LG TV Not Saving Wi-Fi Password – 5 Ways to Fix

You must be tired of entering your Wi-Fi password whenever you turn your LG TV on. It’s frustrating, right? The reason for the LG TV not saving the Wi-Fi password is any bug or glitch in the WebOS of the LG TV.  

Indeed, modern TVs come with multiple useful features for their users, but electrical devices can be damaged or faulty. Similarly, LG TV users also encounter some issues with their LG TVs.

If you are one of them, no more worries! In this guide, I will uncover some quick and simple methods to fix the issue of your LG TV network connection problems. 

Say goodbye to the re-entering difficulty whenever you turn on your TV to watch your favorite shows. So let’s get straight into the article to fix this problem. 

Why Is My LG TV Not Saving The Wi-Fi Password?

Why Is My LG TV Not Saving The Wi-Fi Password?
Why Is My LG TV Not Saving The Wi-Fi Password?

Your LG TV is not saving the Wi-Fi password. There might be various reasons for this problem. The most probable reason for this problem is a glitch in your LG TV. The reasons for your LG TV not saving password problem are given below;

  • Software glitches may prevent the LG TV from saving the Wi-Fi password. Reset the TV or update the firmware to fix the problem.
  • Incompatible security settings can cause the LG TV not to save the Wi-Fi password. Some routers have advanced and incompatible security settings, which cause issues. Set your Wi-Fi network to WPA or WP2 for better performance. 
  • Poor Wi-Fi signal is another reason for the LG TV not saving Wi-Fi passwords. Weak signals struggle to stabilize a good Wi-Fi connection. Moving your route near the TV might be helpful.
  • An incorrect password is also a reason for this problem. Enter the password carefully, and double-check once you enter the Wi-Fi password.

It’s important to identify the possible reasons why LG TV won’t save the Wi-Fi password. When you know the reasons for the issue, it’s easier to fix it. Therefore, before starting the solution, ensure to identify the reasons. 

How To Fix LG Smart TV Won’t Save Wi-Fi Password? 5 Effective Methods

LG TV Not Saving Wi-Fi Password - How to Fix?

You can fix the LG Smart TV not saving the Wi-Fi with a few troubleshooting methods. 

Here are five effective solutions to fix this issue. 

  1. Restart your Router 
  2. Save the SSID Manually 
  3. Update LG TV’s Firmware
  4. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your TV to the router
  5. Sign in to MyLG accounts for the TV

1. Restart Your Modem And Router

Any issue with your router can cause connection or not saving Wi-Fi password problems. It might be due to a glitch or bug in your router. A few troubleshooting steps can fix the router. The following are steps for the restarting process:

  • Unplug your router from the main power source.
  • Let it unplug for 30-35 minutes and allow all the electricity to drain. 
  • Now plug the router back into the socket.
  • Wait for your router to turn on completely. 

2. Re-save the SSID Manually

Re-saving the SSID manually is one of the most effective methods when there is a Wi-Fi connection problem. It can also fix the LG TV not saving Wi-Fi password problem. Just follow a few steps to save the Wi-Fi password for future use. 

  • Hold and press the remote  “Home button”.
  • Go to the settings and locate the “Settings” option. Click on the Settings option.
  • Navigate and find “Network” and select it. Then choose “Network connection”
  • Now click on the Start the Connection option. After that, select Set Expert
  • Select “Wireless,”  and the SSID bar will appear on the screen. 
  • Enter your “SSID” name and password.
  • Click on the “OK” button. 

Your SSID will be saved on your TV. The Wi-Fi password will also be saved for future use. 

3. Update Your LG TV’s Firmware

Firmware is the essential software for the proper functioning of a smart TV. It removes any glitches in your TV’s OS.

An outdated firmware won’t be able to protect your LG TV’s OS from any glitches. However, it’s important to keep your TV’s firmware up to date. Following are the steps to update your firmware. 

  • Grab your TV’s remote and press the “Home button”.
  • Open “Settings” and navigate to find the “All settings” option.
  • Choose the “General menu option”.
  • Front the list of options select “About this TV.”
  • Check the available updates. 
  • If any of the latest updates are available, follow the screen instructions for further processing. 
  • Download and install the updates by following the screen instructions. 
Note:  Follow the screen instructions carefully because the process might be slightly different on different TV models.

4. Connect Your LG TV To The Modem or Router Via An Ethernet Cable

Wireless connections are not strong enough to overcome every disturbance or distraction. The wireless Wi-Fi signal gets disturbed by any obstruction. The weak signal leads to poor Wi-Fi.

Ultimately, LG TV does not save the Wi-Fi password on the LG TV. To avoid such problems, you need to connect your Wi-Fi router directly to the TV. Ethernet cable is the best option for this purpose. 

Buy an Ethernet cable and connect your LG TV and the router to this cable. Just connect one side of the Ethernet cable to the TV and the other to the router. It will fix multiple Wi-Fi problems, including the LG TV not saving the Wi-Fi problem. 

5. Sign In To MyLG Account For TV

Sign in to the MyLG account for your TV if you want your data to be stored for a long period on your LG TV. Factory resetting or power cycling removes your data. 

If you sign in to the MyLG account for your TV, the data will be saved even after power cycling or resetting. Follow the steps below to sign in to myLG account for TV. 

  • Open Settings and go to Advanced Settings.
  • Tap on General. Click on Account Management
  • A prompt will appear to enter the credentials. Enter the required credentials. 
  • Now Click on Sign in.
  • If you didn’t have an account before, Tap on Create to fill out the form.

Watch Video to Fix Fix LG TV WiFi Issues

Video From YouTube: Creator The Tech Giant

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Wi-Fi Auto-Connect?

When you enable Wi-Fi on your device, it connects to any nearby Wi-Fi you have previously linked to. Furthermore, there is an “automatically turn on” option that allows you to activate the Wi-Fi automatically when it detects the presence of a saved network in its vicinity. 

Why Is My LG TV Not Accepting Wi-Fi Password?

Your LG TV is not accepting the Wi-Fi password due to an incorrect password. Re-entering your password carefully will fix the problem. Resetting the network settings is also beneficial if the issue is not solved. 

How Do I Get My LG TV To Automatically Connect To Wi-Fi?

Click on the Apps key located on the Home screen. Go to settings and then Wi-Fi. Select the Auto Connect checkbox to checkmark. Here, enable the settings. Now you can get your LG TV automatically connected to Wi-Fi when you turn it on.


Any glitch or error in your TV’s webOS causes the LG TV to not save the Wi-Fi passwords. If you are encountering the same issue, Don’t worry, there are various solutions to fix this issue.

I have discussed five of the most effective methods to fix this issue. Don’t forget to read the reason for this problem. Understanding the reasons is helpful during the fixing process. 

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