[Solved] Hisense TV Remote Not Working – Here is How to Fix?

The realm of television can be controlled with a considerably smaller device, which can fit in the palm of your hand. If this device stops functioning, you cannot fully enjoy the TV-watching experience. Here is a quick solution if your Hisense TV remote not working, there are certain things that you can do to control your TV. 

If your Hisense TV controller isn’t working, start with basic troubleshooting. Replace the batteries, ensuring they’re inserted correctly. Power cycle the TV by unplugging it for a few minutes. If the issue persists, try re-syncing the remote or use the TV’s physical buttons. 

This article will share a complete guide to control and use your Hisense TV even when the Hisense TV controller is not working. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Resolve Hisense TV remote issues by starting with basic steps like changing batteries and power cycling.
  • Understand the pros and cons of infrared, 2.4GHz wireless, and Bluetooth remotes for Hisense TVs.
  • Clean battery terminals, address infrared interference, test with another remote, factory reset, or contact Hisense support.
  • Fix Hisense TV remotes with power button issues by repairing, cleaning, replacing batteries, or restarting the TV.
  • Sleek design, extended functionality, smart TV integration, customization, and easy troubleshooting options make the Hisense TV controller user-friendly.

What Are the Different Types of Hisense TV Remote Control?

Hisense TV Remote Not Working - What Are the Different Types of TV Remote Control
Different Types of TV Remote

According to the signal strength, there are three TV remote controls: infrared remote control, 2.4GHZ wireless remote control, and Bluetooth remote control. 

1. Infrared Remote Control 

Since their introduction, infrared remote controllers have evolved a lot. Infrared signals, unseen by the naked eye, are the carriers that transmit our commands from the remote to the receiving device, which might be a TV, stereo, or other household appliance. The name of the remote comes from the infrared technology used in this remote. 

Like the typical digital button remote control, the infrared remote control lacks precision.  For example, while sending instructions to the TV Chromecast, you must ensure that the remote control points to the TV. Furthermore, if you wish to switch the TV channel, having people in the path is going to hinder your operation.

While the simplicity of infrared remote controllers is a positive, it also has downsides. Other light sources’ interference, limited range, and the requirement of a straight line of vision are also elements to keep in mind.

2. 2.4 GHz Wireless Remote Control 

The wireless type of remote control is growing in popularity amongst TV remotes. The 2.4GHz wireless remote control efficiently prevents the hassle of the infrared remote control, allowing you to operate the TV from any location in your house. Its most significant benefit is its complete three-dimensional coverage. 

The speed of this wireless remote in following the instructions is much better than the infrared remote control. 

Setting up a 2.4 GHz wireless remote control with your Hisense TV is usually simple. Thanks to its easy-to-set-up method, users can immediately link the remote control with their devices.  There is no need to worry about complex steps to connect the remote to the television. 

3. Bluetooth Remote Control 

The benefit of Bluetooth remote control is that it may connect to the television and create an independent signal transmission channel. 

As a result, it can prevent the interference of wireless signals sent by various devices, which is the improved technology of 2.4GHz wireless remote control. Furthermore, it offers dual signal transmission protection.

This type of remote control must be manually linked to the device for the initial use, which may cause an operating interruption. Aside from that, it’s magnificent to see how beautifully this remote controls the TV. With this remote, you can control your TV sound, brightness, and menu effectively. 

These three remotes also show the difference between Hisense remote and controller devices. 

Why Hisense TV Controller Not Working With New Batteries?

Hisense TV Remote Not Working - Why Hisense TV Controller Not Working With New Batteries
Problem With New Batteries

Whenever the Hisense TV controller is not working, we first check the batteries. You can change the batteries to ensure that it works well. But, if the remote control does not work in some way, even after changing the battery, you can try these methods. 

1. Clean the battery terminal. 

This brings the remote back to life in many cases. Just take out the new battery for two minutes, clean the battery terminal with a tissue, and put the battery again. It starts working. 

2. Infrared Interference. 

Other electrical equipment that generate infrared signals, such as light bulbs or remote controls, can disrupt the signal’s transmission. To avoid disruption, try moving your television remote to a different room.

3. Test with Another Remote if available

If you have another Hisense TV controller of the same model, try using it. If the second remote works, the issue may be with the original remote. The problem might be with the TV’s infrared receiver if neither remote works. 

4. Factory Reset the Remote. 

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You may have to reboot the universal remote to factory defaults. This will allow you to reconnect with the TV and other gadgets and begin using them again. Restoring the factory settings varies per device. You can usually find directions for the universal remote on the website.

