Should You Buy a Toshiba TV For Gaming in 2024? Is It Any Good?

When it comes to smart TVs, one can hardly miss Toshiba because of its impressive features and commendable aspects like high refresh rates, broader display, and minimum input lag. However, assuming all these factors, can we say, Is Toshiba TV good for gaming?

Yes, Toshiba TVs are generally good for gaming. With high-quality displays and low input lag, they offer an immersive gaming experience. However, it’s advisable to check specific model reviews for the latest gaming features. 

Check out the following article to know whether you should buy a Toshiba TV for gaming. And if they are, how can you connect them with different gaming consoles?

Should You Buy a Toshiba TV For Gaming

General AffirmationGenerally, Toshiba TVs are good for gaming, offering high-quality displays. Specific model reviews are advisable for the latest gaming features.
What Makes Toshiba TVs Good– Low Input Lag: Newer models boast minimal input lag rates comparable to gaming PCs.
– Display Quality: Stunning 4k ultra-HD technology with HDR10 and Dolby Vision support.
– ALLM and Gaming Mode: Introduction of ALLM, AMD FreeSync, and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).
– REGZA Chip Processor: Toshiba’s signature processor enhances color, contrast, and image resolution.
Recommended Toshiba TVsToshiba Fire TV 2020, C350, Z870, and M550 series are recommended for gaming.
Connecting Toshiba TVs for GamingNewer models, equipped with ALLM mode, simplify the process of connecting gaming consoles to Toshiba TVs.

Are Toshiba TVs Good for Gaming? 

Over the past decade, Toshiba has significantly improved its technology and introduced some of the top-notch TVs. But does this mean that Toshiba TVs are suitable for gaming? 

Usually, televisions are considered unsuitable for gaming due to their reduced responsivity. Thus, many people prefer PCs over smart TVs for gaming. Likewise, Toshiba might be one of the last brands you might come to mind when it comes to TVs for gaming. But scrutinizing their features, it is evident that Toshiba TVs have everything a gamer can ask for. 

First of all, the display quality of Toshiba TVs is beyond amazing. With higher refresh rates and a low input lag, the TVs are very responsive and precise in their performance. Besides, the Toshiba TVs have become quite advanced. Many of its models have a built-in “Gaming Mode” specifically designed to cater to the needs of gamers. 

What Makes Toshiba TVs Good for Gaming? 

Should You Buy a Toshiba TV For Gaming - What Makes Toshiba TVs Good for Gaming
Toshiba TVs Are Good for Gaming

There are several aspects that make Toshiba a good smart TV brand. But its TVs stand out for gaming because of the following features; 

1. Low Input Lag

Ask any gamer what makes a TV/PC suitable for gaming, and they will reply, “Responsivity.” The display’s responsivity depends upon its input lag. If the screen is not responsive enough, the display will lag, which will ruin the gaming experience. 

PCs are generally preferred over TVs for gaming because of their low input lag rates. Smart TVs have a broader display, due to which achieving such a minimal input lag becomes challenging. However, the newer Toshiba TV models have excelled in technology with some of the most meager input lag rates. 

The Toshiba Fire TV 2020 has an impressive response time of only 12.7 milliseconds. Similarly, the Toshiba C350 has a 16.2 millisecond response time, equivalent to that of gaming PCs. Thus, you can say that the response rate of the newer Toshiba TVs is no less than a PC and is perfect for gaming.  

2. Display Quality 

The display quality of Toshiba TVs fits every gamer’s dream. With 4k ultra-HD technology embedded in the newer models, Toshiba TVs offer the utmost precision and accuracy with their display.

The latest Toshiba TVs are supported by HDR10 and Dolby Vision, which promises vibrant visuals at low input lags and a higher refresh rate. 

3. ALLM and Gaming Mode

To further appease and satisfy the needs of gamers, Toshiba has introduced ALLM and gaming modes on their TVs. ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) allows the TV to pair seamlessly with various devices. Therefore, Toshiba TVs’ compatibility scale is quite vast, implying that you can pair a wide range of gaming consoles with them. 

Similarly, Toshiba TVs also have AMD FreeSync technology, which ensures the smooth and stutter-free running of the game. However, the most impressive feature of the gaming mode is the “Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)” feature that dynamically synchronizes the refresh rates and provides a smoother gaming experience. 

4. REGZA Chip Processor 

Toshiba’s signature REGZA processor is another reason Toshiba TVs’ are so perfect for gaming. Compared to the other smart TVs, Toshiba uses a heavier processor like REGZA for color enhancement, contrast optimization, and better image resolution.

These aspects might not directly influence gaming performance, but they undoubtedly make the experience better and more enjoyable. 

What are Some of the Best Toshiba TVs for Gaming?

Should You Buy a Toshiba TV For Gaming - What are Some of the Best Toshiba TVs for Gaming
Best Toshiba TVs for Gaming

Toshiba has been in the electronics business for decades now. Since then, it has introduced multiple TVs with different specifications and technologies. However, it has only been a few years since Toshiba started manufacturing gaming TVs. Some of my top recommendations for gaming TVs from Toshiba are the following; 

  • Toshiba Fire TV 2020
  • Toshiba C350 TV series
  • Toshiba Z870 TV series
  • Toshiba M550 TV series

How to Connect Toshiba TVs for Gaming?

The earlier Toshiba models were not very gaming-friendly, as setting them up with gaming consoles was pretty tricky. But, the brand has improved its technology for the latest models and has introduced a distinct ALLM mode, which makes it easier to connect the gaming consoles to the TV. 

Thanks to this ALLM mode, different types of gaming consoles are now compatible with Toshiba TVs. Every Toshiba TV has a different set of HDMI ports at different locations. You can get help from a manual to determine how to connect a Toshiba TV for gaming because every model has its setup system. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Toshiba TV have a gaming mode?

The newer Toshiba TVs have a built-in gaming mode with AMD FreeSync Technology and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) feature. With Variable Refresh Rates (VRR) and a low input lag, these TVs are very responsive and perfect for gaming. 

Does game mode on TV reduce lag?

The gaming mode is added to the TVs to reduce the input lag and boost the refresh rate. Basically, the lag is associated with the display’s responsivity. The higher the lag is, the less smoother the gaming experience you will have. Thus, to avoid this aspect, newer TVs have a particular gaming mode that minimizes the lag to provide a better gaming experience. 

Final Verdict  

Toshiba might not be the most famous television brand. But an undeniable fact is that Toshiba TVs are promising in terms of their quality, performance, and technology. Owing to their versatility, people often wonder ‘Is Toshiba TV good for gaming?” 

The earlier models were not that good for gaming. But over the past few years, Toshiba has notably upgraded its technology. Its newer TV series like M550, C350, Fire TV, and Z870 have all the ideal prospects to provide you with an optimal gaming experience.  

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