How To Fix Samsung TV Double Image or Ghosting Screen? 2024 Guide

The query on how to Fix the Samsung TV double image issue is increasing daily. Mainly, it happens if there are issues with the TV’s display panel or the internal processing. 

It can be solved by replacing the T-Con board of the TV or factory resetting your TV. In addition, there are other effective methods to fix the Samsung TV double Image problem. 

In this blog post, I’ll guide you on how to solve the Samsung smart TV double image problem and the reasons behind the issue. Just read the complete article so you can troubleshoot the issue at home.

A Quick Guide on How to Fix Samsung TV Double Image Problems and Solutions

Reasons for Samsung Smart TV Ghosting ImageSolutions to Fix Samsung TV Double Image
1. Poor Signal Quality: Caused by defective or improperly connected signal cable.1. Solve the Cable Issue: Replace faulty cables or ensure proper connection to fix signal interference or data loss.
2. Image Retention: This occurs when an image is displayed for a long time, causing pixels to hold onto details.2. Update Firmware: Regularly update the TV’s firmware to avoid various display issues.
3. TV Calibration Issues: Incorrect color or contrast settings can lead to ghosting.3. Reset Picture Settings: Adjust picture settings to fix the double imaging problem.
4. Inefficient Refresh Rate: Indicates how quickly a television can refresh its image.4. Turn Off 3D Mode: If the TV displays a double image while watching non-3D content, ensure the 3D mode is turned off.
5. Replace the T-Con board: A malfunctioning T-Con board can cause a double image. Replacing it can fix the problem.

Why Samsung Smart TV Shows Ghosting Image-4 Main Reasons

How To Fix Samsung TV Double Image
Reasons Behind Samsung TV Double Image

Are you bothered by the often-annoying issue of ghosting or double images on your Samsung Smart TV? Ghosting is a reasonably common problem and has several causes that are repairable. 

1) Poor Signal Quality

Picture ghosting is typical when the signal cable to your Samsung Smart TV is defective or not connected properly. 

Ghosting can generally be fixed by replacing the signal cable with a new one or by ensuring the existing cords are plugged in correctly. 

A poor-quality transmission signal may also trigger ghosting, so ensuring your wall antenna or cable service has a decent connection is necessary.

2) Image Retention

One of the most common causes of ghosting is image retention. When an image is left on display for a long time, the pixels on the screen can hold some of the details. 

Even when watching another program, these details remain visible on the screen, leading to a ghosting effect. 

To remove an image retention, switch off your Samsung TV and unplug it completely for at least an hour, after which the image should have disappeared, or you may be required to run a special image retention or “burn-in” program.

3) TV Calibration Issues:

Another possible explanation for ghosting on your Samsung Smart TV is TV calibration issues. Calibration issues can lead to ghosting through incorrect color or contrast settings. 

A wrongly calibrated television can cause uneven pictures and unwanted visuals, such as ghosting. To optimize your television to the correct settings, hire a technician or a TV repair service.

4) Inefficient Refresh Rate:

Another potential cause of picture ghosting on your Samsung Smart TV may be an insufficient refresh rate. The refresh rate indicates how quickly a television can refresh its image. 

The images lag if the refresh rate is too slow, producing a ghosting effect. For a correct video game experience, TVs with a higher refresh rate are needed, but a 60 Hz refresh rate would suffice for ordinary use of your TV.

How to Fix Samsung TV Double Image: 5 Effective Solutions

How To Fix Samsung TV Double Image

1. Solve the Cable issue 

Cable issues can cause a double-screen issue on a Samsung TV in various ways. The damage of faulty cables can lead to double-screen issues on a Samsung TV. Cable issue occurs due to signal interference or data loss.

If the signals are weak in the cable connection between the TV and the cable box, the TV may not receive a clean and stable signal. The interruption can cause video signal distortion. Video information may be lost during data transmission if the cables are faulty.

When this happens, the TV may display the same image twice or produce a ghosting effect, resulting in double imaging. In some cases, signal reflection can also cause Samsung TV double picture problems. 

