Insignia TV Turning On By Itself – 9 Quick Fix for Auto Power-On

Your Insignia TV is turning on by itself mainly due to turned-on INlink (HDMI-CEC). Moreover, power supply issues, set-up timers, remote control issues, or malfunctioning power buttons also cause the insignia TV to turn on itself. 

Indeed, it’s too annoying and frustrating, but you are not alone. Many Insignia TV users reported the same issue. No one wants to bear this frustration for a long. So I am here with the solutions to fix this problem.

In this article, I will explain the factors or reasons that cause the TV to turn on itself. You will find troubleshooting methods to fix this issue. But before digging into the solutions, you must understand why your TV turns on itself.

Why an Insignia TV Turns on by Itself? Possible Reasons

Why is Insignia TV Turning On By Itself

Several things could cause an Insignia TV to turn on by itself. Knowing these possible reasons can help users to figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

1. Power Surge or Fluctuation 

An Insignia TV may turn on itself with a sudden power surge or a change in the electricity source. These changes in voltage can confuse the TV’s power control system, causing it to turn on by itself.

Many things, such as lightning strikes, wiring problems, or the use of big appliances near the TV, can cause power surges and fluctuations.

2. Faulty Remote Control or Stuck Buttons

If the TV turns on by itself, it could be because the remote control is broken or one of the buttons is stuck. This reason may keep sending power-on messages to the TV, making it turn on and off over and over. 

3. Timer or Sleep Mode Settings

Most Insignia TVs have timer and sleep mode settings that let users plan when the TV will automatically turn on or off. If these settings are turned on, the TV may turn on at certain times. 

It is also possible that your TV turns on by itself in the middle of the night. If the timer or sleep mode options are set up incorrectly or turned on by accident, the TV may turn on itself.

4. Software or Firmware Glitch

Software or firmware glitches can happen on Insignia TVs like any other tech device. These problems can stop the TV from working and make the fire TV turn on itself.

Problems with compatibility, missing updates, or bugs in the TV operating system can cause software or firmware problems.

5. Automatic Software Updates

Most smart TVs, including Insignia TVs, get software changes automatically to make them work better and keep them safer. When the system restarts or loads new software, these updates can sometimes cause the TV to turn on. 

Automatic updates are essential for keeping speed at its best, but they can sometimes cause unexpected power-on events.

6. Infrared Interference from Other Devices 

Infrared (IR) radiation from other electronic devices near the TV can make it hard to work. 

Soundbars, DVD players, and other remote-controlled devices that send out infrared (IR) signals could accidentally send power-on commands to the TV, which would cause it to turn on by itself.

7. Faulty Power Supply or Internal Circuitry 

If the hardware inside the TV is broken, like if the power supply is inadequate or the circuitry isn’t working right, the TV may turn on itself. 

If there is a problem with the power supply unit (PSU), the TV may not get power consistently, which can cause strange behavior, like turning it on by itself.

8. External Signals Can Make the TV Turn On 

An HDMI-CEC order from a connected device or a Wake-on-LAN signal from a network can sometimes make an Insignia TV turn on. 

These signals are meant to make it easier for devices to connect and work together, but if they are not set up or handled correctly, they can accidentally turn on the TV.

9. Electrical Problems in the House Wiring

If there are electrical problems in the house wiring, like poor grounding or bad electrical connections, the power to the TV may need to be more steady. 

These problems can stop the TV from working and cause it to turn on and off when you don’t expect it to.

10. Malfunctioning or Defective Sensor

Insignia TVs use different sensors, like motion sensors and environmental light sensors, to make the TVs work better and improve the user experience. 

If one of these sensors breaks or stops working right, it can pick up the wrong power-on signals and turn the TV on by itself.