If none of the above methods address the problem, contact Hisense technical support. They can provide more advice, and they may provide a replacement if the remote is still under warranty.

The Hisense TV Remote is Not Working Except Power Button:

Hisense TV Remote Not Working

You can try using one of these methods if your Hisense TV remote is not working except for the power button. 

Method 1: Pair it again with the TV

If your Hisense TV remote isn’t working properly, except for the power button, you need to pair it again with your TV. The steps to do this can vary depending on your TV model.

  1. Open the Battery Case: Take off the back cover of the remote and open the compartment where the batteries are.
  2. Find the Pairing Button: Look for a button inside the battery compartment. This is the pairing button.
  3. Press and Hold the Button: Hold down this button. Keep pressing it until the remote pairs with the TV.

If your remote does not include a pairing button, pushing and holding the main home button for a few seconds will make it flash. When you eventually get the remote to light up, please wait a few seconds before trying to operate it. 

Another approach is to point the remote toward the television and press the “back,” “left,” and “menu” buttons for 30 seconds.

Pairing your remote with the TV is a useful method that also fixes the problem if Hisense TV is stuck on a reboot loop.

Method 2: Clean the Remote

A build-up of particles, dirt, or dust on the control buttons or within the remote may eventually make them inoperable. Clean the remote button with a gentle towel and rubbing alcohol. Examine the condition of the buttons. A simple clean may sometimes bring your remote back to life.

Method 3: Replace the Batteries

Sometimes, replacing the batteries also helps in such situations. This might happen with very old remote controls. Certain controls may stop functioning if the batteries are low or dead. Replace those batteries and thoroughly inspect their battery compartment.

When you remove the batteries and press any button for about one minute to force the remote control to restart. The batteries in a remote can be eliminated and reset in this manner. Replace the pack of batteries and try again with the remote. This procedure can sometimes resolve small issues. 

Method 4: Restart your TV

There might be an issue with the television that stops the Hisense remote from working effectively, except for the power button. The following are the steps to restart a Hisense TV:

  • Power off the Hisense Fire TV.
  • Pause for a minute.
  • Hold down the “Power” button for thirty seconds.
  • Finally, connect the television.

When you push the Power button, the TV will take up any leftover power. After restarting the television, try using the remote to see whether it works.

Everything You Need to Know About the Hisense TV Controller

If you look at the Hisense TV controller, you will find around 31 buttons. Each button has a specified function, for which you can refer to the manual that comes with the product. 

However, when on a desired source or channel, you can assign a particular action to these keys by pressing them for five seconds. The confirmation notice will appear on the display. The selected MY BUTTON is now connected with the chosen function.

1. Sleek and Stylish

The Hisense TV controller’s sleek and stylish design is the first thing that attracts you. It was created with the user in mind. The remote control easily fits in your palm, making navigation on the television very easy.  The Hisense TV controller can also be used in low light because of its shiny surface. 

2. Extended Functionality

Hisense TV controller offers the user multiple options to handle the TV. It goes far beyond volume and channel control, the most common functions. 

There are dedicated keys to access streaming applications such as Netflix directly without having to go to the option to open it. The latest Hisense TV models are equipped with a voice-controlled Hisense TV controller. 

3. Smart TV, Smart TV Controllers

With an increasing number of smart TVs, Hisense guarantees that its controllers are more than simple accessories. These smart devices are companions to these intelligent monitors. 

Users can browse applications, explore content, and even operate other connected devices from the luxury of their sofa, thanks to effortless integration with smart TV platforms.

4. Customization of the TV controllers

With programmable buttons and settings, you may personalize the watching experience. Whether making shortcuts for your favorite applications or tweaking image and audio settings on the go, the Hisense TV controller allows people to personalize their entertainment experience. 

5. Easy Troubleshooting

In the unlikely case of a technological glitch, Hisense TV controllers often come with troubleshooting options. 

Whether it’s a fast power check or re-syncing the remote with the TV, these controllers aim to speed up problem-solving and provide continued enjoyment.

6. Futuristic Approach 

Hisense TV controllers have evolved along with technology. Watch for the most recent versions, which may have cutting-edge capabilities like gesture control, tactile feedback, or better compatibility with planned models.

Final Words

It might be inconvenient to have a Hisense TV remote that doesn’t work, but you can get your TV remote functioning again using any of the troubleshooting methods in this article.

If you follow the suggestions provided in this article, you should be prepared to identify and solve the issue properly, resulting in a smooth and happy experience.

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