Locate the damage and repair or replace the cable to fix the problem. Use high-quality cables to avoid cable-related problems. 

2. Updated Firmware

Firmware is vital software for your TV functions. It requires regular updation to function properly and work for the TV. If it is outdated, your TV might encounter various problems, including a Samsung TV double image.

To avoid such issues, keep your TV’s Firmware updated. Now follow the steps below to update the Firmware. Before starting the process, ensure your TV is securely connected to the internet. 

Step 1. Locate the Home button on the remote and press it. 

How To Fix Samsung TV Double Image or Ghosting Screen?
Step – 1

Step 2.  Scroll and find the Settings option or gear icon. 

How To Fix Samsung TV Double Image or Ghosting Screen?
Step – 2

Step 3: Select the Support option, then click on Software Update. After that, click on the Update Now option.

How To Fix Samsung TV Double Image or Ghosting Screen?
Step – 3

Step 4: Now, your Samsung TV will check for updates. If any update is available, it will start updating. Once the updation is complete, your TV will restart. 

Note: If the problem resists, turn off the TV and wait for it to turn on. It can fix the problem. After updation, video and audio settings must be reset to default settings, giving it a look. Don’t forget to change the default settings. 

3. Reset Picture Settings

The wrong or default picture setting might cause the Samsung TV double imaging problem. You can fix the problem by resetting the picture settings. Follow the steps below to readjust the picture settings.

  • Go to the TV Settings.
  • Find the Picture option and select it.
  • Choose Expert Settings
  • Now Click on the Reset Picture option. 
  • To confirm the resetting, Click on Yes.

4. Turn off 3D mode

Sometimes, you must remember to turn off the 3D mode on your TV. When the 3D mode on your TV is turned on, and you are trying to watch a non-3D show, your TV can display a double image. So, if your  TV encounters a double image problem, ensure that the 3D mode is turned off. 

Mostly, the 3D mode option is available in the TV settings. If not, check the TV manual so you can get to know where is the 3D mode option in your Samsung TV model. 

5. Replace the T-Con board

T-Con board stands for Time control board to control the display of content on the screen on time. A Malfunctioning motherboard board can cause Samsung TV to encounter a double image. Replacing the T-con board can fix the problem.

  • Dismount the TV and unplug it to the power source.
  • Place it face down on a smooth surface. Unscrew the screws and remove the back cover of the TV.
  • Disconnect the LVDS cables to the T-Con board. To remove the LVDS cable, pin it to the connectors’ sides and pull it back to disconnect. 
  • Then, disconnect the Ribbon cable by flipping up the black tape and lifting out the ribbon.
  • Remove the screws that hold the T-Con board to the TV panel. Also, remove the T-Con board from the panel. 
  • Place the replacement T-Con board. Now it’s time to secure the replacement T-Con board to the panel with screws.
  • Reconnect the ribbon cables and LVDS cable.
  • Put on the TV’s back cover to the TV and secure it with the screws. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ghosting and double vision?

Ghosting refers to seeing a faint duplicate image often in one eye, usually due to refractive errors. Double vision, or diplopia, is seeing two distinct images of a single object simultaneously and can be due to neurological or eye muscle problems.

Why is my TV showing double images?

Double images can be caused due to damaged or faulty cables. The long cables with improper shielding also cause ghost images on the Screen. 

How do I get rid of ghost pictures on my TV?

Resetting the TV can help you eliminate ghost pictures on your TV. Follow the given steps to reset the TV.

  • Turn your TV off and unplug it to the power source. 
  • Let the TV cool for 30-35 seconds. 
  • Then plug the TV back in the power outlet and turn the TV on.


To resolve the Samsung TV double image issue, there are several effective solutions to consider. Firstly, check for cable issues and replace or repair damaged cables, ensuring a clean and stable signal.

Keep your TV’s firmware up-to-date to prevent various problems, including double imaging. Resetting picture settings to their defaults can also help if incorrect settings are causing the issue. 

Additionally, ensure that the 3D mode is turned off, which can lead to double imaging when watching non-3D content. These steps should help resolve the double image problem and improve your TV’s performance.

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