Can You Plug A TV Into A Power Strip? Is it Safe?

Power strips are used to extend the number of outlets available. You can use a power strip if you have insufficient wall outlets with many Electrical devices and home appliances that need a direct power source. 

Can you plug a TV into a power strip? You can plug a TV into a power strip, but the TV’s manuals suggest plugging the Tv directly into the wall outlet. Power strips can manage up to 1800 Watts power load, while the TVs work at 50-150 watts. You can also plug other electric products into the power strip and the TV. 

Although a power strip is beneficial and provides a power supply, it’s unsafe for many electrical devices. A power strip cannot be used for all home appliances and electronics. You can use a power strip for your TV or not; it depends on the Brand and the model of your device.

Most Televisions require a low current that a power strip can easily provide. Still, you need to be careful. 

In this article, I will explain the usage of a Power strip or Extention cord. Moreover, there are precautions and tips for using a power strip with a TV.

Can You Plug A Smart TV Into An Extension Cord?

Can You Plug A TV Into A Power Strip?

It’s possible but risky to plug a smart TV into an extension cord. To prevent overloading, verify that the TV’s current rating corresponds to the cord’s capacity. 

Avoid connecting several other powerful devices. It is recommended to use the extension cord sparingly. Use it with caution for safety, and only plug in the TV while using it temporarily.

How To Use Tv With An Extension Cord?

Follow the following steps to use a TV with an extension cord safely:

  1. Use an unharmed proper gauge cord.
  2. Securely plug the cord into a wall outlet.
  3. Firmly connect the TV to the cord.
  4. Check the cord quality for damage or overheating.
  5. Use other devices within the voltage capacity of the cord.
  6. Check the cord’s temperature and turn it off if it becomes too hot.

Can A Tv Be Plugged Into A Power Strip?

It is possible to plug a TV into a power strip, but it’s important to consider the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some businesses suggest using a direct wall outlet connection.

Pick a high-quality power strip to ensure the security of electronics and appliances. While power strips can manage the required current for a TV, it is best to avoid overloading them with heavy-duty equipment.

Power strips can be temporarily used for low-power devices like TVs, smartphones, and lamps, but they are not a long-term solution.

Are There Any Risks If I Plug A Tv Into A Power Strip?

Are There Any Risks If I Plug A Tv Into A Power Strip? Can You Plug A TV Into A Power Strip
Risks to Plug A Tv Into A Power Strip

To protect your device and the integrity of the electrical circuit, it’s important to be aware of any risks when plugging a TV into a power strip. If the TV manufacturer or electrical professionals’ recommendations are not followed, serious problems may result. To mitigate these risks:

  • Use a dedicated surge protector instead of a power strip to protect your TV from surges. 
  • Buy a surge protector made specifically for TVs to ensure proper protection.
  • Avoid plugging other high-capacity electronics into the same power strip as your TV to prevent overloading.
  • Selecting a power strip designed for a certain area is important. Depending on your TV’s location, use a power strip rated for indoor or outdoor use.
  • When multiple extension cords or power strips are connected, daisy-chaining can cause voltage drops and fire hazards.
  • Examine your TV’s electrical requirements and pay close attention to your TV’s voltage rating. Avoid plugging it into a power strip connected to a higher voltage outlet to avoid irreparable harm.

Tips To Use Tv With An Extension Cord Or A Surge Protector

Follow these important instructions to make sure your TV is used safely and properly with an extension cord or surge protector:

  • Pick a medium- to heavy-duty extension cord with a low gauge for the highest level of safety.
  • Utilize a grounded power strip or extension cord to avoid electrical risks, 
  • Carefully check the extension cord or power strip for damaged or frayed wires before use.
  • Use a good-length power strip or extension cord to prevent voltage drops.
  • Keep carpets and rugs away from extension cords to avoid overheating and trip hazards.
  • Move your TV closer to a selected wall outlet to ensure maximum security and performance.

Watch the Video: How to Use an Advanced Power Strip With TV

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you plug a TV into the wall or power strip?

You can plug a TV into both walls and the power strip. It’s preferable to use a wall outlet to avoid inconvenience. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to use a power strip if you have to use a power strip.

What is the difference between a power strip and a surge protector?

The surge protector is used to save sensitive electronic devices and appliances. At the same time, a power strip is a practical approach to plug in all your electric devices. 

Is it OK to leave the power strip on all the time?

No, it’s not ok to always leave the power strip on. It’s highly recommended to turn off the power strip when unused. Because if you leave the power strip on all the time, it can cause more energy consumption, overheating, and damage. 

Can You Plug A Tv Into A Surge Protector?

It is generally safe to connect a TV to a surge protector. However, if your breaker panel has a whole-house surge suppressor, it is advised to directly plug the TV into a wall outlet for maximum security. This provides the best possible protection against power surges.


In this era of technology, we all use electronic appliances that need an appropriate power supply. We need power strips for the power supply when we have multiple home appliances and a minimal number of walls or direct outlets. 

Similarly, we plug a TV into a power strip when needed. 

Finally, if you’re still thinking, is plugging a TV into Power Strip safe? Yes, It’s ok to plug a Tv into a power strip but follow the manual’s instructions. 

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