How to Fix Insignia TV That on By Itself? 9 Easy Fixes

Insignia TV Turning On By Itself - 9 Easy Fixes
9 Easy Fixes

If your Insignia TV keeps turning on by itself, there are certain things you can try to fix the problem. Below are a few solutions to fix the issue:

1. Check for a Weak Power Button 

Look at the TV’s power button and make sure it isn’t broken or stuck. A broken power button can send periodic messages that make the TV turn on itself. If the power button isn’t working right, you should get it fixed or changed.

2. Turn OFF All Timers

Go to the TV’s settings menu and find the timer or sleep mode settings. Make sure that every setting is turned off. 

If timers are set, they can turn the TV on at certain times, even at night. By turning off all timers, you can stop the power from turning on by accident.

3. Soft reset the TV

To do a soft reset, unplug the TV from the power source, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in. This can help fix glitches or problems with the software that might be causing the TV to turn on by itself. 

Check to see if the problem is still there after the reset. If the problem is not fixed, try other methods.

4. Reset the TV

Most software problems can be fixed by returning the TV to its original settings. The steps may differ depending on what kind of Insignia TV you have. 

Find out how to reset by reading the user manual or going to the Insignia support page. When you reset the TV, all of the settings and choices you have made will be lost.

5. Update the software

Check to see if your Insignia TV can be updated with new software. Firmware changes often fix bugs and make improvements that can help with devices that turn on themselves. 

Follow the steps on the Insignia support website to download and install the latest firmware for your TV model.

6. Check for Any Remote Control Interference or Stuck Buttons

Check the remote for physical damage or buttons that won’t work. Stuck buttons can keep sending power-on messages to the TV, which can cause it to turn on itself. 

Clean the remote control and ensure all its buttons work if you have to; change the remote control to eliminate any problems.

However, if the remote is not working, you can also control the Insignia TV without a remote

Watch the video to fix the remote if the tv turns on/off continuously

Video From YouTube: Creator frankenfoamy

7. Disable INlink (HDMI-CEC) 

INlink, also called HDMI-CEC, lets devices linked through HDMI connect and control each other. 

But HDMI-CEC can sometimes cause devices to turn on when they shouldn’t. Try turning off INlink or HDMI-CEC in the TV’s settings menu to see if the problem goes away.

8. Remove Batteries from Insignia Remote

You can remove the batteries from the Insignia remote as a temporary fix. This will stop any signs from being sent and solve problems with the remote. 

If the TV won’t turn on without the remote, there’s something wrong with it. Then, fix the remote.

9. Contact Insignia Customer Support

If you’ve tried the above methods and the problem still exists, contact Insignia customer support for more help. 

They can tell you how to fix the problem or set up repairs if you need to. Use the Insignia help website or the contact information for customer service that came with your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Insignia Fire TV Keep Shutting Off?

The Insignia fire TV keeps shutting off mainly cause of a faulty power supply, weak cable connection, and overheating. Check the power cord and securely connect the TV to the cord. Place the TV in a well-ventilated place. If the issue persists, try factory resetting or contact Insignia customer support.

How Do I Stop My Insignia Fire TV from Turning Off Automatically?

Insignia Fire TV can be stopped from turning off automatically by following the steps below:

  • Go to Settings and navigate to locate the Device option
  • Then select Sleep from the TV’s main menu
  • Your TV will go to Sleep Mode after the selected time (usually 20 minutes)

Why Does My TV Turn On By Itself In The Middle Of The Night?

Your TV turns on itself in the middle of the night because of the “Wake-up” timer. When you unintentionally turn on the “Wake-up timer”  or “Sleep timer,” your TV will turn on anytime.


Insignia TV turning on itself is one of the most irritating issues. This issue occurs due to various reasons. 

Including weak cable connection, incorrect timer settings, software glitches, and many others. The solutions to fix this issue are explained above in the article.

Remember, before reading the solution and fixing the problem, reading and understanding the reason behind the issue is recommended. 

Every TV model has a different reason for encountering any issue. Therefore, it would become easier to fix the problem by understanding the reason.

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