How To Do Picture-in-Picture On A Samsung TV? PIP Settings in 2024

TV users who love performing multiple tasks or enjoy two different programs simultaneously must know about the Picture-in-picture feature of the Samsung TV. 

Samsung TVs and other devices, such as mobiles, laptops, and tablets, also have the PIP feature. It allows you to simultaneously watch a TV tuner channel and external source content such as DVD, laptop, or mobile device.

You need to enable this feature on your Samsung TV to enjoy it. I will give you the steps to enable the PIP feature on your Samsung TV. 

How to Know If Samsung Smart TV Has PIP?

How to Know If Samsung Smart TV Has PIP
Know If Samsung Smart TV Has PIP

Whether you want to watch two channels at once, before you start locating the PIP or picture-in-picture option, knowing whether your TV has a PIP feature is important. To do so, you need to enable the PIP function by following the steps below: 

  • Open the Samsung TV menu. 
  • Find the System option and click on it. 
  • Select the PIP option and tap enter.
  • Emphasize the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) function and revise the wording regarding the toggle that resembles a reading mode.
  • Then, highlight the Air/cable and amend the toggle to its right; if you want to display the air-pulled channel on the sub-screen, read air.
  • Select cable if you need to display the cable box.
  • Now, Highlight the channel again, which you must display on the sub-screen. It’s an important step when pulling any channel over the air. 
  • If you pull the channel via cable box in the sub-screen, change the channel with cable box control. 
  • Now, highlight the size that you want to select and display. Sub-screen, which covers 1/4th or 1/9th of the TV screen, is better to choose. 
  • After selecting the sub-screen size, it’s time to select the suitable position.
  • Then Select sound and play. 
  • Press the remote exit button and save the changes.
  • The changes will be displayed on the TV screen. 

How Do I Enable Picture-in-Picture On A Samsung Smart TV?

To enable the PIP on a Samsung smart TV, follow the given steps: 

How To Do Picture-in-Picture On A Samsung TV
Turn on PIP
  • Find the Menu button on your Samsung TV and press it.
  • Tap on the System and then press enter.
  • Select the PIP picture-in-picture option and press the enter button.
  • Turn on the toggle and enable PIP.

How To Enable PIP On Old Samsung Smart TV

To enable the PIP on an old Samsung Smart TV, follow the steps below: 

  • Open the Apps screen. 
  • Press MENU/123.
  • Click on the menu icon.
  • Select Picture and the PIP.
  • Tap on the ON to enable PIP.

How Do I Do Picture-In-Picture in Samsung TV?

How Do I Do Picture-In-Picture in Samsung TV
PIP in Samsung TV

Before doing picture-in-picture on your device, you must know if your device supports PIP. To ensure that, read and follow the steps I discussed above. 

  • Play the content you are planning to view with the picture in the picture. 
  • Press the Windows key + Shift + S on the keyboard. 
  • The screen of your device will be divided into small sections. Click and drag the cursor of your mouse to select the area where you want to display the picture-in-picture.
  • Then, you will see a small rectangular window in the corner of the device screen.
  • Drag this window to adjust where you want.
  • Set the Picture in Picture window size, and that’s it.

How Do You Change PIP On A Samsung Smart TV?

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If you adjusted the PIP position in some area and now you want to change the position. No issue; follow the steps and change the PIP position in your desired area.

  • Go to the menu settings. 
  • Select the Picture option and press enter.
  • Click on the PIP option and press the enter button.
  • Open the PIP settings and press enter.
  • Choose any option, then press enter.
  • Select your desired position and press the enter button. 

How To Change PIP Size On Samsung Smart TV

Follow the steps below to change the PIP size on a Samsung Smart TV.

  • Hold your Samsung Smart TV remote and press the menu button on it.
  • Open the setup menu. 
  • Select the PIP option and press the enter button.
  • Enable the PIP and change the size with up and down arrows.

How To Turn Off PIP On Samsung Smart TV

The following steps are helpful to turn off PIP on your Samsung smart TV. 

  • Press the MENU/123 button on your Samsung TV remote.
  • Open MENU.
  • Click on the picture option.
  • Navigate and select PIP. 
  • Disable PIP by turning off the toggle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Watch 2 Channels At Once On Samsung TV?

Yes, you can watch 2 channels at once on Samsung TV. Although not all Samsung TV models allow this feature, many modern Samsung TVs have this feature. For instance, the latest Samsung Smart TVs offer this feature. 

How Do I Put A Picture On My TV Screen?

To put the picture on your TV screen, open Google Photos. Select the album and then the photo to display. Find and choose the Chast option, generally located in the top right. 

Do All TVs Do Picture-In-Picture?

No, all TVs do not have picture-in-picture on them. But multiple TVs offer the PIP feature. Some TV models even offer a multiview option, allowing users to watch multiple channels simultaneously. 


Picture-in-picture is an amazing feature that is offered by Samsung on their TVs. It allows users to enjoy multiple pieces of content at once. 

For this purpose, you need to enable this feature on your device. A few steps guide is given in the article to enable the PIP feature quickly. Follow these steps and enjoy the PIP feature on your Samsung TV. 

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