screen of Death
What is the TCL TV Black Screen of Death?

The TCL TV’s black screen of death is an issue where the screen of your TCL Tv gets black, Blank, or dark. TCL Tv stops responding to any input command with no image display on the Tv screen. 

Sometimes, the screen gets Black or dead, but you can still hear the sound. The black screen issue may be due to poor cable connections, broken or damaged panels, a Blacklight issue, enabled power-saving mode, or Software issues. 

What Are The Reasons For TCL TV Black Screen Of Death?

There are many reasons for the TCL Tv’s Black Screen of Death. Here I will mention the most common reasons. The following are the reasons for TCL TV’s Black Screen of Death.

1. Manufacturing Defect

A manufacturing defect includes a damaged screen, corrupted motherboard, malfunctioning power supply, or blacklight. 

A defective screen or blacklight would not display any image on the screen. The faulty motherboard or power source would not respond to the given command, and the screen would remain Black.

2. An Updated Software 

Smart TVs come with software that needs to be updated regularly. Similarly, TCL TVs also require software updation. If you delay the updation, the Tv may perform slowly, and the Screen will stop displaying anything. 

3. Poor Or Faulty Cable Connection 

Poor cable connection is the most common reason for a Tv’s black screen death. It happens when any cable connection gets loose or breaks—a broken or loose cable connection cause weak signal strength and a Black screen. 

4. Panel Issue 

A TCL Tv’s Black screen death might be due to the damaged panel. Mainly the panel issue creates a horizontal or vertical line on the screen. But sometimes a broken or damaged TCL Tv screen gets black and stops displaying an image. 

During the panel issue, there are two possibilities. First, you can hear the sound but can’t see the picture—second no sound with no image on the screen. 

5. Tv’s Motherboard Malfunctioning

If you see the TCL TV’s Black screen of death, it is possibly due to the malfunctioning of the TCL TV’s motherboard. 

When your TCL Tv motherboard does not process correctly, the TV screen cannot function or display anything. That’s why the Screen looks dark or black without any image due to the corrupted motherboard. 

Watch the Video to Fix TCL TV MotherBoard

Video From YouTube: Credit – EEforEveryone

6. The Sleep Time Is On 

Being a TCL Tv user, you often experience the Black screen of death due to the enabled sleep time. 

This is very frequent that we turn on the sleep time and then forget it. Then suddenly, while enjoying streaming on a TCL Tv or any other Tv, the TV Truns OFF. We consider it a technical issue, but it’s not. 

7. Blacklight Issue

A Blacklight on the TCL TVs is designed to control the image on the TCL TV screen. This light makes the image color vivid and vibrant on the screen. 

The Blacklight on the TCL Tv is also responsible for controlling the image or screen brightness. If the backlight of the TCL malfunction, it affects the screen image, and the screen gets black. 

8. Power Saving Mode Is On

If you have enabled the Power Saving mode, it saves electricity or lowers the brightness. 

If the TCL Tv is on and no one is watching for an extended period, the Power saving mode would automatically saves electricity. 

The power saving mode also activates when you watch the TV for a long time. When the Saving mode starts automatically, sometimes it lowers the brightness to such an extent that the screen looks darker. You can also enable the Power Saving mode from the TCL TV settings.

How to Fix The TCL TV Black Screen of Death?

How to Fix The TCL TV Black Screen of Death?
How to Fix The TCL TV Black Screen of Death?

There are different solutions to fix the Black Screen of Death of TCL TV. You have to choose the fix according to the issue with your TCL Tv. You should try all the fixes I will mention below to fix the problem. 

Resetting your TCL Tv is a quick fix that works for most TCL Tv screen issues. You just “Uplug the TCL From the main power source, wait 30-35 seconds, and plug in the TV back”. The following are other solutions to fix the TCL TV Black screen of death.  

1. Power Reset 

Follow some simple steps to power reset your TCL Tv. Many of the TV issues can be resolved by resetting. 

  • Find the Power Button on your TCL Tv. The location of the power button depends on the TCL TV model but is mostly present on the back or bottom of the TCL Tv.
  • Press the Power Button and hold it for around 10-15 seconds.  
  • Now stop pressing the Power button once it’s turned OFF.
  • Unplug the TV from the main power source and wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Plug the TV back and press the power button to turn it on.

2. Replace The Poor Cable Connection

A weak or damaged Cable connection cause many TCL TV issues, including the Black Screen of Death. In this case, you just need to repair or replace the Cables. 

Check the cable and locate the damaged area. You can replace the Cable if you know how to replace the Cables; otherwise, you can contact TCL TV customer support.

3. Update The Firmware

TCL TVs require regular software updation. These TVs come with Firmware software that helps TVs to function correctly. Firmware is compulsory to control the TCL Tv hardware components and the better functioning of the TV.

 This software is responsible for performing various functions, including Screen display. Therefore when the TCL Tv screen has some issues, your TV may need software updation. Update the Firmware and the issue will be resolved. 

4. Disable Power Saving Mode

If the power saving mode is enabled, it will automatically lower the brightness if the TV is on for a long time. 

Sometimes its mode reduces the brightness too much, and the screen seems dark. Go to the settings and disable the power-saving mode to fix the issue.

5. Turn Off The Sleep Mode

We often enable the Sleep Mode and forget to turn it off. Then due to the enabled sleep mode, TCL TV turns off automatically. Many users get scared and consider it a technical issue. 

Try to Turn on your TCL Tv. If the TV turns on, the sleep mode is likely on. Go to the settings and Turn Off the Sleep Mode. 

6. Contact The Tcl Tv Customer Support

If none of the above solutions works, you should contact TCL TV customer support. Before contacting them, ensure how much warranty is left. If the TCL Tv warranty has not ended, you can get the free service and save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is TCL Tv Black Screen Blinking Light?

Your TCL TV screen is black, or its light blinks for some reason. It may be due to a defective backlight inverter, damaged motherboard, poor cable connection, or an incorrect power source. 

Why Does The TCL Tv Screen Go Black Randomly?

Your TCL TV screen goes black because of certain issues. A damaged panel, outdated software, malfunctioning motherboard, overheating, and lost cable connection can cause the random Black screen issue. 

What Is The Cost To Fix The Tcl Tv  Black Screen Of Death?

The average cost to fix the TCL TV black screen is $100-$300. The exact cost to fix the TCL Tv black screen depends on the issue. First, find the reason or problem for the TCL TV’s black screen. You will get the cost estimation from a professional.


TCL TV Black screen of death has various reasons that I mentioned above in the article. 

Before going towards the solution, find the reason for the Black screen of your TCL Tv. It would make things easier for you, and you can fix the issue without worrying. 

Once you find the reason fix the problem by following the guidelines discussed above in the article. Lastly, if you fail to resolve the issue, contact Customer Support. 

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