LG TV Gallery Mode – How To Use It Effectively?

LG has announced Gallery Mode, an innovative feature that turns your TV into a dynamic canvas of artwork and images when it’s not in use. Gallery Mode is part of the quickly developing Smart TV environment. A quick know-how of the gallery mode is as follows;

Gallery mode on LG TV is a feature that shows beautiful pieces of art on the TV screen when the TV goes idle. It gives a way of keeping your TV from falling prey to burn-in or image retention and is very useful and aesthetic.

Further in this article, you will learn much more about LG TV’s gallery mode and how to use it efficiently. So, read till the end and take it away without leaving a single piece of knowledge.

LG TV Gallery Mode

The LG TV Gallery Mode is a paradigm shift in viewing TV screens without using them. This feature curates an aesthetically attractive assortment of excellent artworks, landscape photos, and abstract images.

It is available through the Art Gallery app. Gallery Mode is more than a screen saver; it improves appearance and guards against burn-in and image retention problems.

When collection Mode is engaged, the TV screen changes from showing static landscapes to a collection of intriguing images that rotates while idle. This solves the practical issue of extending the life of your TV screen in addition to adding an artistic touch to your living area. Let’s look closer at the mechanisms by which Gallery Mode achieves this.

Gallery Mode safeguards against burn-in and image retention, two problems that OLED and other display technologies frequently encounter. When your LG Smart TV is not in use, Gallery Mode shows off various dynamic content rather than a static image that can cause burn-in.

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A feature on several LG Smart TV models is Gallery Mode. You should confirm that your TV is running the most recent version of webOS to assure compatibility.

Compatible models include the elegant LG QNED, the state-of-the-art LG OLED evo, the svelte LG OLED, the high-end LG SIGNATURE OLED, the adaptable LG Nanocell, the dependable LG UHD 4K TVs, and the high-resolution LG 8K TVs.

It’s important to remember that not all LG Smart TVs may offer Gallery Mode; consumers can ascertain whether this function is available by looking up their TV’s specs and webOS version.

How to use LG TV Gallery Mode
Learn to use

For webOS 4.5 and later:

  • Press the Home button on the LG Magic Remote to turn on the LG TV.
  • Using the launcher on the home screen, open the Art Gallery app.
  • Select a theme from the list of alternatives.
  • Change the theme music and pace to personalize the experience.
  • To activate Gallery Mode, go to the My Themes area and turn on Selective Play Mode.

For webOS 3.5 and 4.0:

  • Use the Home key on the remote to navigate to the home screen.
  • Select the preinstalled programs and open the Gallery app.
  • Select a theme to download from the list of alternatives.
  • To see the downloaded theme, navigate to the My Photo area.
  • To access Gallery Mode, set the theme as the home screen.

Turning off Gallery Mode is a simple procedure. To go back to the normal idle state on an LG Smart TV, you can do the following:

  • Turn on the LG Smart Television.
  • Three times in a row, press the remote’s Mute button.
  • Use the TV screen to access the Hidden Menu.
  • Turn off the “No Signal Image” option by swiping down.

Following these instructions, you can quickly turn Gallery Mode on and off according to your preferences. Because of its adaptability, you can take advantage of the functionality when they’d like and switch back to a conventional idle screen when they’d like.

Is LG TV Gallery Mode Really Worth It
Explore Worthy Features

1. Artistic Appeal

Gallery Mode can be a fun addition if you value the carefully chosen artwork and the atmosphere it creates in your living area. The TV’s capacity to change into a dynamic canvas of excellent images gives the house a more upscale feel.

2. Customization Preferences

Gallery Mode may be less customizable or controllable if you want greater control over your TV display. The absence of customization options and the inability to add original photographs can put off people who want a more unique look for their home screen.

3. Usage Patterns

The value of Gallery Mode is partly contingent upon personal usage habits. The dynamic content in Gallery Mode may help users who leave their TVs on for long periods avoid burn-in and image retention. On the other hand, infrequent TV users needed help to take full advantage of Gallery Mode’s benefits.

If you are having problems setting up Gallery Mode on your LG TV, you can troubleshoot by doing the following:

  • For smooth performance, make sure you have a good WiFi connection.
  • Check to see if the Smart TV model supports Gallery Mode.
  • To remove any background processes that might harm Gallery Mode, restart the LG TV.
  • Installing the most recent version of the TV firmware will keep it current.
  • Clear the cache files to fix any software issues that might prevent the LG TV from entering Gallery Mode.

You can easily take advantage of Gallery Mode’s advantages and maximize the performance of your LG TV by taking care of these typical problems.


LG TV Gallery Mode is a significant advancement in the fusion of technological innovation and artistic creativity. This feature gives your living area a sophisticated touch and helps your TV screen last longer and be in better overall condition.

To get the most out of Gallery Mode and optimize its benefits, you must know how to utilize and adjust it according to the webOS version of your TV. Despite its possible drawbacks, Gallery Mode is a helpful feature for many LG Smart TV owners.

It improves screen health and visual appeal. Gallery Mode is a flexible and engaging way to enhance your TV-watching experience, whether you’re an art fan or just looking for something different.

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